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New canyons newer found
  • A New Found Glory Intro (New Found Glory Album)
    "Don't believe a word A word they say It's more than a T-shirt It's more than a tattoo It's more than a phase This is how I was raised You keep trying To market this feeling I heard what you said And no"
  • Leaves' Eyes New Found Land
    "(New - found - land!) Beyond the boundaries of the known world, Where are the mountains and where are the fjords? Hundreds of miles off the course we are lost, Clear skies return as we witness the shore. We"
  • Susan Tedeschi Found Someone New
    "(Susan Tedeschi) Tired of being alone Waiting on you to phone baby It's four in the morning and I'm cold There ain't no one to hold me I know that's it's real I found someone new I know it's not right But"
  • Get Up Kids New found mass
    "If I told you that I was thinking of moving east, would you save a place for me? I'll come home because it's worse that I expected. A place in my heart for my home to the west where we'll watch the same"
  • A New Found Glory A New Found Glory - Sincerely Me
    "Dear, your name here It's been a long time, very long time Since I've heard your voice And I bet she never thought I was So sorry, so I've had a hard time, very hard time Seeing less of you I never thought"
  • A New Found Glory A New Found Glory - Dressed To Kill
    "I know it's hard for you To understand what I'm going through But now, I sit here to remind myself You're always dressed to kill And you feel like you owe it to the world But you owe it to yourself And"
  • Shawn Mullins Canyons & Caverns
    "On a mantle made of oakwood There's a photograph from my childhood It was taken in the desert early light I look a lot like a leprechaun With a Mexican vest and a red hippie hat on Maracas in my left hand,"
  • Justifide Sweet New Found Joy
    "Well the people have been searchin' before God sent his son knockin' at the front door Bringin',Bringin' hope and happiness to all He said, Follow me and I will be you'll see The on that will give you"
  • Pras Michel Haven't Found (new version)
    "What I wanna do Uhh, uhh, one two one two c'mon One two one two c'mon Yo, c'mon, yo Movin around the world and daydream of days that money brings Chasin material assumin that it's happiness inside You"
  • Squirrel Nut Zippers I've Found A New Baby
    "I've found a new baby, I've found a new girl, My fashion plate baby got me in a whirl Her new kind of lovin' done made me her slave, Her sweet turtle dovin' is all that I crave. Sweetest miss, with a kiss,"
  • Cat Stevens I've Found A New Love
    "Baby, I've never had a single thing in my life I could call my own. There you were, holding a love so true, Now I've got a home, now I've got a home. I found a love, hidden in a backstreet I found"
  • No Angels New That We Found Love
    "When I wake up in the morning The first thing I do Is when I see your smiling face I give the world a love embrace Feeling so glad I found you In each and every moment I need you by my side My ultimate"
  • Social Distortion Lost & Found
    "I was looking for something anything at all something to believe in written on the bathroom wall there were no answers to the questions I employed nothing around me to fill up that void I've been lost and"
  • Pras Haven't Found
    "What I wanna do Uhh, uhh, one two one two c'mon One two one two c'mon Yo, c'mon, yo Movin around the world and daydream of days that money brings Chasin material assumin that it's happiness inside You"
  • Brainpool Girl Found
    "Whem I'm feeling bad Or when I'm feeling blue Or if my thoughts are sad I only think of you Let the grey skies come our way Give the space We can make them go away When there's no way to turn Nothing at"
  • Lauryn Hill Since I Found A New Love
    "You're everything I want and more Oh I adore your mystery Since I found a new love Since I found a new love I can't complain no more That's how its supposed to be I'm not in pain no more ... yeah"
  • July For Kings New
    "We rolled the windows down we left our midwest town straight for the sunset perfectly wonderfully new I had a dream last night I was chasing lucid lights around the hazy night over and over 'till I find"
  • MxPx You Found Me
    "thought that i was- was a goner everyone had written my life off dreamed about better days and hoped that i could make it happen somehow someone please -please help me i'm dying from the inside out come"
  • The Mavericks Ain't Found Nobody
    "(Harlan Howard, Kostas) I loved you then...I love you still I miss you darling...I always will Resigned feeling blue Ain't found nobody...since I lost you Chorus Once upon a time...once when"
  • Loraine McFarland I Found You
    "Verse 1 Never thought i'd find a truth Love was dead to me till I met you, I spent Alot of time building up these walls Then you come in to catch my fall Spent alot of time regreting When I should"

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