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Neon heavy

  • Neon - John Mayer
    "When sky blue gets dark enough To see the colors of the city lights A trail of ruby red and diamond white Hits her like a sunrise She comes and goes and comes and goes Like no one can Tonight she's out"
  • Heavy water - Jethro Tull
    "I walked out in the city night, A burning in my eyes, like it was broad daylight. And it was hot, down there in the crowd. The stars went out behind a thunder cloud. Chatter in the air, like a telegraph"
  • Heavy Mental - Killah Priest
    "The mind: Heavy Mental, Jesus Christ is Heavy Mental Everything brings in Heavy Mental day Today you will experience something Heavy Mental Never done: Heavy Mental Information begins to gathering Starting"
  • Neon - Jay Sean
    "I keep running, running, running back to us Any time that I think I'm back you disappear just a little bit And I want it, I want it, want it, want it more then any thing More then I should and I don't"
  • Neon - Jackie Boyz
    "Eh Tell me how I got here Reality is fading by the second (oh no) See I don't get no service You tired me and it's workin' How did you know (yeah) I see computer blue, yellow, orange, green we can be on She"
  • Neon - Die Happy
    "I'm so surprised to see you here the place you hated I'm so amazed you'd talk to me about how you made it You still compete trying to defeat your inner demon i think it's time for you to leave To someone"
  • Neon - cooks
    "świecisz jak neon z dala od miast u ciebie wstyd u mnie to sny w drodze do gwiazd świecisz jak neon z dala od miast u ciebie wstyd u mnie to sny w drodze do gwiazd miasto mnie dusi nie tylko co noc uciekam"
  • Neon - Black President
    "Haven't slept in seven days, I gotta keep my story straight Cleaning up my unclean way and I got to stay awake They're on the sidewalk, on the rooftop All they do is talk, talk, talk about me Now I know"
  • Neon - Shades Apart
    "She don't know where I came from I'm feeling like I'm half-alive She don't know and I don't care Two of us are scared to laugh What a waste of Saturday My eyes shut tight I lie awake all night We both"
  • Neon - The Kovenant
    "Bastard proclamations of a dying nation Social deconstruction through deceit and deception Hit us with your pointing stick Golden arches crucifix We will never be like you Subliminal derangment of the"
  • Neon - Hooverphonic
    "This shower will beam us to A blue changing too yellow scenery Bus noises all day long They make you whisper fragile words Losing energy And do we belong here You?ve got this Dave Berry effect on me Don?t"
  • Neon - Amplifier
    "My spider sense is tingling From the boys and the girls and the vortex singing Just a second to hang upon my ears Just a second to taste the salty tears Judge not least you may be judged Judge not least"
  • Neon - Siddharta
    "V temnih oblekah ljudje, v dolgi koloni stoje, najbolj poznani naprej vse do konca, do onih, ki ni jih videl doslej. Bleda podoba nad tem, vidi v due ljudem, slii se tisto ime, ki njej pomenilo"
  • Neon - Spongecola
    "your smile is gently freezing snow feels in away you're the laughter in my silence the cold that keeps me awake green towel less soft spoken your thoughts you never knew your lies and empty promises i'll"
  • Neon - Sodastream
    "Some days burn like fire sometimes it's easier to find it home people leave when it's too strong people leave when nothing's going wrong you said you're gonna let things fly i'm gone, you're here you said"
    "wasze słowa nic nie znaczą, kiedy zamykam tu drzwi wy gadacie sobie dalej, a ja dalej robię kwit będę dalej robił kwit widzę was tu tylko kiedy patrzę sobie tył ciągle gadasz /3x kroki robisz tylko w"
  • Heavy Heavy - Dreamgirls
    "Heavy, heavy You got so heavy, baby Heavy, heavy You got so heavy on me You used to be So light and free You used to smile just looking at me Now all you give Is jealous hate C'mon, baby baby, loose"
  • Heavy - Grammatrain
    "One more night, nothing's wrong Feels my nature's got me holding on too tight So you say you're on the way Got me feeling like i should be holding on this time I'm heavy on my knees, yeah yeah... Oh my,"
  • Heavy - Train
    "Home all night, nothing's wrong It's just my nature's got me holding on too tight So you say you're on the way Got me feeling like I should be holding on this time I'm heavy on my knees, yeah yeah... Oh"
  • Heavy - Lauri Johannes Ylönen
    "They built you a cage of diamonds and gold most beautiful place for you to grow old They brought you the moon and served you the lie and all that you wanted was freedom to fly. It's heavy but you are"

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