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Neko Case - Bought And Sold');

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Neko Case - Bought And Sold');

  • Bought And Sold - Neko Case
    "Lost love You're the one that lies in my arms You're the one that stole all my charms I let you in Misery You took everything young from me Burned it down right in front of me My blood runs cold Nobody"
  • Bought & Sold - Belleruche
    "I kick myself everyday For falling in love with you Looking back I saw so green I never thought that love could ever be so cruel Well be that what it may You know it's not that hard to say You may be the"
  • Bought & Sold - Prong
    "Bought And Sold Body And Soul Sold Down The River River Of Blood Powerless To Resist Systematic Self Interest An Instrument Of Our Own Device Conglomerate Feeding Vampire Beyond Redemption Out Of Control The"
  • Bought and sold - Dar Williams
    "Well we're heading for a past that you leave not defend Where the downtowns hold the sadness of you can't go back again It's there you'll find the rust and debtors Motel signs with missing letters Cause"
  • Bought And Sold - Rory Gallagher
    "All right... I'm feeling bought and sold, You're just a three card trickster. That's something I should've known, All the good's sure gone bitter. Hear me now, hear me right. You think you've got it"
  • Sold Out - Jason Mraz
    "The Jackson Five Was a favorite of mine at the time (Don't blame it on the sunshine) The east-west village Is best when the jazz is light (Don't blame it on the moonlight) I played on the subway lines Number"
  • Neko Nikki - Megumi Nakajima
    "Ohayou nangetsu nannichi hare Hikari ha mizuiro nioi Neko no nikki ni ha Ohirune no kaisuu ga kaitearu Buranko no nikki ni ha Kyou no kasokudo ya tobitatsu yume kaitearu Tokei no nikki ni ha Itoshii hito"
  • Sold - Joe Henry
    "Please don't speak another truth out loud Whatever else you do, I only want you keep me lost in your cloud I'll do the same for you. Don't believe a single thing you've heard Really, I'm as good as gold. You"
  • Sold - Reamonn
    "I want to set you free Sold I said is how you treated me I've been fooled for to long by all your misery You said you?d meet me in the sky we'd open up the night I let you climb right in You said you?d"
  • Sold - Akai
    "Faking happy endings to our made up lives so self-content to live our life Filled up with rich distracting things And if we lose our love (and if we lose our love) We'll simply buy ten more (We'll simply"
  • Sold - Lloyd Cole
    "everything you touch turns into gold got everything you want at 24 so what do you do when all your dreams come true what do you believe in there`s nothing left to want so who do you blame when nothing"
  • Textbook Case - With Honor
    "Are you happy with the way you're living? Alone in the dark Turned your back on the ones who waited for you While you had gone awry Always chasing the one who won't ever run you dry If you've got money,"
  • Elvis Bought Dora A Cadillac - Wall Of Voodoo
    "It was 1957, Evlis Presley came in the Spanish restaurant where Dora was working. Dora took the order, bussed the plates, poured the coffee as the party ate. Col. Tom paid the check and Elvis Presley"
  • Money Bought - Nickelback
    "Cherry stem with her mouth she could tie in a knot Favourite trick she does, One in ten that she's got Making friends, setting trends, hardly having to try All the looks, by the book, best that money"
  • I Wish I Was The Moon - Neko Case
    "Chimney falls and lovers blaze Thought that I was young Now I've freezing hands and bloodless veins As numb as I've become I'm so tired I wish I was the moon tonight Last night I dreamt I had forgotten"
  • Sold You An Alibi - Superdrag
    "sold you my therapy You can suss it out Bought a new enemy She can smoke this doubt Every disgrace already made Every word tasting bitter and betrayed Looking for lies Sympathy fuck Useless heart"
  • Store Bought Bones - The Raconteurs
    "Down on your hands and knees Underneath the poplar trees Down in the sticks and stones Looking for store bought bones Baby I'm the rising sun Clutching at your holstered gun Baby I'm a shooting star I'm"
  • Never Bought It - Dinosaur Jr.
    "So, I figured something out Should I tell you what about? Let's just say I've done my time Any show Be a a tantrum that gets paid Another tale slips your mind So why Are You Me Now I've been reaching every"
  • Never Bought It - Dinosaur Jr.
    "So, I figured something out Should I tell you what about? Let's just say I've done my time Any show Be a a tantrum that gets paid Another tale slips your mind So why Are You Me Now I've been reaching"
  • I Bought You - Tsunami Bomb
    "I now have the chance to meet you, but that's a risky move. I know I might have to surrender my preexisting idea of you. Right now you're a stranger - let's keep it what way. No harm meant. Let's"

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