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Natacha Atlas Leysh Nat

  • Leysh Nat - Natacha Atlas
    "leysh nat'arak ounahna koulna sawa leysh nat'arak ounahna koulna sawa ismar albek, bi t'ralef fil haia ismar albec, bi t'ralef fil haia bini ou binek, aya tawila leysh nat'arak, ounahna koulna sawa leysh"
  • Natacha - Nino Ferrer
    "Il me faudra te quitter Nos routes vont se sparer Il me faudra m'en aller Dans la nuit Sans rien emporter de toi Natacha Il me faudra t'oublier Tu sais ma vie n'y suffira pas Il me faudra retrouver Dans"
  • Natacha - Czerkinsky
    "Natacha, depuis que j'ai quitt Paris Je pense beaucoup toi Et le soir, quand je m'endors dans le noir Je vois ton visage {Refrain:} Natacha, moi je reste attach A ta douce personne Ma tendre, ma mignonne Ma"
  • Nat - Grzegorz Turnau
    "Natężenie świadomościw zmianie swej osobowościod młodości do starości coraz łatwiej coraz prościejnaprężenie chceń wzmożonych i nieumień poronionych rozrywanie własnej jaźnirealizmem wyobraźniz kogoś całkiem"
  • Nat - Piwnica pod Baranami
    "natężenie świadomości natężenie świadomości w zmianie swej osobowości od młodości do starości coraz łatwiej coraz prościej naprężenie chceń wzmożonych i nieumień poronionych rozrywanie własnej jaźni realizmem"
  • Atlas - COIN
    "Isn't it obvious When my sheets are tangled up on the bedroom floor It's not that I'm bothered by My kitchen sink can't hold much more Sleepless lonesome nights Haunted by due time Hope is dying for"
  • Atlas - Sparta
    "Well I loved this town like you did I'll burn it to the ground Packed your things and then You were gone Called a new place home Like you do And you'll never change Well I got a feeling inside It's going"
  • Atlas - Covenant
    "I'm a thousand peopleFrom day to dayWe are all air bornWithout ground controlI call my name in the maelstromI'm not giving inSo don't you give inI'll be your atlasAnd carry our worldBut i guessI won't"
  • Atlas - Eugene McGuinness
    "I met a mixer He talked the head off my throat He was built for the mountains But lived in a shoebox in Soho Strange as it sounds I didn't want dear motor-mouth to go Sara points to Paris Sara seems to"
  • Atlas - Transit
    "City walls are caving in. Once buildings stood so tall. Just metal scraps beneath our feet. This feeling's unsettling. We're caught in a freefall just waiting for an end. The weight of the world it presses"
  • Atlas - Man Overboard
    "I stare out of my window And I look at my neighbors And take notes on being normal How to wave and be nice Or talk to a child Or offer a hand or actually smile Maybe I'll learn how to talk to people Maybe"
  • Atlas - EPIS DYM KNF
    "Epickie znów witam was na bitach 8 słowa płyta to ze mną kawał życia a czas kolejny symbol po … dam tyle wiary że sam … nałogów wszczepiły w mą skórę zmagałem się bólem dziś za ten podziękuję co czuje kim"
  • Atlas, Rise! - Metallica
    "Bitterness and burden Curses rest on thee Solitaire and sorrow All Eternity Save the Earth and claim perfection Deem the mass and blame rejection Hold the pose, reign perception Grudges break your back All"
  • Trucker's Atlas - Sun Kil Moon
    "Going to Colorado To unload my head Going to New York City That's in New York, friends I'm going to Arizona Sex on the rocks all warm and red And we all bled Going up to Alaska Gonna get off scot-fucking-free And"
  • Trucker's Atlas - Modest Mouse
    "I'm going to Colorado to unload my head I'm going to New York City and that's in New York,friends I'm going to Arizona sex on the rocks all warm and red and we bled and the writing in stall said"
  • Atlas marker - Rickie Lee Jones
    "Maybe you want another world One where heaven doesn't weigh so much Maybe you'll find another girl One you can feel when you do not touch Well I've got something Warm inside me It won't let you fall 'Til"
  • King Atlas - To Elysium
    "I defy the height of the world in spite of the weight of my cross. Inspire myself, a fire-and-brimstone sermon. At a loss under Atlas' burden. Holding the globe like a damaged icon, my bones can't bear"
  • Charles Atlas - AFI
    "You've seen it all a thousand times (you've seen it all a thousand times), you've heard it all before (you've heard it all before). You've danced the steps, you wrote the rhymes. So passe, too many times,"
  • Concrete Atlas - Fairweather
    "this town is a ghost town of funerals and let downs. the list of dead goes on and on and on. sidewalks ache from the weight of holding up broken hearts. i'm giving up on moving on. what used to fill these"
  • Charles Atlas - A.F.I.
    "You've seen it all a thousand times, you've heard it all before. You've danced the steps, you wrote the rhymes. So pass?, too many times, but you're hollow at the core. Two generations past you by. You"

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