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Never never go away

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Never never go away

  • Never Go Away - C-BooL
    "hey If you ever want to leave it all If you ever want to lose control leave it all escape so far away maybe then you’ll think it is ok but I’ll tell you how I see it now take the guitar and I’ll tell you how I"
  • Never Go Away - Boyz II Men
    "there you are, standing there make me wanna reach, i went touch you and went my fingers through your hair i know, you gotta go but i want you to stay so we can get a little closer and do things my way baby"
  • Never - Binocular
    "so just go go away 'cause I never wanna know so just run run away but the shadows take your place it's a long and lonely road if you take it take it home I knew the time was near but you had me had"
  • Never - Heart
    "Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Hey baby I'm talkin to you Stop yourself and listen Some things you can never choose Even if you try, yeah You're banging your head again Cause somebody won't"
  • Never - Crystal Lewis
    "copyright Crystal Lewis, Bob Somma Send forth the river Of God within my heart Let it wash over my soul With the water of the word Let the river rise so high That I be caught up in it Let it flow and"
  • Never - Amanda Perez
    "(yea, OoOo OoOo OoOo) You walked into my life, when I was down and out Took away my pain and gave me your smile And at the time, still lovin someone else Not knowin'why kus they were the reason why i"
  • Never - Lexie
    "You no that the only thing I can think about now is you, you made me feel like I was worth something, but now with a single sentence you break my heart. How can you do this to me your all I ever wanted"
  • Never - Jasmine Guy
    "You're not too younge to understandJust because someone can be older then youDoesn't make what you saw was unreal,because i knowWhat i saw was real don't fool me i know what you do togetherIs true would"
  • Go Away - Go Betty Go
    "Nothing you say or you do Matters when I'm with you, I think about it all the time And realize it's not right. I saw you, you saw me Pretend you never known me. Don't hold me, don't touch me I'm not!!!"
  • Never Walk Away - Journey
    "So young in love They couldn't wait Said their vows Just to run away Suddenly, they felt their lives had changed They believed their hearts Were strong Just to find They couldn't get along They didn't"
  • Never Far Away - Take 5
    "Everything I do Is all done for you Lady, I'm yours And everywhere I go You're always on my mind You're all I adore And I'll go Out of my way Just to assure that our love is yours I'm yours Girl I'm never"
  • Never Walk Away - Pods
    "Just a little girl Not the sweetest in the world Cos I think I like the good less than the bad She hailed from New Orleans Where her daddy made machines And the way the waves had thrown her made her sad Once"
  • Never turn away - Omd
    "Save it for the next time hands over my head faintest sound of lightning faintest sound I heard Ill never, no no Ill never All around my body all around my feet please they are watching now placed around"
  • Never Far Away - Chris Cornell
    "You are the road that I will travelYou are the words I writeYou are the ocean I will swallowYou are the wind I rideYou are the cause to keep my head up highI will surviveYou gotta know I'll stay beside"
  • Never walk away - K-Maro
    "How come nobody ever ever told me? How come nobody ever ever showed me? Guess I'm a self made man Just trying to run down the words of my own story See how we became so selfish The good life but our minds"
  • Never Beg - Sometimes Never
    "Untie the ropes and unlock all the chains I won't be bound and gagged just for your sake Take your foot off my throat, take this mask off my face Don't expect me to plead for your mercy, I'd rather bleed"
  • Never Let Go - Cliff Richard
    "I've had my chances, too many nights All these broken dreams, they're just drifting away But I'd do it all again, just to hear, hear you say Chorus: Never let never let you go I will never let never"
  • Never Go Back - Rachel Stevens
    "There's something on my mind I want a little deja vu A stirring deep inside, I won't refuse I can't explain the mood that's driving me To the door that leads to hell and heaven Girl, you've gone and done"
  • Never Say Never - Fisher
    "Don't fly into the sun Your wings will melt and you'll come down I say you'll never know Until you try away I go to the sun I'm waving to the ground I'll see you later I will go and I will try Anything"
  • Never Say Never - Excellence
    "You've been through a lot of disappointment You've been through a lot of bitter tears And, believe me, I can understand it When you tell me you don't wanna care And you won't go through that again Something's"

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