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New Linkin Park Single

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New Linkin Park Single

  • Darker Than Blood (feat. Linkin Park) - Steve Aoki
    "Don't you hold your breath Cause I'm not coming down The battlefields have left me only scars And floating in the dark I'm swimming in the sound Of voices that should never been apart Darker than the"
  • New Divide - Linkin Park
    "I remembered black skies The lightning all around me I remembered each flash As time began to blur Like a startling sign That fate had finally found me And your voice was all I heard That I get what I"
  • Linkin Verbz - Reggie And The Full Effect
    "Hello Americans this is Klaus from Common Denominator That is the band you are listening to right now We are from Finland This is the second song on our debut album Here In America This song is about"
  • South Park Theme (New Version) - Primus
    "I'm going down to South Park, gonna have myself a time. Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation. Going down to South Park, gonna leave my woes behind. Ample parking day or night, people"
  • La Guerra (New Single) - Aventura
    "Mi amor yo ya no aguanto esta guerra con tu padre que me ha vuelto un infeliz, me acusa de maleante no he dicho que soy perfecto pero de algo hay que vivir se que en la forma que gano dinero no es legal no"
  • Sunday Park - Yen Town Band
    "In The Sunday Park Light in the afternoon I listen to the sound of my dream Coming through All the mountains of Blueberries and greens fairy tale lullaby I was down last night Too much to handle here I"
  • Cloverleaf Park - Go Fish
    "CHORUS: I wanna be your friend forever I wanna love you 'til the day that I die I wanna be there when youre smiling at me And I wanna be there when you need to cry From the first time that I held you I"
  • Cinnamon Park - Jill Sobule
    "Me and Betty Shelly were at Cinnamon Park Waiting for the battle of the bands Betty's older brother had a bad reputation And I wound up in his van He said hey Jilly Sue I've got something for you Something"
  • Pioneer's Park - Bright Eyes
    "how did this happen how did this happen such a perfect day and unexplainable new feeling how did this happen how did this happen two contented shapes entwined under the trees nothing prepares you and nothing"
  • Oak park - Oblivion
    "Youre such a moron, Youve got a ball and chain inside you head. To keep it hidden, The things I do are better left unsaid. It's so revolting To have to see you turning out this way You're so unhappy Shut"
  • Brand New Lover (Single Version) - Dead Or Alive
    "Your sweet nature, darling, was too hard to swallow I've got the solution, I'm leaving tomorrow And now as I stand and stare into your eyes I see safety there, I want surprises What I really need to do"
  • Ganas De Amar(New Single) - Al Jadaqui
    "Quien habla no sabe como puede ser que una caricia no quiero borrarla de mi piel mas all por mas que intento evitar la meloda de aquel da que me hizo renacer se que nadie es perfecto yo lo acepto y"
  • Single Pigeon - Wings
    "Single pigeon through the railing Did she throw you out Sunday morning fight about saturday night Single seagull gliding over Regent's park canal Do you need a pal for a minute or two, you do? Me too,"
  • Single Pigeon - Paul McCartney
    "Single Pigeon Through The Railing Did She Throw You Out Sunday Morning Fight About Saturday Night Single Seagull Gliding Over Regent's Park Canal Do You Need A Pal For A Minute Or Two You Do? Me Too,"
  • Single Again - Gary Stewart
    "Today, I heard the awful news Someone told the gospel truth Said you've been running 'round With a stranger who just hit town He's got a black mustache And a red Cadillac Now he's got you And I've got"
  • Single Women - Dolly Parton
    "(Michael O'Donoghue) Single bars and single women With a single thought in mind Just to make it till the morning Looking for what they can find For a man they won't remember For a night they can't forget Do"
  • Single Phial - Skyclad
    "I have walked the earth so many times before your birth, Today is only yesterday's tomorrow. And as a Gardner in Eden it was i who sowed the seed then I've come to reclaim this life you borrow. Singing"
  • Welcome To The Gorky Park - Gorky Park
    "Yuppie's guppies safe and sound Ribbons in their hair Only problem what they found Choosing what to wear Moaning groaning run around makes it all o'kay Not so easy Trudging through the frozen tundra Nothing"
  • Single - New Kids On The Block
    "(FATMAN SCOOP) if u aint got no money if u aint got no money (yeahhh) if u aint got no money (Polow Da Don) if u aint got no money if u independent get ur money girl (aye) if u independent get ur"
  • Grammercy Park Hotel - Ben Lee
    "It's 3 AM in New York Sometime in 1995 The other half of the world The other side It might have been warm outside, maybe cold Who could tell? Three of us stumbled into room 421 At the Grammercy"

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