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Nervous service

  • Service - Dilated Peoples
    "See I think a wack rapper needs to catch service I think a wack DJ needs to be nervous Yo my DJ's so nice he don't slice he severs (Evidence: Bab's, forgive 'em) {*DJ Babu scratchs "never"*} See I"
  • Service - Danko Jones
    "See I think a wack rapper needs to catch service I think a wack DJ needs to be nervous Yo my DJ's so nice he don't slice he severs (Evidence: Bab's, forgive 'em) {*DJ Babu scratchs "never"*} See I"
  • Service - Dougie D
    "Open reveal, and put it in Don't be acting all scary, gotta make it your friend What, you need to get acquainted before you begin Shit you can talk to it, or rubbing it in While your head go up and down,"
  • Full Service - New Kids On The Block
    "I see you pulling on up in your car And there's something on your mind You've been driving around the whole night Now you're pulling up next to mine I'll lift the hood and look up under From the"
  • Secret Service - Perry Como
    "The "secret service" makes me nervous When I am dating they are waiting to observe us When I get ready to hold steady for the "kiss" you plan The "secret service" makes me nervous and I can't! They're"
  • Room Service - Bryan Adams
    "When a hotel room's the closest thing you got to home You could be in Philadelphia you could even be in Rome You gotta dial nine to get an outside line I even need a concierge just to take a drive - it's"
  • Service - The Fall
    "Why do you have a cloud in your eye? Walked downstairs Got my hat and my corny brown leather jacket Streets were grey and clean for a change Must have been the rain Thought transference And this man"
  • Service - Silver Sun
    "Holes in the ground They're just circles if they weren't They could be square If only they weren't round And March is only a month within days (chorus) And the in's go in and the out's just go And how"
  • Service - Fall
    "Why do you have a cloud in your eye?Walked downstairsGot my hat and corny brown leather jacketStreet bloody clean for a changeMust have been the rainThought transferenceAnd this man endangered me with"
  • Nervous - Dannii Minogue
    "Nervous, nervous I'm on a wire, my pulse running high Don't know I'll fall or maybe I'll fly This time it's right to try the unknown It's dangerous, where do I go You're making me feel so nervous"
  • Nervous - Gillan
    "You make me so nervous that you'd better move away You make me so nervous, I'll hurt you so move away You do what is right for me Behave so considerately You make me nervous You planned out my future,"
  • Nervous - Willie Dixon
    "When my b-b-baby calls me d-d-daddy And she c-c-call me real slow-sh I a-ask her what she want And she says ' I-I don't kn-know' I get nervous M-m-man. I get nervous I'm a n-n-nervous man And I t-t-tremble"
  • Nervous - Ian Gillan Band
    "You make me so nervous that you'd better move awayYou make me so nervous, I'll hurt you so move awayYou do what is right for meBehave so consideratelyYou make me nervousYou planned out my future, you tell"
  • Nervous - Unida
    "And you should've told me you had a nervous f**kin break down And you should've said to me you were going down And I should've told you you heart, momma, it's going down And you should've told me you had"
  • Nervous - Elephant Island
    "Still some nervous I woke up early Racing Into evening I feel so simple A piece of light Slipping through summer In the kitchen Before you're leaving Breakfast In your letter I found out the easy way What's"
  • Nervous - Guns N' Wankers
    "more time and you've slowed down let more dreams tumble down around you foundations crumbling to sand no point in a change of mind you just got left behind fool to think that it could ever be the same"
  • Nervous - Shawn Mendes
    "I saw you on a Sunday in a cafe and all you did was look my way and my heart started to race and my hands started to shake I hearted you asked about me through a friend and my adrenaline kicked in cause"
  • Nervous - Spring Heeled Jack USA
    "You know I can't understand Why when you're around me I have to get so nervous And then I'll be just fine Until the time you unwind And then I go get nervous I realize that in time I could never make you"
  • Nervous - Sodastream
    "Seated by the window don't you know don't you know you make me nervous though the fire outside is making me feel kind of strange we'll sit in the dark, talk of purpose and all the wishes around our bed"
  • Nervous - The Moody Blues
    "Why I am so nervous Please explain to me Why I can't sleep I close my eyes to shelter In the dark I try to hide If you leave me on my own I'm worried I could lose my way In my mind confusion I see you"

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