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Ne-Yo - Forever Now

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Ne-Yo - Forever Now

  • Forever Now - Ne-Yo
    "Was gonna give you these flowers tonight Was gonna ask you to stay Practiced so that I would say it just right But now there are no words to say As I watch you kiss him softly The same way you kissed"
  • Turn Around (ft. Ne-Yo) - Conor Maynard
    "Turn around, open your eyes Look at me now Turn around, girl I’ve got you We won’t fall down, yeah We can see, forever from up here, yeah So long as we’re together Have no fear, no fear So turn around,"
  • Forever - 8-Ball & MJG
    "(feat. Lloyd) Ooh la la bangladesh.. Heyyy... See a nigga like me gonna get money til I get rich Ride with a couple hundred G's in a biscuit Stay down for whatever forever hustle with my misfit homes And"
  • Forever - After Forever
    "Dead Girl: I can see your pain I can feel your loss I can hear your words I can but you are out of reach and so am I Man: You and me living in a dream This end could not have been foreseen The pain won't"
  • Dream (ft. Ne-yo) - Sam Scarfo
    "Good life is a fantasy Trouble is reality for me I just wanna live that dream Spend that paper Push that pen Right now I'm just trying to pay this rent Gotta make them in me But trust me one day I'm gonna"
  • Incredible (ft. Ne-Yo) - Celine Dion
    "Whole world is watching us now It's a little intimidating But since there's no way to calm down Let's give them something amazing Let's make them remember Using one word Incredible (oh, oh, oh) Incredible"
  • Forever Now - Level 42
    "I just heard that time will come to an end in twenty thousand million years I just heard the big bang with my own ears people sit and worry about the future live your life 'cos the now is all there is"
  • Forever Now - The Moody Blues
    "If we could live forever Where would our dreams lead us to Living in a world of ever Changing expectation If it could be If it could be It would be forever now If we could be here forever Where in this"
  • Forever now - Moody Blues
    "If we could live forever Where in this world would heaven be? Living in a world of ever-changing expectation. If it could be, If it could be It would be forever now. If we could be here forever Where in"
  • Now & Forever - Xandria
    "Millions of songs all these years in my soul And when we met I just knew they're for you Now your voice is singing them all Your wings at mine we will never fall On and on We will fly now & forever Side"
  • Forever Now - Bang Gang
    "You can see her in the distance, where she walks alone. Then you follow her direction, to your second home The evening grabs us in the sounds we are bound we sit and watch the sun moving down it feels"
  • Now Forever - Idle Sons
    "Stuck on a feeling I'm high on believing That you've come back again This Indian summer A snowfall in June Show up uninvited I'm leaving with you soon And I will Hold my tongue It burns still The fire's"
  • Forever Now - Natalise
    "Guess whos sorry now I almost lost you I took for granted all I have in you I feel so lucky now Ive got you by my side Once again One day Ill make it up to you One day Ill give you all the stars above My"
  • Forever Now - Cold Chisel
    "Taking her seat at the bar She don't talk to anyone Plane leaving soon for afar Where she don't know anyone She thinks of her precious time There's no-one she leaves behind Who could change her mind Is"
  • Forever Now - The Psychedelic Furs
    "a banker in a tired suit is counting in his head he's standing in your overcoat he's lying on your bed president gas is tap dancing for the banker he's a thief he isn't very honest but he's obvious at"
  • Now & Forever - Kim Wilde
    "I will always love you Now and forever I will always love you Two words collide Before we knew what was happening Love crashed into our lives So helplessly we fell so hard Guess something had to break We"
  • Forever Now - Michael Bublé (Michael Buble)
    "I just met you It seems like yesterday You opened up your eyes and I recognized your face You know that you're the one that we've been waiting for We're gonna keep you safe First time I held you in"
  • Now & Forever - Drake
    "It's over, it's over, yeah, I'm leaving, I'm gone I can't stay here no more and I can't sleep on the floor Man, I'm leaving, I'm leaving, you know I got my reasons Yeah, I'm leaving, yeah, I'm leaving,"
  • Now & forever - Vanilla Ice
    "I need a woman that's sexy Straight up and erotic I gotta have her. Yes a beautiful sex goddess The kind of girl who rocks my world. Doin' those crzy things With whipped cream an' ice cream. An' everything"
  • Let's Go (feat. Ne-Yo) - Calvin Harris
    "Let’s go Make no excuses now I’m talking here and now I’m talking here and now Let’s go Your time is running out I’m talking here and now I’m talking here and now It’s not about what you’ve done It’s"

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