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Neil Diamond Coke Commercial

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Neil Diamond Coke Commercial

  • Coke Commercial #2 - Neil Diamond
    "Girl, you know that I love you But, I need time to think And you know I can't think When you're sitting this close to me Can't we talk about wedding bells Some other time? If you get any closer, I'll go"
  • Coca-cola commercial - Diana Ross
    "Let's stop and rock with the swinging Diana Ross and the Supremes Ooh, I dig your style The way you smile Let's have a coke and talk a while You'll go better with I'll go better with We'll go better with"
  • Commercial For Levi - Placebo
    "You're the one who's always choking Trojan You're the one who's always bruised and broken Sleep may be the enemy But so's another line It's a remedy You should take more time You're the one who's always"
  • Coke - Flickerstick
    "Says shes got another life That I am living in my friend Through and through she says Its nothing I can change I always was the one The celebration ends without a sound And the friends theyre not around And"
  • Coke - Nirvana
    "Check this out right here, sonWe about to move to make you feel someA lot of positive vibrations to build from'Cause all I wanna do is lose some and win someHave a little of prosperity and then someLivin"
  • Diamond Girls - Neil Diamond
    "Home town girl in a city of lights Sleeps all day, yeah, And she plays all night Takin' her turn on the merry-go-round Hearing her laugh but it's a lonely sound Bring her on up, take her on down Hearing"
  • Commercial - King Missile
    "Lately, I've seen red, I've tasted blood, I've killed with words, I've wished and hoped and Swam through a river of snot Twice as wide as the mighty Mississippi, But I wanna know about the commercial I"
  • Commercial - Master P
    "Yo los, take us to a commercial While we stop to get high Y'all check out the young guns, ya heard me? Check this out.. If you have four ounces and you fronted your boy two And he gave a half to his"
  • Commercial - Jesus And Mary Chain
    "sung by William McDonald's is shit McDonald's is shit Burger King is hip McDonald's is shit Please don't spit Please don't tip Please don't But I wanna Yeah I wanna Yeah I wanna The 7 is good The 7 is"
  • Commercial - The Jesus And Mary Chain
    "McDonald's is shit McDonald's is shit Burger King is hip McDonald's is shit Please don't spit Please don't tip Please don't But I wanna Yeah I wanna Yeah I wanna The 7 is good The 7 is cool 11 is good The"
  • Commercial - C-Murder
    "Say lil' Learnerd Dawg (What's happenin'?) Nigga you heard of QB? (Yah, why wassup?) Well, yu know that nigga down with the click now you dig it (Okay) So ah, I'ma play this new shit here and did it for"
  • Commercial - Lil Romeo
    "Answering Machine: Your mailbox is full. Caller's cannot leave new messages until you erase some of your existing messages. 14 new messages. 16 saved messages. Girl: Hey whassup Romie? (giggles). This"
  • Commercial - Jadakiss
    "Ugh Yo check 'em out, its the new A5's you gotta rock em They even put a zone in the league to try to stop him He's the Answer and the problem, you don't want it with The way that boy go to the hole and"
  • Neil Jung - Teenage Fanclub
    "You had a girlfriend That wasn't good enough for you She was younger But that was old enough you knew To get undressed for you Stressed for you Distorting everything Became depressed for you You were"
  • Cherry Coke Remix - Cherry Coke
    "Eh cheika,eh cheika,eh cheika, Quemada. Eh cheika,eh cheika,eh cheika, Quemada. Say cherookee, hey cherookee. Say cherookee, cherookee, cherookee. Eh cheika,eh cheika,eh cheika, Quemada. Eh cheika,eh cheika,eh"
  • Fred Neil medley - Jerry Jeff Walker
    "Sometimes I think about old Saturday's child And all the happy times, we were running wild I was searching for the dolphins in the sea And sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me And I look back, I"
  • Coke Song - Cootees
    "Go! Caffeine in my system Makes me feel so good inside Yeah, it wakes me in the morning When I take that caffeine ride I am so thirsty my throat's so dry I choke There is no question, and this is no"
  • Kitchen Coke - Kobik
    "Wielu wróżyło mój upadek I chciałoby żebym przegrał I strzelało do mnie SOK Jak do Olegów Elda Nie ma co się żalić Przypały jaka profesja Bo preferuję street bowling Jakbym napierd* dead one Nie wiem czego"
  • Coke Tears - Robbie Williams
    "Spoken: 'ok settle down you all, settle down lady, he's gonna be on stage real soon, That's right mama put your popcorn down, he's turning to the band, yeah he's running his Legs off, ladies and gentlemen"
  • That's coke - La Coka Nostra
    "(Everlast) Yo, I've been rhyming since my daddy's dick first got wet Kicked a hole in the womb of my mother then I jet Back to the scene of the crime A true mastermind I'll never do time (Slaine) Nah,"

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