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Never wonna be without you

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Never wonna be without you

  • Never wanna be without you - Vanilla Ice
    "Love at first sight and I recite Feelings in my heart, I hope that we will never part You are the girl for me and I wanna see You and me together, baby I'll leave you never Heartfelt emotions and desires,"
  • Be Without You - Krist van D
  • Never Be - Carman
    "Chorus Never be a heart that He Couldn't mend each broken piece Never be a wounded soul He would Ignore There'll never be a time that He Would ever turn His back on me There'll never be a life He can't"
  • You make me wonna - Alice Cooper
    "You're the starYou're the faceYou got the look that I can't eraseYou look the world right in the eyeStare 'em down baby, make 'em cryWell I know it don't make much senseI'm in love with your innocenceWhat"
  • Without you - US5
    "I like when you wisper softlythings that i should hear that lead me ongo home.I like the way that you're smiling at memake me feel like nothing can go wronggo home.Tell me this will last for everdon't"
  • Without You - Code 64
    "I don't know where you are I don't know why you left Please come back to me I'd love to have you near I do not know where you are I do not know why you left But I do know That I miss you Where are you"
  • Without You - Social Code
    "I'm doing fine without you It feels so right without you I didn't think I'd get this far Late night drives without you Broken glass in my rearview I'm driving fast and not looking back I never knew what"
  • Without You - Christina Aguilera
    "Woah woahh Have I been blind? For the first time in my life I feel I've opened up my eyes Since you've arrived like an angel from the sky I'm on a spiritual high So don't you ever go away I could never"
  • Without You - Tobias Jesso Jr.
    "Why can't you just love me? Should I move on or should I wait? How'd you get so high above me? I reach higher every day But nothing changes No, it all just stays the same I can hardly breathe without you There"
  • WITHOUT YOU - The Kid LAROI, Miley Cyrus
    "You cut out a piece of me And now i bleed internally Left here without you, without you And it hurts for me to thing abiut What life could possobly be like without you, without you I can’t believe that"
  • Without you - Motley Crue
    "Without you, there's no changeMy nights and days are greyIf I reached out and touched the rainIt just wouldn't feel the sameWithout you, I'd be lostI'd slip down from the topI'd slide down so lowGirl you'd"
  • Without You - Jesse McCartney
    "I like when you whisper softly Things only I should hear That lead me on I like the way that you smile at me And make me feel like nothin' Can go wrong Tell me this will last forever Dont you ever leave "
  • Without You - Blue
    "I couldn't live without my cellphone, I couldn't live without my 4 x 4, I couldn't live without my credit card, I couldn't live without you. Funny how the little things, we can't do without, Make you"
  • Without You - Big Daddy Weave
    "Would we hear the sound Of breathing in the dark Where would be lifes spark Without You Would the birds ever sing Would the wind move through the trees Could I touch the grass so green Under this big sky"
  • Without You - Dixie Chicks
    "I've sure enjoyed the rain but I'm looking forward to the sun You have to feel the pain when you lose the love you gave someone I thought by now the time would take away these lonely tears I hope you're"
  • Without You - Human Nature
    "Can I just surrender now As the day is passing over There's a common wind that always brings us here To a door that's always open But I just can't step inside Could it be that I just need to try I"
  • Without You - Plumb
    "I said some things to you I think that I shouldnt have said I spoke out of turn and hurt you I've learned that it hurts me back oh what could be worse than me losing you what if you never came back what"
  • Without you - Macbeth
    "What weve learnt from our bad dream Is that no one will ever know Why a smile is so fragile? How a word can make you cry? Ive been searching in my soul for Those sad words to say goodbye My world begins"
  • Without You - Fame Factory
    "Ooo you know what it means The language that you speak Ooo you can read your mind The thaugths you hide and see It's so hard to breath It's so hard to move I can't even sleep in this lonely room Is this"
  • Without You - Kirk Franklin
    "I can take a plane high up in the sky and fly for a million miles Write a melody so sweet, make a tear turn into a smile I can see the color of spring I can even feel the weather change And soon the"

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