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Natascha Atlas Adam's Lullaby

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Natascha Atlas Adam's Lullaby

Teksty piosenek (1847)

Natascha Atlas Adam's Lullaby
  • Die Flippers Natascha
    "Hundertdreiig Briefe und ein Bild in mir nie bring ich die Sehnsucht so auf das Papier. Schreibe wie ein Dichter doch es hilft nicht sehr. wnsch mir meine Liebste von so weit hierher. Doch ich weine nicht"
  • Sparta Atlas
    "Well I loved this town like you did I'll burn it to the ground Packed your things and then You were gone Called a new place home Like you do And you'll never change Well I got a feeling inside It's going"
  • Covenant Atlas
    "I'm a thousand peopleFrom day to dayWe are all air bornWithout ground controlI call my name in the maelstromI'm not giving inSo don't you give inI'll be your atlasAnd carry our worldBut i guessI won't"
  • Eugene McGuinness Atlas
    "I met a mixer He talked the head off my throat He was built for the mountains But lived in a shoebox in Soho Strange as it sounds I didn't want dear motor-mouth to go Sara points to Paris Sara seems to"
  • Transit Atlas
    "City walls are caving in. Once buildings stood so tall. Just metal scraps beneath our feet. This feeling's unsettling. We're caught in a freefall just waiting for an end. The weight of the world it presses"
  • Man Overboard Atlas
    "I stare out of my window And I look at my neighbors And take notes on being normal How to wave and be nice Or talk to a child Or offer a hand or actually smile Maybe I'll learn how to talk to people Maybe"
  • EPIS DYM KNF Atlas
    "Epickie znów witam was na bitach 8 słowa płyta to ze mną kawał życia a czas kolejny symbol po … dam tyle wiary że sam … nałogów wszczepiły w mą skórę zmagałem się bólem dziś za ten podziękuję co czuje kim"
  • Bad Religion Adam's Atoms
    "Some live, some die Everybody wonders why we're here Should we even try? Philosophers lost in the night A beacon in the distance You gotta turn around Its vestige dimly flickers in elocution sound The"
  • Cynic Adam's Murmur
    "Feet to hip Leaf to breast Throat to brain and skin arrange Now we're one soul Reviving memories to every blade of grass, the universal path a primal energy a creation is born, unsympathetic chords Hearing"
  • Die Happy Adam's Eyes
    "I'm sure I am only flesh, blood and bones my skin and everything light is running through my scarlet veins for sure there's always one little soul making us unique - as delicate as we speak the moods"
  • Chad Mitchell Trio Adam's Rib
    "They really hung it on old Adam Powell It beats me why they had to throw him out We wonder why they raised up such a howl What the whole to do was all about He's a man who like to keep broads on the side,"
  • Rodney Crowell Adam's Song
    "We don't want to say goodbye we don't want to feel that empty But it's time to face the dawn head on When there's something in the wind when the days go getting shorter And the nights run cold and clear"
  • You Am I Adam's Ribs
    "Don't look at my waist 'cause the pants don't fit right. I'm a dedicated follower of skin tight As long as we don't eat everything will be fine. I just want to look fascinating, snorting the diet pills"
  • Ruarri Joseph Adam's Wing
    "Your world is in bits, coz nothing right fits And youre single again The room shakes its walls as the history falls And youre losing a friend Wish you could go back, the simpler track Is appealing and"
  • Melanie Doane Adam's Rib
    "Once upon a time I was just a little bone I was just a little tiny rib and the rib cage was my home Somedays I'd wonder how it would feel to be my own person to eat my own meals I never had to make a"
  • Doane Melanie Adam's Rib
    "Once upon a time I was just a little bone I was just a tiny little rib and the rib cage was my home Somedays I'd wonder how it would feel to be my own person to eat my own meals I never had to make a"
  • Blink 182 Adam's song
    "I never thought Id die alone I laughed the loudest whodve known I traced the cord back to the wall No wonder it was never plugged in at all I took my time, I hurried up The choice was mine I didnt"
  • Fake Problems Adam's Song
    "We're finely dressed young gentlemen, with handles attached to our coat-tails. But where did you get the idea that you're welcome in our wake? What makes you think that you're no longer a foe? I cannot"
  • Aerosmith Adam's Apple
    "Back when Cain was able Way before the stable Lighting struck right down from the sky A mother ship with fate said let's give it a try Conscience was related Man he was created Lady luck took him by surprise A"
  • Mireille Mathieu Denn zuhause wartet Natascha
    "In Petersburg ist Hochzeit diese Nacht. Und tausend Kerzen brennen im Palast. Der Wodka fliet. Die schoene Welt geniet. Nur vor dem Tor steht ein Kosak' auf Wacht. Und die tanzen da drinnen. Doch er ist"

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