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Neo Cortex - Don't You 2017


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Neo Cortex - Don't You 2017

  • For cortex - Dark Tranquillity
    "Mental Blindfolds on Early on the fascination intense How to discern just where right belongs Something has got to give These things I just don't want you to see There is no need for you to start revolutions"
  • Chen Neo - Fly To The Sky
    "*Chorus Baby~ I don't wanna see you no more Baby~ I don't wanna love you any more (mo doo chi oo get seo) ah moo eui mi eop teon si gan sok eh chi chyo it teon neo eui noon pit teul sok eh Get a wait from"
  • Neo Limbo - Brave Combo
    "(chorus:) Hey-ay-ay-ay Why can't you see what you're doing to me Hey-ay-ay-ay Why can't you see what you're doing to me Let's have some fun, give me a smile You've got that short dress on, let's limbo"
  • Neo Visualizm - Miyavi
    "fumi nijiraretatte mushiri toraretatte saki hokotterya ii shinji tsuzukereba ii ame funnakuttemo hi ga atannakuttemo X, LUNA SEA ni Kuroyume, senpaigata ga nokoshita michi shirube tayasanai you ni kowase"
  • I want you - Neo Cortex
    "Let me feelyour heat is asideand take me by your handCome and hold me tonightnever let me downI want your love nightI want to knowso take my by your handlet me be your storm of lovenever let me goI WANT"
  • Watchin' You (Eurovision 2017) - Damian Rybicki
    "Sometimes I can … When I chase by the night But I know, I want see you Get out of my mind Will be rock in the night We’ll be chasing the light As long as you follow my way You don’t need to be shoot I’ll"
  • You Look Good (Eurowizja 2017) - Olaf Bressa
    "I think you gonna walk away And Darling, don’t you wanna stay I love you blue dress I really fallin for your blue dress They say you always first to run My love’s only just begin So don’t begin tell"
  • Neo Geisha - Zeromancer
    "Play Let's play It's so cold So alone Play Let's play Like there's no tomorrow Hey Now Now My Neo Geisha Helter's space Hey Now Now My Neo Geisha Helter's space So give in to the voice inside your"
  • Don't Come Easy (Australia Eurovision 2017) - Isaiah
    "I can tell by the raise one more than this Can we be much more beyond this sheets No I don’t Don’t wanna mess with your heart But my love… It’s hard to love again Don’t come easy And don’t come cheap I’ve"
  • Neo universe - L'Arc~En~Ciel
    "Katamuki kaketa ten bin no ue de kizuki ageteku dare yori mo takaku sonna tobenai mujaki na tenshi ni mo asa wa todoku azayaka ni sono te o hanasanai de mezameru kono sekai o kanjite hibi waresou demo"
  • Neo-Torment - Tidfall
    "Death is only painful for the living. Lies are only painful when they're true. We crawl through the fire of the afterglow As we smile the devilish smile of the dead. World woven in neon night, as they"
  • Neo Museun - Fly To The Sky
    "When I say I love you forever baby saranghago shipeo paran haneuri naege juneun majimak seonmuringeol just tell me neol saranghae When I say I want you forever baby ip matjjugo shipeo na-ui gaseumeul ttwige"
  • Neo Age - Iceman
    "Mijikai tegami ga kasuka na kaze ni nori jidai no sukima ni tokete kiete yuku Kotoba ni wa shinai tsutaetai VISION wo uke toreru koto ni kimi wa kizukanai Yuruyaka na jiyuu no hate modorenai yume dake"
  • Between the lines (Eurowizja 2017) - Say Hi
    "Who knows what can happen today Sun will shine through anyway Loyalty rather run away I don’t know you But let’s find the way Lonely cold eyes Lonely night Coz we don’t have to Don’t have to fight You"
  • Storm of light - Neo Cortex
    "Sometimes you wonder, I am the only one who's alive here In the middle of darkness of the past and future How can you survive here? Wasn't life a journey? you love the essence, how can we find it? Now"
  • Elements - Neo Cortex
    "(bring on the elements) (elements) (bring on the elements) deel this fire deep inside burning strong where you cant hide join the elements tonight can see the light when the darkness comes too strong dont"
  • Miami 2017 - Richard Marx
    "I've seen the lights go out on Broadway, I saw the Empire State laid low. And life went on beyond the palaces. They all bought Cadillac's, Left there long ago We held a concert out in Brooklyn. To watch"
  • Wakacje 2017 (ft. Gromee - Runaway) - Fit Lovers
    "The kiss by the Sun As a stare up into the sky Embrace your shadow 'Cuz I feel your hand in mine In I won’t let go No, I don’t let go And here, in this moment You secrets turning to mine Lingering and"
  • Fight For Us (Eurovision 2017) - Martin Fitch (Marcin Mroziński)
    "I don’t even know How to start It; feels like we’ve lost so much We’re standing at the edge of light And you know It’s not right /2x I’m gonna fight for us For us /2x Never gonna stop Never gonna hide Even"
  • All Night 2017 (ft. Wurld) - Gromee
    "There’s a mirror in the sky Shining down on me See my reflection rising high Whit every progress I’ve made I’ve been so many amazing places on my way But there’s nothing like the way the Music takes me"

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