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Natalie Cole This Heart

  • When I Fall In Love - Nat King Cole - Natalie Cole
    "(doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) (doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo) When I fall in love it will be forever Or I'll never fall in love In a restless world such as this is Love has ended before it's begun And"
  • This Heart - Natalie Cole
    "Written by Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy This heart is your heart And can't nobody take it away Ooh no, this heart is your heart And can't nobody take it away from me Ooh no, no, no, no, just can't"
  • Natalie - Bruno Mars
    "Oh, I never done this before Never wanna do this again Wrong turn on a dusty road I did it to myself, I can't pretend Well, I learned just a little too late Good God, I must've been blind 'Cause she got"
  • Natalie - Bell X1
    "Natalie always seem to notice These traces of our lives before this But Natalie always seemed to notice me She said we must leave, uproot, erase this For this is the kind of love that maims us And"
  • Natalie - Stephen Duffy
    "I hear music in colors I see it in the air And all the sisters and brothers I see them there When all the lights go out all over town And all the pretty fireworks fall down I'm waiting for a wake up call"
  • Fever - Features Natalie Cole - Ray Charles
    "Never know how much I love you, never know how much I care When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear You give me fever, when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tight Fever"
  • Your Lonely Heart - Natalie Cole
    "(Written by Natalie Cole) Here you are right by my side Words cannot express how I feel Being this close to you Heaven seems much nearer in your eyes I wish that I could touch your lonely heart I"
  • Cola Light - Nomy
    "You lying fucking whore I dont want you anymore I dont need your fucking lies thats for shure No matter if you cry I dont care if you would die so fuck yourself you bitch cause you're the glitch But it"
  • Natalia - Van Morrison
    "(Van Morrison) I'm walkin' down the street I'm on that midnight beat I'm on a lonely avenue Baby, won't you walk with me Baby, won't you talk with me Oh that's all I want you to do, now Walk with me Talk"
  • Finally Made Me Happy F. Natalie Cole - Macy Gray
    "Betcha thought I'd die when you went away Thought I'd get drunk in my sorrows and just slip away But things have changed from back in the day begging you to stay Now I can't wait to see you packing see"
  • Natalie Portman - Ozma
    "I'm telling you a story now Of something that's wrong This has been developing Since 1981 Maybe she's alone Maybe she's alone What can I do? What can I do? There's nothing There's nothing There's nothing"
  • Coca Cola Cowboy - Mel Tillis
    "I called collect on the phone You say your'e tired and alone But it sounds like someone else is lying there She said dont call me no more Dont you knock on my door Its too late now, and I know you'll never"
  • This Can't Be Love - Natalie Cole
    "This can't be love, because I feel so well, No sobs, no sorrows, no sighs. This can't be love; I get no dizzy spells, My head is not in the skies. My heart does not stand still, just hear it beat. This"
  • This Heart - Beccy Cole
    "Here I am standing in the mirror I see a woman I can barely recognise Suddenly it's becoming clearer I'm waking to a feeling I just can't deny I've made the same mistakes I give my heart away and I don't"
  • This heart - Nat King Cole
    "This heart is your heart And can't nobody take it away Ooh no, this heart is your heart And can't nobody take it away from me Ooh no, no, no, no, just can't take my love away I give my heart to you to"
  • This Time (ft J.Cole) - Melanie Fiona
    "If only you knew all the love I had inside If only I told you That you were my greatest pride If only I showed you just how good you made me feel Maybe I wouldn’t be alone and you would be right here but I"
  • Martie, Emily & Natalie - Cledus T. Judd
    "Martie, Emily & Natalie They come off sounding pretty pompous, each time they open their mouth You can't believe it when you hear it, what they let come rollin' out Don't know why they're so super-hateful,"
  • Nat King Cole - Adam Green
    "Oh I'm going with Darlene in a tragical part of the night, but I wish she would bring me a place of morning spectacular life, make it last just a few, brother's knew, brother's lovers proclaim, down"
  • Jodeci (Freestyle) (ft. J. Cole, Dennis Graham) - Drake
    "Yeah 26 on my third GQ cover Your new shit sound like you do covers Of all of my old shit, oh shit I devoted to making sure that shit goes unnoticed Swear you niggas is hopeless I should run a clinic for"
  • The Joy Of Cola - Britney Spears
    "My heart wont skip a beat I never look before I leap Ride, just enjoy the ride Don't need a reason why everything's alright... (And you will find) Ba-buh-ba-ba Ba-buh-ba-ba The joy of Pepsi The world goes"

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