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Neil Young Grey Riders

  • Grey Riders - Neil Young
    "The night was cold And the wind was howling I was awaken by the sound Of hoof beats pounding. Outside the window, on the ground Our hound dog was growling Grey Riders flew across my lawn I looked again and"
  • Young Riders - Hot Boys
    "Artist: Hot Boys f/ Baby Album: Let 'Em Burn Song: Young Riders Off top, peep this lil' four youngstas out Watch how they lay it down Say baby, hand me the chopper, let me cuttin' loose Nigga"
  • Young Riders - Hot Boy$
    "Artist: Hot Boys f/ Baby Album: Let 'Em Burn Song: Young Riders Off top, peep this lil' four youngstas out Watch how they lay it down Say baby, hand me the chopper, let me cuttin' loose Nigga"
  • DOWN THE WRONG WAY (feat. Neil Young) - Chrissie Hynde
    "I have become what I criticize, The porn queen in my deck of lies, Where was you? In a caravan next to a Phantom ride You're left here with nothing, but something to hide. I am back o Gasoline Alley Where"
  • Grey - Tarot
    "A graveyard grows inside my head They planted things inside me I am soiled by the stale thoughts of long dead I was told to leave childish things behind Two plus two, A B C Death of dreams spreading disease"
  • No Riders - Shannon Curfman
    "I am just a poor girl Trying to get back home Waiting by the station Barefoot on the stones Seven years from Ponchatoula Not one penny in my hand Please mister help me I come so far I cannot stand He"
  • High Riders - Kingspade
    "(High riders) (High riders) We the high riders, holdin mad green Got our pocket and pipes filled, Ya know what I mean You know the, high riders, D-loc and Johnny Richt Step in any session, you know we'll"
  • We Riders - Master P
    "The game of life did change the old dope game is now called the rap game in other words you can't trust nobody money's the root of all evil I can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare (if"
  • Dark Riders - Swollen Members
    "Buc Fifty: Born in fire built in this Empire Cant get no higher or stop my desire Dark Riders, we be pullin all nighters Never see us perspire building this Empire Mad Child : Order the launch, blow the"
  • Grey Goose - Young Jeezy
    "oh (16x's) (All Star) Yea this All Star Cashville's Prince From Cashville to M-Town to ATL When ya in the club and its a hater in your face Go to the bar, order your grey goose, this what ya tell em' (Chorus"
  • Grey matter - Oingo Boingo
    "They say you're stupid That you're too young to vote They say you'll swallow anything That they shove down your throat They say you can't think That you haven't got a brain That you're just there to listen"
  • Lady Grey - Katzenjammer
    "Lady Grey, you tell a smile What is your secret, what's your lie? You lived a long, hard life Your memory may fade, but you're still wise I wonder where you've been What you've accomplished, what"
  • Old & Grey - Dance Hall Crashers
    "Sometimes i think that my life has just begun And someday I'll have my day in the sun But the best days of my life have past And they went by so very fast It scares me to think just where my life has gone And"
  • Grey - New Young Pony Club
    "Oh, my swansong sounds like a remedy Take your bad medicine You can't catch me, no you can't catch me Load me up Sometimes it fits like I wanna see But then these fits take a hold of me And that noise"
  • Riders - Blue
    "Girl we waited long enough, short dress is dangerous Personality major plus, come back it up When I think about you and me, red hot probably Hey baby won't you set me free, can't get enough When you"
  • Riders - C-Murder
    "Niggas (what?) Would you ride for the cause? (hell yeah!) Would you die for the cause? (fuckin right!) How many niggas would ride and die for you? (we riders!) My name manifest pain to my enemies Holler"
  • Riders - Blazin' Squad
    "I have a vision, tell me what's wrong with dat, x-ray so I can see what's guarn wid dat, I'm gonna help people in need wot and that's that, you know me I don't want nothing back coz, what these people"
  • Riders - James
    "I'm in a crowded room I've been half asleep Says the sister in uniform Has everybody understood? The listeners turn and nod But I can see their fear, do they know more than me Do they know why they're"
  • Neil Jung - Teenage Fanclub
    "You had a girlfriend That wasn't good enough for you She was younger But that was old enough you knew To get undressed for you Stressed for you Distorting everything Became depressed for you You were"
  • (Ghost) Riders In The Sky - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
    "(Originally by Stan Jones, Johnny Cash) Two young cowboys went riding out one dark and windy day Upon a ridge they rested as they went along their way When all at once a mighty herd of red eyed sheep"

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