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Nany of mu business cher lloyd

  • Rum And Raybans (feat. Cher Lloyd) - Sean Kingston
    "Kingston! Let’s go! Round of applause because that body needs a hand (clap it up for that body, clap it up for that body) Shots at the bar no chases baby I’m a man (take a shot applecardi, take a shot"
  • Lloyd (Intro) - Lloyd
    "Ladies and gentlemen (Lloyd) You know I, I love the people Cuz the people love me (hahaha) Dats right, this Young Lloyd And Uh, this goes out to that special girl You know who you are (love the people) Sing"
  • None Of My Business - Cher Lloyd
    "Damn I heard that you and her been having problems She likes to fight I guess you both have that in common Started at the top but now you at the bottom But baby this is none of my business"
  • Really Don’t Care (ft. Cher Lloyd) - Demi Lovato
    "You wanna play, you wanna stay, you wanna have it all You started messing with my head until I hit a wall Maybe I shoulda known, maybe I shoulda known That you would walk, you would walk out the door,"
  • Cher o'bowlies - Undertones
    "Rain rain from the sky When I imagine love will die Its not making love alone Though all must come and go All that's coming from the sky Is cold and turning turning blue This may seem mighty strange Coming"
  • Lloyd Dobbler - Pencey Prep
    "Why are you so far away? Even when you're standing next to me? Your eyes give you away, Telling secrets when your mouth don't feel like talking. And I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler With a boom box out in the"
  • You - Lil Wayne, , Lloyd - Lloyd
    "Lloyd You Lyrics (Lil Wayne) Its major move right here baby You gotta get wit it or get lost (Ya understand?) (Lloyd) (Yea) Its Young Lloyd Reporting live from Atlanta, Georgia (Weezy F Baby) Decatur"
  • Business - Brian May
    "(Brian May) Don't judge me Mama Don't tell me that I've done wrong It's a hard business It's a hard business To make it on your own Don't judge me Papa If I can't handle the things in my head 'Cos it's"
  • Business - White Kaps
    "Don't ask me, don't tell me anything at all. The phone rings - no answer - you'll know I made the call. Invite yourself to places, don't want you there at all. One of these days I'm gonna nail you to"
  • Business - Treble Charger
    "I know it's not my business Do I mean anything at all There's better ways to let me know Leave a message Slip a note In a place I'll never find Should be careful of what you say Could all catch up to"
  • Business - Avril Lavigne
    ""Business" Marshall, sounds like an SOS... Holy wack, unlyrical lyrics Andre, you're f**kin' right... To the rapmobile, let's go... {Marshall, Marshall, bitches and gentlemen, it's showtime, hurry hurry,"
  • Business - Eminem
    "Marshall, sounds like an SOS... Holy wack, unlyrical lyrics Andre, you're fuckin' right... To the rapmobile, let's go... {Marshall, Marshall}, bitches and gentlemen, it's showtime, hurry hurry, step"
  • Business - Biohazard
    "Born at the bottom, Struggle to find a way You can feel the power, It's growing every day Fight for a change, Can't wait until tomorrow Make a difference on this day and all the rest will follow Blue Blood Working"
  • Mu-land - Ataraxia
    "Fog weaves anthills of steps in plushy labyrinths of swallowed palaces ...swings of desire are looking for the sea... Litanies and Laments in the mazes dance Litanies and Laments in the mazes dance Fog"
  • I Got You Babe - (With Sonny & Cher) - Cher
    "They say we're young and we don't know We won't find out until we're grown Well I don't know if all that's true 'Cause you got me, and baby I got you Babe I got you babe I got you babe They say"
  • Down (Lloyd Banks Diss) - The Game
    "(The Game) That's Lloyd Bank's momma singin', You betta tell your boy to keep his mouth closed, Or he gon' get a black tux, And a free wake, How my bow tie lookin'?, You ready?, Let's go. When I see Lloyd"
  • All I Ever Need Is You - (With Sonny & Cher) - Cher
    "Sometimes when i'm down and all alone just like a child without a home. The love you give me keeps me hanging on oh honey, all i ever need is you. Your my first love your my last. Your my future your"
  • Business Is Business - John Kay
    "Words and music by John Kay I was told I had to grease his palm To walk from school without the fear of harm He knocked me down and took my dollar from me And then he lay these pearls of wisdom on me He"
  • Business is business - PMD
    "8-Off ...niggas was rhymin, man, at this fashion show shit Knaw I mean, some R&B niggas PMD What happened to the beats and rhymes? 8-Off Word up, son Knaw I mean? [ Frank Lopez ] "You're makin moves on"
  • So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Simon & Garfunkel
    "So long, Frank Lloyd Wright. I can't believe your song is gone so soon. I barely learned the tune So soon So soon. I'll remember Frank Lloyd Wright. All of the nights we'd harmonize till dawn. I never"

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