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Neko Case Calling Cards

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Neko Case Calling Cards

  • Calling cards - Madness
    "A sorting office in the Old Kent Road Caters from coast to most A nice little number if you're out of work And aren't the sort to boast, you're in need of a job, bob-a-job, rob-a-job I'm your man to see"
  • All Those Wasted Calling Cards - Kill Your Idols
    "1)So here's my story, one more time. With fast beats and words that rhyme. Once again the same old song and dance. Same old story of failed romance. From 3 hours to three thousand miles, lots of words."
  • Harder Cards - Collin Raye
    "(Craig Wiseman/Michael Henderson) Well the hammer fell down on a forty-four primer Now there's one less problem in South Carolina tonight Wrong or right She just looked at me as she finished her tale And"
  • House of cards - Insania
    "Ladies and Gentlemen, latest news have arrived that the police department proudly announced having caught the person responsible for the cruel downtown murder last week on Christmas Eve. The twenty-four"
  • Timber - Neko Case
    "My love was like a seed that you had planted The root was not as strong as it could be And as the years went on, you weren't enchanted So you fell it like a great big tree Now I'm falling timber Timber"
  • Hex - Neko Case
    "When you hear me calling your name in the night Do you run to your window thinking a coyote might Be howling When you hear me knocking at your door again Do you tell yourself it's only the wind That's"
  • Magpie To The Morning - Neko Case
    "Magpie comes a calling drops a marble from the sky Tin roof sounds alarming wake up child Let this be a warning says the magpie to the morning Don't let this fading summer pass you by Don't let this"
  • Cards - Tracy Lawrence
    "Here's one from last August that came out of the blue Says summer's been a scorcher baby and I'm still hot on you There must be twenty-five or more you signed them everyone Now I'm sittin' in this lonely"
  • Hard Up Case - Walter Becker
    "You told me once I was your pride and joy I guess those days are dead and gone You must have took me for some golden boy You didn't know what you were taking on It was a hard up case It was a hard up"
  • Hard Up Case - Steely Dan
    "You told me once I was your pride and joy I guess those days are dead and gone You must have took me for some golden boy You didn't know what you were taking on It was a hard up case It was a hard up"
  • Lower Case Letter - Kaddisfly
    "I wish people would be kind I wish the weight of our words Would weigh more heavily on our ways But people take and people say Human discourse has been unsafe I wish people would be kind But talk"
  • Namida Neko - Megamasso
    "namida neko wa itsumo yume miteita, kogoe you ga tsukamubeki hoshi wo. subete toshitemo kare wa osore sae mo naku te wo nobasu no, kawarazu tsudoe yo "hentai". boku wa, kako no boku no shukusei wo jishin"
  • Kuro Neko - Vidoll
    "Yami to douka suru kage, sou boku wa namonaki kuro neko To aruhi koi wo s***a, sou kimi wa namonaki shiro neko Deai wa amayadori, haikyo no shiro no naka "Uchi ni oide" to naku kimi ni kono mune kogarete "Konna"
  • Neko Nikki - Megumi Nakajima
    "Ohayou nangetsu nannichi hare Hikari ha mizuiro nioi Neko no nikki ni ha Ohirune no kaisuu ga kaitearu Buranko no nikki ni ha Kyou no kasokudo ya tobitatsu yume kaitearu Tokei no nikki ni ha Itoshii hito"
  • Devil's on your case - Ian Thomas
    "You don't answer my calls so I'm writing you a letterThe grapevine has it that you're drinking far too muchHeard the doctor dropped by, looked into your eyeSaid, "Baby Baby you trying to die,You're so"
  • In Case Of Emergency - Bridge and Tunnel
    "All the telephones say we like to speak in a forked tongue. To keep our hands clean, we fuck with dull knives, and we're keeping tabs to make sure that no one here gets out alive! "Please sign your name"
  • Case Of The Ex - Mya
    "Yeah Mya Red Zone wha-what It's after midnight And she's on your phone Saying come over 'Cause she's all alone I could tell it was your ex By your tone Why is she calling now After so long Now"
  • Keep on calling - Akon
    "feat P-Money You know. Check Its Akon man, my man P, its the magic city baby. Yo I think we got one on this one So all them haters, wanna scream our name, let them keep on calling. And they wont support"
  • Neko ni fuusen - Ai Otsuka
    "atashi no ouchi shoutengai no hon'ya no yoko mainichi kuruma to kawarazu takusan no hito-tachi nagareru kidzukeba neko to yobarete jibun ga neko datte kidzuita kidzukeba neko ka no nantoka tte"
  • Toge To Neko - SID
    "Hora douzo COLLAGEN fusoku no kuchibiru suki Hanikan de furi de mukaeru asa yowai Are igai de ototteru tokoro sagasu no mo ii PINCHIRASHI ya san no wari RIDERS niau Hai, SENSE kouzou na do wa auau Shudou"

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