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Nas - VEVO News Interview: Halftime

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Nas - VEVO News Interview: Halftime

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Nas - VEVO News Interview: Halftime
  • Kraftwerk News
    "Hier ist der Westdeutsche Rundfunk mit den Nachrichten Fnfzig Atomkraftwerke sollen in der Bundesrepublik In den nchsten zehn Jahren errichtet werden Jedes einzelne kann eine Millionenstadt mit Strom versorgen (English"
  • Kirlian Camera News
    "(written by Angelo Bergamini in 1980) Im a crystal flash the cold dark of the people is living near me I feel like a stranger that cannot rest his eyes Im like a dusty mirror Im not shure, Im confused I"
  • Dire Straits News
    "He sticks to his guns He take the road as it comes It take the shine off his shoes He says it's a shame You know it may be a game Ah, but I won't play to lose He's burning the grass He take up a glass He"
  • News Good News
    "Shouri wo yobe Makeru hazu nai Kono chiimu de yume wo kachitorou Asu e to tsuzuku michi wo hashiridashitara mou tomaranai Shouri ni mukau kimochi wa hitotsu Mirakuru majikku shinjite yukou Kibou e tsuzuku"
  • News News Nippon
    "To North! To East! Go West! Go South! One two three four five six seven, it's big news! Fly away! Far away! Tsubasa hirogete Go ahead! Do your best! Niji o tsukamou Sora takaku kakage yubi hiroge tsukuru Peace"
  • Martinho Da Vila Nas
    "Fui pras guas do mar de Amaralina Com mgoas demais em cima Aos meus sonhos juntei perfumes, flores Desejos, temores Prometi novamente voltar pras guas Se a fora do mar me vingasse as mgoas Esperei Me"
  • Nas Nas Freestyle
    "Yo Funk Flex what the fuck is the deli my niggee? This is Nas in yo area y'all know the signs right? Ryhmes cash weed cars ghetto celebrities hood moviestars Gat slingers now rap singers is"
  • Nas Hey Nas
    "(feat. Kelis, Claudette Ortiz (City High)) The phone rings Another peaceful moment is lost Latifah's chest jingle in "Set It Off" I press pause in the bed as a king I let it ring 4 or 5 times Answer"
  • News Summary (news & Kat-tun)
    "Furimukazuniyuukou Harukana anomiraie Ookinayume hakobu Bokurawatokinotabinito Tsunagatteku history Uketsugaretajounetsu Konomuneohokoriwa Keshitehanashi wa shinai Rise taiyou wa nobori Shine azayakani"
  • Nas Nas Is Coming
    "(feat. Dr. Dre) Motherfuckin Dre! AHHHHHHH! Whassup my nigga? Sup NAS? Chillin God Niggaz is up in here hittin some of this CHRONIC nigga Yeah and this chocolate over here They mixed this"
  • Nas Nas Is Like
    ""Nas is . . ." - Freedom or jail, clips inserted, a baby's bein born Same time my man is murdered, the beginning and end As far as rap go, it's only natural, I explain My plateau, and also, what defines"
  • Nas Nas-I Can
    "I know I can Be what I wanna be If I work hard at it Ill be where I wanna be Chorus I know I can- 2x Be what I wanna be- 2x If I work hard at it- 2x I'll be where I wanna be- 2x Verse 1 Be be boys and"
  • Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha Meri Nas Nas
    "Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa Meri Nas Nas Mein Tum Ho Meri Nas Nas Mein Tum Ho Har Khwaahish Mein Tum Ho Woh Tum Hi To Ho Ea Jaan-e-tamanna Mere Dil Ne Jise Apna Kahaa Dil Ne Jise Apna"
  • George Strait Good News, Bad News
    "(Dean Dillon, Dale Dodson and Lee Ann Womack) I've got some good news, can't wait to tell you. I realised I missed you, since we've been apart. I just needed time, To make up my mind, But I'm in love"
  • Diana Ross Good news
    "Oh my baby's comin home tomorrow Ain't that good news Yeah, ain't that news My baby is coming home tomorrow Ain't that news Yeah, ain't that news I got a letter just the other day Telling me that he was"
  • Fahrenheit No News, Good News
    "The call of duty your honor at stake sometimes you ask how much can you take a sudden chill you're in for a thrill your badge, your gun go for the kill Kiss her and wave goodbye this might be your last"
  • Gillan Bad News
    "I can't sleep, you treat me so bad I can't sleep, you make me so mad I can't sleep, you bring me bad news You bring me bad news Don't tell the truth, just tell me some lies Maybe I'll live, maybe I'll"
  • 10CC Good News
    "Something to begin with That's easy said than done You'll see me rolling home But I don't understand why Still there's nothing at all Time is on my side But we mustn't let our disappointment show But"
  • Gary Moore Bad News
    "Bad news ain't no use. So keep your thoughts to yourself. You're sad excuse, subject for abuse. Gotta throw you back up on the shelf. I never lied, I never tried I gave my love to your wholesale. And when"
  • Neurotic Outsiders Good news
    "You tried to bring me down the other day But I can see inside your head It's sad to see you carry on this way It won't be long before you're dead Why do you fight it? Why do you care? Why do you spread"

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