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  • Then - Negativland
    "GUNS. ("Hey pa!!") GUNS. "wilderness.........." "Hey pa!! LOOK!!!" GUNS. Boom! Bam-ba-ba-bam-bam! Bam-ba-ba-bam-bam!! GUNS. GUNS. attractive target. (RUN, BOY!!!) attractive target. Mmmm mmm hmm hmmmmm..."
  • Time Zones - Negativland
    "The Autonomous Commie Republic, which is part of the Russian Federation, is situated in the far northwest of Europe, and spreads up to the Arctic part of the Ural Mountains. It's crossed by 9 northern parallels."
  • You Don't Even Live Here - Negativland
    "Sir, there are hundreds of people outside. They can't get in. You have even gagged us. You have not allowed us to speak at this hearing. We asked you to stop construction of the plant, and you didn't listen"
  • (C) Is For Stupid - Negativland
    "Why don't you give some shit about the kids, man? Tinky-Winky The kids, man! Little boys and girls, they all love me. Laa-laa Come sit on the lap of I-C-E, and let me tell you a story or two, about a"
  • Only A Sample - Negativland
    "Not that I have anything against shoe salesmen, but let me tell you something See, I was born with a song in my heart, not a shoe. Hello, Dead-Dog records. If it ain't a Dead-Dog, it ain't barking. How"
  • Happy Hero - Negativland
    "If I got shot I bet the press would pick it up You'd like me all a lot If I got beat When cameras rolled you'd see me lying bloody in the street If a crazy stalker stabbed me or if down the stairs I fell My"
  • Smelly Water - Negativland
    "Wow! What a team! Right. Pleasure being together like this. We've a real challange on today, right. Two days to crack the formula of how to sell water plants across Europe and right here in the UK by"
  • Freedom's Waiting - Negativland
    "Our fathers which heart in heaven (Humble words) We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight the hills, we shall never surrender. (Trenchant words) Give me liberty. Give me liberty, or give me death. (Thundering"
  • Truck Stop Drip Drop - Negativland
    "I found a hair in my underwear And I wonder how it got there. The rain's drip drop at the Washington truck stop Holding on for a thousand years or two Raining outside it's a very nice bus ride And I think"
  • Pip Digs Pep - Negativland
    "Say, Gang, have you ever stopped to think of this? You might be a dunk. Do you know what a dunk is? Well, if you don't, I'll tell ya. Pip digs Pep And Pep digs Pip Pip digs "Horrible Cup" And Pep takes"
  • A Big 10-8 Place (Part One) - Negativland
    "(13:22) HUUH! HUUH! HUUH! ....Now go to sleep Tommy. .. the end of the line, (we're in Concord) all passengers please disembark. Tommy? The first thing that happens is that the bone splinters. Tommy? We're"
  • Four Fingers - Negativland
    "(3:05) I am a man, a man with four fingers A man with four fingers on my hand I am a man, a man with four fingers But that doesn't coun't my thumb. I am a man, a man with three fingers A man with three"
  • A Big 10-8 Place (Part Two) - Negativland
    "(15:49) Okay. We're 10-8. And the number is 180 and the letter is G. There is no other possibility. And all you slimy fruitcakes in San Francisco are going to learn how to get to 180 and the letter"
  • Announcement - Negativland
    "Naah, I don't like that. (Well, try just putting a, even if it takes a hair more time, putting a little bit more....little rise thing on your exit.) (Track 13....) This announcement from the producers"
  • Backstage Pass - Negativland
    "F**k! Over here lies Frisco, ... F**kin' my town for press.... That's what I heard, I swear ... F**k Frisco, man! LA ain't like this shit ... I tell you one thing, Frisco ain't like they said it was ... I"
  • Car Bomb - Negativland
  • Christianity Is Stupid - Negativland
    "The loudspeaker spoke up and said ... The loudspeaker spoke up and said ... The loudspeaker spoke up and said ... The loudspeaker spoke up and said ... Christianity is stupid. Christianity is stupid. Christianity's"
  • Clowns And Ballerinas - Negativland
    "(1:34) Clowns and ballerinas here and there, Clowns and ballerinas ervywhere, Lollipops here, lollipops there, Candy canes all over here, Oh, oh, how does the Easter bunny come Make it smoother, I don't"
  • Drink It Up - Negativland
    "When Hi-C gets me low My lubbot's blue ain't blue it's brown my nestle's quick just makes me slow when my sparkling cider's lost its shine my can of sharp's is dull hawaiian punch has knocked me cold a"
  • Endscape - Negativland
    "Mister Noisy gave up! (SOME TIME LATER) (munch munch munch munch munch munch......) My house burned down this morning, and my friends they came around, I saved the master recordings, but my girl was not"

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