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Nas Represent

  • Represent - Nas
    "Represent, represent!! Straight up shit is real and any day could be your last in the jungle Get murdered on the humble, guns'll blast, niggaz tumble The corners is the hot spot, full of mad criminals who"
  • Ćmy (BDF REPRESENT) - Opał, Floral Bugs, Profesor Smok
    "Odbijamy się jak tafla Na wzór I przemykamy przez miasta Jak duch Jednocześnie światła krzyczą Głosem [?] Najczęściej kołysanka do snu I niech usypia nas dawka wiatru Lawirują gdzieś w pułapkach dla snów Obok"
  • Represent - Lange Frans
    "(Baas B) Ik represent de shoptippers de naar de top trippers de topfit rockers fuck de opgefokt spitters de zonder kop kippen en de ongeschikt floppers ik represent me shit en ik wil onze hits droppen"
  • Represent - Orishas
    "Represent, RepresentCuba, Orishas son del lao de La HabanaRepresent, Represent Cuba, es mi msicaRepresent, Represent Cuba, Orishas son del lao de La HabanaRepresent, Represent Cuba, es tu msicaVen que"
  • Represent - LeCrae
    "(Chorus) Represent! Get Krunk! Represent! Get Krunk! If you know you're repping Jesus go ahead and throw it up Represent! Get Krunk! Represent! Get Krunk! If you know you're repping Jesus go ahead and"
  • Represent - Trick Daddy
    "Uh huh (uh huh)... uh huh (uh huh)... Don't be scared, represent it Yo county, yo city Where you from, huh nigger? Where you from? Don't be scared, represent it Yo county, yo city Who you know put Chevy's"
  • Represent - Bubba Sparxxx
    "I'm supposed to represent I'm too motherfuckin raw to be all, worried if these broads, is fuckin with me Y'all can suck my right and left nut with the same slurp Nomore of the fames perks, I'm back"
  • Represent - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "A kid came up to me now just the other day And asked me if I thought about what I would say If everything came crashing down on top of me How would I stay torn? Will you represent? Will you stand close? Will"
  • Represent - Apathy
    "- 4X Represent Represent As soon as they heard Apathy they tried to pull the batteries out the box Rapidly drop when they reacted in shocks They overloaded over-lord of the land, the mortal, the man Who's"
  • Represent - Master P
    "(oh ooh) don't be scared haha, ain't no limit soldiers... (oh ooh) ... til I D-I-E C-P-3 (represent it, ya heard me!) (oh ooh) Represent yo hood, boy, tell me where you from (oh ooh) We gon get this"
  • Represent - Ja Rule
    "I represent Gangsta Shit Niggaz that spent time on the brick for keys on the strip Loadin my clips, givin ass niggaz the shits Life's a bitch, gotta murda to get rich And infamous, that's when the game"
  • Represent - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. David Banner, Three Six Mafia) Yeah, What Lil' Flip, David Banner, Three Six Mafia Houston Texas, Mississippi, Memphis Tenn. what? They told me I can't talk about ice no more But they ain't"
  • Represent - Crime Mob
    "you people wanna know who i be and what i stand fo stability longevity foeva getting pesos i take doe flip it and flip it so i can make mo fo fake folks diamond are foeva so u betta gon and hate hoe takin"
  • Represent - Mc Eiht
    "G'yeah, how we gon' get on this one? (Westside) Uh, my homey Bird in the house (N-O-T-R in the house) I said da foes in the house (There's pork in the house) MC Eiht in the house, g'yeah And this how we"
  • Represent - Chingy
    "Throw yo hood up if you representin (Northside, Westside, Southside, Eastside) All my fly day numbered, hustlas baby Throw yo hood up if you representin' (Westside, Northside, Eastside, Southside) All"
  • Represent - Slick Shoes
    "I've walked this road a thousand times before and never found what I was looking for.All the time I stumble and I fall.Still here I stand trying to be free.Yes I try to get on with my life,taking one step"
  • BDF Represent - Floral Bugs X Mati Ważny X Profesor Smok
    "to BDF - Brain Dead Familia gdzie każdy martwy mózg a w tym wypadku, to jeszcze bardzo duy fiut pewno ma zycie jak w filmie w nowym snapparku a na co dzień to jesteś święty a rapowo drewno Hollywood lubiłem"
  • Represent, Cuba - Dirty Dancing Havana Nights
    "Represent, Represent Cuba, Orishasos de now de Habana Represent, Represent Cuba he mi musica Represent, Represent Cuba, Orishasos de now de Havana Represent, Represent Cuba, eh tu musica Ven que te quiero"
  • Represent, Cuba - Dirty dancing 2
    "Hey, mi musica, Represent, Represent, Cuba, Orishas underground de Havana Represent, Represent, Cuba, Hey, tu musica Te quiero Havana, The rhythym' pumping in my heart, In La Rosa we dance to the"
  • We Represent - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "No persona hypocrites, "Suit-and-tie-guy" politics, Phony media derelicts. It's not what we represent. Corporate environment Affecting the way I live, Created by the government. It's not what we represent. Oil,"

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