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Natasha Bedingfield Im A Bomb

  • Unicorn (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) - Basto
    "We are who we are and we love who we love And if I'm feeling something, there's no way to turn it off When you feel lonely, coz’ there's no one the same You're not the only one that's feeling this way Who"
  • I'm A Bomb - Natasha Bedingfield
    "Taxi ride, going down town Me and my girls, going out counting down to detonation 10 to zero, mushroom cloud Little angel, i'v been too good Ditch the halo for a while Dressed to kill i'll be causing Mass"
  • Natasha - Rufus Wainwright
    "You walk alone in the valley of life In the shadow of love under the trees of happiness You walk alone like a baby unborn Like a father unknown Like a pocket penniless I'm happy that you really care But"
  • Natasha - Capital Inicial
    "Tem dezessete anos e fugiu de casa s sete horas na manh do dia errado Levou na bolsa umas mentiras pra contar Deixou pra trs os pais e namorado Um passo sem pensar Um outro dia, um outro lugar Pelo caminho"
  • Natasha Dance - Chris De Burgh
    "Natasha brings me kisses in the moonlight, She kneels above me, silk upon my skin, I reach for her, and I can feel her heartbeat, Beneath her breast so heavy in my hand; The rain is running rivers on"
  • Vampirize Natasha - Ancient
    "Look at you, fastened by sheltering blanket. Did you think I'd forget how sweet you taste, nay my umbrageous heart still yearns for you, and still to peruse your love is such a waste. You lie there a"
  • Dampirize Natasha - Ancient
    "Look at you, fastened by sheltering blanket. Did you think I'd forget how sweet you taste, nay my umbrageous heart still yearns for you, and still to peruse your love is such a waste. You lie there a"
  • Natasha from Rush'yah - Vavamuffin
    "(Pablopavo & Karioka & Szymek Krusz) Czas na party! Fantastyczny pomysł! All right! Będziemy tańczyć i robić inne hece! Dobra! (Reggaenerator & Chorus) Ouh! rasta beauty gyal come from Russia She know"
  • Chica Bomb - Dan Balan
    "I have to turn the fan on The heat is getting stronger I know im not the only one Im sweatin' Im sweatin' I start to take my clothes off And hope that i feel better I put in a thermometer Im burnin' Im"
  • Worry Bomb - Over It
    "So here we are now Back where we said we'd laugh away our worry. Somehow its managed to find you Cant even begin to break this down till you turn it around. Just cant run away from everything Im hearing"
  • Suicide Bomb - Non Phixion
    "(Verse 1) Suicide bomb, from Al-Qadea to the Koran Represent your clique and our jihad, banging from god to enron Bin Laden is still CIA John Walker captured in Kandahar, Afghanistan with shit stains on"
  • Da Bomb - Suburban Legends
    "You were the prettiest one, in the seventh grade! I was such a dork you didn't even know my name! Then I joiNed a ska Band and we played AT lots of shows so said you liked me.....my love for you still"
  • Bomb - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) I don't know how to talk... no I don't know how to think... uh uh... I just lay there... bomb bomb bomb we can't work it out o shucks heeheehaha. it's fun not knowing what to say bomb bomb bomb"
  • Bomb - Darkbuster
    "He wakes up in the morningHe pulls his shirt and boots onHe grabs his lunch pale and heads out to the lightAnd he goes, and he goes and he works all dayFor his meager little paycheckWhen Monday comes his"
  • Bomb - Izzy Stradlin
    "Feelin' stoned motherfucker bang in the headKamikaze living fastThey wanna go to a promised landOh yeah I'll give 'em all a handAhead, ahead, aheadHey drop the bomb, hey drop the bombGreazy little bomber"
  • Bomb - J Church
    "Sweat drips down his face as he walks into the place, That he walks by every single day, He's only 21, but when his job is done, Never again will he walk this way He leaves his bag underneath the seat,"
  • Bomb - Switchfoot
    "With blankness staring back at me Screaming from the pages I feel the fear of apathy Gripping me, pushing me On top of everything In the corner with a view I turn off the fluorescent tubes This is the"
  • Bomb - Bush
    "Wanted to buy you shiny red things thought i'd be with you til the end how did i know that i would be there blow me away see if i care death of a future goodbye to my friends wish i could see you"
  • Bomb - Duran Duran
    "It is too nice to paint your eyes I took a tear, I don't even want We don't like, we don't like the things they say It takes true life, to you paint your eyes you don't dare with your imagination we don't"
  • Wild Horses - Natasha Bedingfield
    "Hmmm woah yea... I feel these 4 walls closing in My face up against the glass Im looking out... hmm Is this my life im wondering It happened so fast How do I turn this thing around Is this the bed I"

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