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Never;znowu pale

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Never;znowu pale

  • Pale - Never Heard Of It
    "I never see you when you're smiling Look down on what you've down Feeling guilt from what they've taken From you and when you were young Holding back your tears from crying They been frozen now for years Let"
  • Pale - Kristin Hersh
    "Before I go to you I never wash my neck... 'Cause when the music starts it goes straight to my head... And I break out in pale... You better bring your fork and knife... Till we see eye to eye... 'Cause"
  • The Pale Suit Of Drunkenness - Pale Forest
    "Got that feeling of standing still the shudder of winters coming chill Got that distance in my eyes frozen paintings of all my alibies And I've got the urge to leave this room but it has become my"
  • Pale Sky - Love Like Blood
  • Pale Rider - Gamma Ray
    "I ride on down down the heavy road I´m sick and tired and my head explodes I listen to the wind and my whip shall crack I´m riding down the road like a razorback I´m on this lonely trail forever Burn"
  • Extra Pale - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Extra pale Oh you're frail now I couldn't laugh about it Tragedy sets you free but I should have known it from the start I should have known that it was Just another sequel Just another reason for you How's"
  • Pale Sun - Cowboy Junkies
    "Fifty miles from Dakota territory Cheyenne scalp hangs from his belt Found him alone washing in the Bighorn A steady aim and he bagged his game Pale sun falls without contest Here is obedient darkness He"
  • Pale Purple - Ani DiFranco
    "pale purple nipples goose pimpled she shivers shifts from a walk to a trot alone in the city infested with faces immune to new friendships interested in places she's never seen she says everything is grey"
  • Pale People - Maria Mena
    "I know it's time for me to grow up I know my head's somewhere else but give me a break I've never done this before and somewhere in between I'm feeling lonely you wouldn't have a friend that I could borrow? 'cause"
  • Extra pale - Goo Goo Dolls
    "Extra PaleOh you're frail nowI shouldn't laugh about itTragedy sets you freeI should have known it from the startI should have known that it wasJust another sequelJust another sequel for youHow's your"
  • Extra pale - Iris DeMent
    "Extra paleOh you're frail nowI shouldn't laugh about itTragedy sets you free butI should have known it from the startI should have known that it wasJust another sequelJust another reason for youHow's your"
  • Pale blue eyes - Courtney Love
    "Some...Sometimes I get so sadSometimes I feel almost heavenly butBaby, I mostly feel madYeah, lately I just feel badLinger on your pale blue eyesLinger on your pale blue eyesIt was good what we did yesterdayAnd"
  • Pale Blue Eyes - Hole
    "COURTNEY: This is an original new-waver... Some... Sometimes I get so sad Sometimes I feel almost heavenly but Baby, I mostly feel mad Yeah, lately I just feel bad Linger on your pale blue eyes Linger"
  • Pale Nocturnal Majesty - Ancient Ceremony
    "As Darkness drowns the Landscape my Time it is to rise Mighty Ruler of the stormy Night Sanguinaire Lust of me, the Pale Nocturnal Majesty Evocative Chants from the Shadow - Kingdom As I fly into the Night"
  • The Pale Man - Zed Yago
    "Deathly pale belongs to the sea tells you here's the beginning in the depth of misery you feel the spirit within. A torrent river, a storm tossed tree it's like a rugged stone rolling waves won't let you"
  • Pale Autumn Fire - Cemetary
    ""The autumn came and the leaves fell Like raindrops from heaven Like sinners to hell For every drop a sin was earned. For every leaf a sinner burned." Bodies form the pattern of everlasting sin Embrace"
  • Pale Skinny Girl - American Music Club
    "Pale and skinny girl lives in the middle of a mountain Long golden hair, someone pull her out She walks across a parking lot With two quarters in her hand She just wants to take a little break from nothing Never"
  • Pale Blue Monday - Jackie Greene
    "Well I let down Virginia When I told her I was bound for leaving I told her that the city air Just werent worth my breathing Then I packed my bags and left her On her own; Moving sad and slowly Down the"
  • Pale In Comparison - A Day at the Fair
    "I'll bet you never knew, The parade of people that hang their heads and cry for you, With their eyes on the casket, they're silently saying goodbye to you, And the face in the crowd that knows he could"
  • Pale - Agathocles
    "pale vile thoughts unreal? locked, blocked, away more, every day no single fact left empty, emptiness left, left behind thoughts, real vile visions, surreal visions, forever sealed pale vile thoughts unreal? locked,"

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