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Nathalie gilbert

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Nathalie gilbert
  • B Nathalie
    "Bcaud Gilbert Miscellaneous Nathalie La Place Rouge tait vide Devant moi marchait Nathalie Elle avait un joli nom, mon guide Nathalie La Place Rouge tait blanche La neige faisait un tapis Et je suivait"
  • Gilbert B Nathalie
    "La Place Rouge tait vide Devant moi marchait Nathalie Elle avait un joli nom, mon guide Nathalie La Place Rouge tait blanche La neige faisait un tapis Et je suivait par ce froid dimanche Nathalie Elle"
  • Calexico Gilbert
    "Gilbert works alone, late into the night dangling from a free way overpass he's welding rebar and sculpting concrete they're paving in the gap way out west in off in the distance, the sleepy city shines he"
  • Valensia Nathalie
    "(INTRO) I've been sad for a long time, wait for the skies to clear. Now I've got a girl - we make love each night - but she is not really there.. Saw my only few good friends, one by one disapear.. Now"
  • Julio Iglesias Nathalie
    "Nathalie en la distancia tu recuerdo vive en mi yo que fu tu amor del alma y a tu vida tanto d. Qu ser de ti? dónde ests? que ya a mi atardecer ya no has vuelto ms Quin te cuidar? vivir por"
  • Charles Aznavour Nathalie
    "La place Rouge tait videDevant moi marchait NathalieNathalieIl avait un joli nom, mon guideNathalieLa place Rouge tait blancheLa neige faisait un tapisEt je suivais par ce froid dimancheNathalieElle parlait"
  • Jill Johnson Nathalie
    "Nathalie where did you go your family they miss you so they don't know what to do without you did you take a walk and did you go too far are you lost somewhere out in the dark the waiting is so cruel I"
  • Jean Leloup Nathalie
    "Nathalie, dans le nez s'en est trop mis et moi, je m'en suis pris par un bel aprs-midi il y avait d'Hendrix Jimmy mais je n'avais pas un radis alors naquirent des ennuis, de l'homme qui perd sa jolie alors"
  • Les Fatals Picards Nathalie
    "Now then Mardy Bum I've seen your frown And it's like looking down the barrel of a gun And it goes off And out come all these words Oh there's a very pleasant side to you A side I much prefer It's one"
  • Bee Gees Gilbert Green
    "On a hill , inside a house in covewell reach , Stands a man who's feeling very tired Looking at a song he wrote some time ago Could have made it big inside a broadway show Every day I go away and find"
  • Marco Borsato Dolce Nathalie
    "Dormi ancora ti stringo un po Scopro adesso quello che ho Nel mio mondo poco spazio per te No, non ma hai mai chiesto un perch Guardami un po Che cosa ti do Che diritto ho Di rovinare a modo mio Le emozioni"
  • Jil Caplan Nathalie Wood
    "Saute dans le vide mais, ressaisis-toi dans l'air Et retombe sur tes pieds, retombe toujours par terre Tes amis t'ont trahie, poignarde en douceur Si t'en a rchapp, c'est qu'c'tait pas l'heure Les coups"
  • Julio Iglesias Nostalgie (Nathalie)
    "Nostalgie on se ressemble Tu es tendre, moi aussi Nostalgie je pense elle Je l'appelle dans la nuit Elle vivait l-bas Au pays du froid O le vent sauvage M'apporte un regard Il neigeait l'hiver Il pleuvait"
  • Doug Anthony All Stars Gilbert And Sullivan 2
    "If you want to know who we are If you want to know who we are We are gentlemen from Japan We are gentlemen from Japan Shall I babysit for your sister Gwen? I shall run round here house naked and try on"
  • Nino Ferrer Chanson Pour Nathalie
    "La vie, c'est comme de l'eau Qui coule d'une fontaine, Mais elle n'a pas eu le temps de boire la sienne, La petite Nathalie lointaine. Quand je pense toi, Souvent je te revois Au bord de la mer, avec"
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan Gilbert O'Sullivan-Out Of The Question
    "one minute you say you will and the next you won't one minute you want me and the next you don't you're turning me upside down giving me the run around don't think that i don't know, i do don't think that"
  • Lake Of Tears Nathalie And The Fireflies
    "Comes the morning with scarlet and black for you maybe Past the sun hides the one with fires anew Soon to be gone, morning comes more for me lately Comes the morning with scarlet and black for you to Oh,"
  • Sondre Lerche Good Times (With Nathalie Nordnes)
    "Nathalie: I'm hoping for good times when we have bad Sondre: And I hope for bad times rather than being without no times at all Both: Loving you baby has kept me so many nights awake S: and when we've"
  • Nathalie Heartbeat
    "It's the best of my heart What you feel deep inside And it means you better stay behind my love It's the dance at your soul That you try to release Never unchain your hot emotions Feel it feel it babe"
  • Gilbert B Quand Il Est Mort Le Poete
    "Paroles : Louis Amade Musique : Gilbert Bcaud (c) 1965 by les ditions Rideau Rouge et les ditions Allo Music. 1 Quand il est mort le pote, Quand il est mort le pote, Tous ses amis, Tous ses amis, Tous"

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