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Naomi Punk - Voodoo Trust

  • Voodoo - Spice Girls
    "Hey hey hey ey party la Look in the mirror Behind the make up Like what you see Not foolin' me I get the picture You got perfection Think You're a star Know what you are Hey great pretender Time to break"
  • VooDoo - Ashanti
    "{What's up you've reached Ashanti? Leave me a numeric message or a Voice message and I'll get back to you later Hey girl, what's up? It's me Yo' man, remember your friend? And I've been calling you for"
  • Naomi - Neutral Milk Hotel
    "Your prettiness is seeping through Out from the dress I took from you So pretty And my emptiness is swollen shut Always a wretch - I have become So empty And please, please dont leave me I'm watching"
  • Naomi - Mr. T Experience
    "Your days of going through a phase are finally lashing back at you there's more to shut up and ignore but there's even less and less to do and there's nothing to say, and they're looking away what have"
  • Naomi - The Hollies
    "There was magic all aroundPeople swaying to the sounds of the musicThere was laughter in the airThere were lovers everywhere such romancingThere was dancing in the streetEveryone was on their feetYou just"
  • Southwest Voodoo - Insane Clown Posse
    "Voodoo, runnin' from my magic Brain insane, Shooga whooga bah Southwest voodoo's in the haugh! Wicked voodoo, joker killer Magic, dark magic Met this kid named Louie Lou He thought he could fuck with"
  • Southwest voodoo - ICP
    "Voodoo, runnin from my magicBrain insane, Shooga whooga highSouthwest voodoos in the haugh!Wicked voodoo, dope dark killerMagic, dark magic Met this kid named Louie Lou He thought he could fuck with this"
  • My Naomi - Paul Gilbert
    "I will always love you Till the end of time If I had the never to ask you Would you be mine I will always be there When you need a friend I will stay right by your side Until the end Chorus My Naomi Won't"
  • Trust Nobody - Master P
    "(feat. E-A-Ski) Its kinda funny niggaz running up trying to show me much love cause a motherfucker just dropped an album now they wanna kiss ass but hold up bitch all your getting is a luck pass trying"
  • Voodoo - Body Count
    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Way down in New Orleans, yeah. I met this old lady, she said she'd teach me 'bout Voodoo she said she knew about Voodoo (Voodoo) she said she'd teach me 'bout Voodoo she said she knew"
  • Voodoo - Dua Lipa
    "It's-it's your voo It's-it's your voo I can't get away Found a home in your heartbeat I keep coming back again There's a madness that surrounds me And when you're a thousand miles away I'm holding on"
  • Voodoo - Chris Isaak
    "I know what to do when your sad and lonely, I know what to do when you love her only. I know what to do when no one needs you, I know what to do you do voodoo. Voodoo. You do voodoo. I know what to"
  • Voodoo - King Diamond
    "Saturday evening A narrow path runs along the river From the burial ground you might see it Leading to a temple of secrets Where they meet once a dance and feast Lula is dancing to the voodoo"
  • Voodoo Voodoo - Zucchero
    "(Zucchero / Luisi - Zucchero) U a u a voodoo voodoo U a u a voodoo U a u a voodoo voodoo U a u a voodoo Voodoo voodoo voodoo voodoo Voodoo voodoo voodoo voodoo. Lascia che il mio Voodoo lavori eh Funziona"
  • Voodoo - Adam Sandler
    "Hey there Mr. Leaf Blower Man Keep it down for goodness sake It's way too early in the morning Can't you please use your wooden rake? You choose to ignore I Even though me hungover That's not being nice"
  • Voodoo - Rediscover
    "I feel my neck, check my pulse, I feel nothing at all. If I die of a broken heart tell my friends it's all your fault. You do voodoo to keep me loving you. You do voodoo so i'll do anything for you. You"
  • Ordinary Punk Story - Debeli Precjednik
    "this time nobody likes you! this time nobody believes you! this time i can not trust you! this time i can not believe you! this is all i hear, all the time "i'm so sorry that i'm not a boy that everyone"
  • Voodoo - Nick Jonas
    "Get down You're shaking his solid ground You're running me wild And breaking me down, down Desperate now Way you do it, I don't know how You're drinking me dry Throwing fuel on a fire, fire And we ain't"
  • Voodoo - Stroke 9
    "(Chorus) I'm not the one who's so far away, when I feel the snake bite into my veins Never did I wanna be here again And I don't remember why I came Candles raise my desire Why I'm so far away No more"
  • Voodoo - Godsmack
    "I'm not the one who's so far away When I feel the snake bit enter my veins. Never did I wanna be here again, And I don't remember why I came. Candles raise my desire, Why I'm so far away. No more meaning"

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