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Neil Young Violent Side

  • Violent Side - Neil Young
    "Here comes the night Here comes the anger Hidden so deep inside No one can see Behind these eyes There walks a stranger Wandering through the dark Following me. Control the violent side Control the violent"
  • Violent Side - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "Here comes the night Here comes the anger Hidden so deep inside No one can see Behind these eyes There walks a stranger Wandering through the dark Following me. Control the violent side Control the violent"
  • Violent - The Faint
    "I checked in a room today Up above the downtown market bricks Right now a boy gets old A boy gets bitter A boy learns not to trust Someone inside his room The door locks tight You keep the door locked Months"
  • DOWN THE WRONG WAY (feat. Neil Young) - Chrissie Hynde
    "I have become what I criticize, The porn queen in my deck of lies, Where was you? In a caravan next to a Phantom ride You're left here with nothing, but something to hide. I am back o Gasoline Alley Where"
  • Violent Ecstasy - Unleashed
    "I - am my own god and master No one - will take my soul away I - will rise in stern invasion Die - the enemy I slay Choose side, follow mine - take his fuckin' life I - will enter no path of decay Stabbing"
  • Side Effects - Mariah Carey ft. Young Jeezy
    "It's M.C. and Y.J. Another hit, okay We lookin' fine, takin' off Saw us on a runway On any given Sunday, Monday, Tuesday They try to confuse me, I never let 'em use me I was a girl, you was a man I was"
  • Side effects - Mariah Carey
    "(feat. Young Jeezy) It's M.C. and Y.J.Another hit, OKWe lookin' fly, takin' offSaw us on a runwayOn any given Sunday,Monday, TuesdayThey try to confuse me,I never let 'em use meI was a girl, you was a"
  • Violent By Nature - Atrophy
    "Morbid fascination instilled within our young Raised and weaned on cold steel, the damage it has brung Little plastic war toys always within reach Replicas of war, what lessons do they teach Pre-chorus: Minimal"
  • Wild and violent - Lovex
    "Limping away creeping outMy softer side left me unsatisfiedFraction of will keeps us apartour Identities became compramisedIm on myself Im on my own tonightOne warning before I crumbleSave yourself Im"
  • A Violent Strike - The Human Abstract
    "and out of the great beyond came a pitch black multitude, here to choose the weakest of our race.. hellhounds with the Devil's own face. Confused a violent strike with something finally here to guide the"
  • The Violent Truth - Jacob's Dream
    "Trapped in hell, that's where I live in an endless struggle to survive Concrete jungle meshed with steel Will I make it out alive? Take a walk on the wild side Take what you want but live in fear Of a"
  • Neil Jung - Teenage Fanclub
    "You had a girlfriend That wasn't good enough for you She was younger But that was old enough you knew To get undressed for you Stressed for you Distorting everything Became depressed for you You were"
  • Violent - The Rakes
    "I suggested at a truce you spat out some excuse, you're violent, violentThey don't like you hanging round, you're bleeding on their ruby ground, you're violent, violentTook you to a part of town when amber"
  • Violent - Stellar*
    "Pretty violent Runners up in a casualty Lost all common sense Both parties call victory One delusional than there's me Chorus: You're making me violent But why your nihilistic tendencies are Making me"
  • Violent - Stars
    "both naked now touching you as little as this bed allows staring at the car lights crawl across the floor you're finished for the evening but I'm wanting more both wide awake trying not to breathe for"
  • Violent - Four Star Mary
    "the strangest things i've always known it slays me everytime darkened fields have overgrown you want to lay me out? tie me down? tie me our love covered in my blood is so violent shake this scene another"
  • Violent - Concrete Blonde
    "I feel hot & red & wired I feel burned out like I've expired. freaky dreams & you are there with glowing eyes & burning hair & & I'm not even dreaming violent. every nerve & every cell they gotta fight"
  • Violent - Fall Of Transition
    "Violent, the stars shine bright tonight. brilliant, my fist it dents these plastered walls. my eyes shake as they close. as they close. my eyes shake as they close. as they close. (as they close)"
  • Violent - Argyle Park
    "Clouds are gathering above Earth is shattering beneath Wielded weapon you called love Has left a scar on me You made me Violent Rain is mixed with blood Sweat of brow stings eyes All has perished"
  • Violent - Obie Trice
    "There he go right there, got this nigga. What's up Obie? Oh shit Uh, uh, uh nigga. Yeah nigga, shit Obie Trice You can catch me in the hood, up to no good With that Mac like right beside"

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