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Natalia Oreiro dancing in Muneca brava and 1>1

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Natalia Oreiro dancing in Muneca brava and 1>1

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Natalia Oreiro dancing in Muneca brava and 1>1
  • Stephen Duffy Natalie
    "I hear music in colors I see it in the air And all the sisters and brothers I see them there When all the lights go out all over town And all the pretty fireworks fall down I'm waiting for a wake up call"
  • Dr. Hook Natalie
    "If makin' money was easy as spendin' money I'd have spendin' money to spend on you Believe me honey, I'd be spendin' money like a fool I know all of my money is nothin' but spendin' money To a rich man"
  • David Crosby Natalie
    "(Stephen Bishop) First time I saw her she was still in school Chewin' on a pencil playin' pool Stayin' up all night And full of dreams I've known her family ever since we were small Gettin' in trouble"
  • Bell X1 Natalie
    "Natalie always seem to notice These traces of our lives before this But Natalie always seemed to notice me She said we must leave, uproot, erase this For this is the kind of love that maims us And"
  • Duffy Stephen Natalie
    "And so we're chastened We feel so insecure We're frightened Now not sleeping around's Enlightened What did we do wrong? While love bereaves me I can't believe in me Natalie it started Only an hour ago Lying"
  • Bruno Mars Natalie
    "Oh, I never done this before Never wanna do this again Wrong turn on a dusty road I did it to myself, I can't pretend Well, I learned just a little too late Good God, I must've been blind 'Cause she got"
  • Van Morrison Natalia
    "(Van Morrison) I'm walkin' down the street I'm on that midnight beat I'm on a lonely avenue Baby, won't you walk with me Baby, won't you talk with me Oh that's all I want you to do, now Walk with me Talk"
  • Natalia Oreiro Luna Brava
    "Salio la luna, salio Para aprender la cancion Que canta gente del sur En un bar del callejon La gente del barrio Eleva al cielo su voz Y un angel flamenco Se suma al clamor Luna brava de barrio nuevo, Cemento"
  • Babybash Bubbalicious(feat. Natalie)
    "Bubble pop Come on Im so bubbalicious And so delicious You cant resist it Now can we kick it out Mah friend? Yes Im yo friend Your so super natural (Uh Huh) When you dancing on da pole (Uh Huh) Make"
  • Marillion Brave
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) What a brave, brave girl Never lied before Such a plain deceit Everyone would eventually know What a brave, brave girl Never loved before Placed herself in reach So"
  • Apex Theory Bravo
    "Apex Theory Topsy-Turvy Bravo This knots easy The very third house See the light through Threw out the last ouch Much wasn't real Amongst hierarchy fields Sure we'll travel together But socialites have"
  • The Innocence Mission Brave
    "You paint a tulip red with joy. You say the psalm, I will not fear. Somehow, knowing what you do know, still you tremble out and in You cry up in your room Aunt Ruthie comes. You cannot sitll your limbs. Somehow,"
  • The Apex Theory Bravo
    "This knots easy the very third house see the light through threw out the last ouch ... much wasn't real amongst hierarchy fields sure we'll travel together but socialites have beautiful skin BRAVO, BRAVO your"
  • Gavin Mikhail Brave
    "I am not as brave, beautiful, and patient as you are But I am safe in your arms I listen as you say "I'm proud of who you've become and the person you will be tomorrow..." And I know I would give anything"
  • Innocence Mission Brave
    "You paint a tulip red with joy.You say the psalm, I will not fear.Somehow, knowing what you do know,still you tremble out and inYou cry up in your roomAunt Ruthie comes. You cannot sitll your limbs.Somehow,"
  • Jennifer Lopez Brave
    "It's a new day, new day, and it's evident You must have been heaven sent Sometimes we should be hesitant, but I'm not at all Just feeling more confident Just using my common sense Just trust in it, I'm"
  • Sara Bareilles Brave
    "You can be amazing You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug You can be the outcast Or be the backlash of somebody’s lack of love Or you can start speaking up Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that"
  • Ceberano Kate Brave
    "Ceberano Kate Brave Brave Oooh, oo woo wooh Oo-oo-ooh, oo-hoo-hoo I could give authority A million miles away As my heartbeat feels the silence With words that I can't sing My mother used to tell me Girl,"
  • Jamie O'Neal Brave
    "I been down about as low as anyone can get The whole world was closin' in Couldn't find a friend No one else could help me Had to walk through the fire alone Life has brought me to my knees And faith had"
  • Idina Menzel Brave
    "I don't know just where i'm going and tomorrow it's a little overwhelming and the air is cold and i'm not the same anymore I've been running in your direction for too long now I've lost my own reflection and"

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