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  • Napoleon - Ani DiFranco
    "they told you your music could reach millions that the choice was up to you you told me they always pay for lunch and they believe in what i do and i wonder if you miss your old friends once you've proven"
  • Napoleon - Puhdys
    "Der Kaiser der Franzosen zog in Dresden ein Wollte auch in Sachsen der Allergrte sein Her mit Euern Geldern, ich will Euer Glck Und ist wer dagegen, dem krz ich das Genick Doch ein Unmensch bin ich nicht Sachsenmdchen"
  • Napoleon - Race The Sun
    "It's your game you have managed to grab everyone's attention the spotlight scorching your flesh caught between the pedestal and ceiling I can't just stand there to watch it as it raises soon it will"
  • Napoleon - Jacek Kaczmarski
    "Zapachy serów, wina wońZabraliśmy ze sobą w drogęA pod nim stąpał biały końRówno pod krótki cień ostrogiSprzyjał nam Bóg i szczytny celI krzyk narodów mordowanychBłękity nieba, sadów bielI gęsta czerwień"
  • Ole Napoleon - Hank Thompson
    "Ole Napoleon Bonaparte he was a mighty man With his powerful army he conquered all the land he conquered all the land Everybody praised him the battles he could win They all talked about him ole Napoleon"
  • Napoleon Says - Phoenix
    "You know your french well Didn't take any decision so far Hit me like a freight train Please consider my request You do expect a Messiah You want to be European I would be your Bonaparte Don't ever care"
  • Tarpoleon Napoleon - Shelby Lynne
    "Wisdom abundant Outlets are few Driving like crazy Can't break through Your body's a brick The demons are calling You must be Tarpoleon Napoleon So full of mystery Open as a wound Didn't know the world Could"
  • Poor Napoleon - Moxy Fruvous
    "(Jian on lead, w others joining in on certain lines) I can't lie on this bed anymore it burns my skin You can take the truthful things you've said to me And put them on the head of a pin Poor Napoleon You"
  • Poor Napoleon - Elvis Costello
    "I can't lie on this bed anymore it burns my skin You can take the truthful things you've said to me And put them on the head of a pin Poor Napoleon You always look so disappointed when I take my stockings"
  • Napoleon Dynamite - Mos Def
    "The emperor, subjects, and his dogs Fuck you all Napoleon's dynamite blew up in his face Yoo busy handin out plates, now get yourself a taste Yum, gravy over lips seekin tongues Price that you pay for"
  • Napoleon Solo - At The Drive-In
    "Cut and paste, were you sitting down On the beaded impotence of New Orleans A hint of suspense when that telephone rings This is forever It paved the wave of distance Between the syntax error From Austin's"
  • Talking To Napoleon - Crack The Sky
    "Man on a rooftop talks to me He said, "Does anybody down there see what I see? Fill your glasses with the magic that's around you, love is everywhere. Love is everywhere. I stood there all night long, I"
  • Modern Day Napoleon - Adolescents
    "Such a hawk Not a dove Do you really believe in the god above? Took control when we found ourselves in sticky situations Not a gesture of love, but self appreciation Idleness Webs of time Treacheries"
  • Napoleon, Josephine And Me - Jeff Finlin
    "My mistress Josephine Sends me a letter She loves Napoleon But wants something better She dont dig his petty wars His talk of days on the Jersey Shore Pays more attention to his horse Of course"
  • Cut Me Loose, Napoleon - Honeydogs
    "When the fields are cracked and dry and all the crops are dead Don't tell me that it's raining,when you're peeing on my head I've got reliable sources giving me a clue They're the tired horses that are"
  • Napoleon Bona Part 1 And Part 2 - Budgie
    "There's a light, covers up my doorway Flickering light, never run away And I might, I might be going your way Say who might, might help me on my way Mmm, what a sight, sight to burn the ego Keep you warm"
  • Walcz o Swoje (Feat. Bas Tajpan, Napoleon) - Gremlin
    "Życie dało ci w tyłek Niegdyś miałeś pod górkę Nieodrabiane lekcje Trwa za podwórkiem Typy, nawijanie w łikend Ty bujałeś się z bitem Treści twardo pisane pod właściwą muzykę Trochę wytykali palcem Tylko"
  • I Live In A Split Level Head - Xiv Napoleon
    "I've lived in apartments, I've lived in a home I travelled in trailers when I used to roam But now in these places you won't have me dead 'Cause I'm happy I live in a split-level head I do what I want"
  • Marching Off To Bedlam - Xiv Napoleon
    "One, two, three! Here we go! Bedlam, bedlam! Ho, ho, ho! *sung in background all the way through*: Ring ding ding, rum bum bum, riki tiki daba daba dum bum bum Knock, knock, knock! Come right in! You're"
  • They're Coming To Take Me Away - Xiv Napoleon
    "Remember when you ran away And I got on my knees and begged you Not to leave because I'd go beserk? WELL, You left me anyhow and Then the days got worse and worse And now you see I've gone completely out"

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