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New chapter

  • New Chapter - Anthony Callea
    "I walk these streets alone I see the world around me changing I'm in a dream Faces that I knew Are slowly turning into strangers I've never seen I read each line I turn the page I laugh and cry at this"
  • A New Chapter - Anthony Callea
    "I walk these streets alone I see the world around me changing I'm in a dream Faces that I knew Are slowly turning into strangers I've never seen I read each line I turn the page I laugh and cry at this"
  • A New Chapter - Whippersnapper
    "Its time, its time to clean this slate And push our way past anger into something new and honest. To shoulder the weight, find our own way It's easier than you might think. We've heard the same excuses"
  • A New Chapter - Cynic Ridge
    "Why have you always tried to look inside of me? This lack of clarity I'm going blind Something so deep wounds that I keep tell me now, is that what you seek? the way you neglected the way I feel It's"
  • Chapter II - Project 86
    "New day springs light on the burdened, the downcastMy past lingers to define the outcastI long for the coming of chapter twoTo put an end to this cycle of backlashNow I start where the last chapter endedBut"
  • Sixth Chapter - Bolt Thrower
    "Technology - Now controls Powersystems - Overload In the matrix - Once your mind Lies the sorrow - None survive Globalized - Authority World enmeshed - Hyper reality Brain connected - Consume priority End"
  • Final chapter - Compton's Most Wanted
    "(Ladies and gentlemen There are 7 acknowledged wonders of the world you are about to witness the 8th...) Okay, I may not be a historical feature Or better yet meant to as a big public speaker But when"
  • Chapter 126 - Tyrese
    "Tyrese spoken voice: (hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...) Yeah, I wanna dedicate this song to Africa and 126, let's go (oooooooooooooooh...) I come to you humble and grateful For my freedom Not only freedom physically"
  • Chapter Three - Violet Indiana
    "I have made it clear That I don't want you here Leave me why can't you see The past now was destroying me I am moving on This story has all gone wrong Leave now Just say goodbye Turn away Don't watch"
  • Chapter 6 (66) - Dream Evil
    "Sinister plot, not like the rest of the bookA bit more in depth, mysteriously at the first lookI don't why but I prefer chapter 5There's something, There's something, There's something so weird..'boutChapter"
  • The Following Chapter - Artrosis
    "Truth and deceit turned into words Waves into my story Whose sense is understood only by me My game is over Quietly the gilt is off I'll close fire under my eyelids I'll start to write the following chapter /the"
  • Chapter 1: Vehicle - Boysetsfire
    "(The average American citizen is taught to be passive. He learns at an early age that obedience and submission will lead to a reward, often unattainable and almost always at his own detriment. Marx discussed"
  • Its Time Chapter Three - Saga
    "IT'S TIME! (CHAPTER THREE) Large and tall ones, short and small ones working round a frame. The pieces fit so perfectly like some large metal game. The time draws near and with it fear all senses a new"
  • Chapter - Psapp
    "Give me back my album The shapes change though we're always the same Season bleeds on season Somewhere you slip That is the way, that is the way What would I do without you A waste of time after all that"
  • Final Chapter (Thus Ends...) - Blind Guardian
    "Thus ends the fifth battle By the treachery of men the field is lost The night falls and great is the triumph of evil The league is broken The last vestige of hope lives in the hidden king Only he troubles"
  • It's Time! (Chapter 3) - Saga
    "Large and tall ones, short and small ones Working 'round a frame The pieces fit so perfectly Like some large metal game The time draws near, and with it fear All senses a new kind I'll not look back, on"
  • Worlds Apart (Chapter 16) - Saga
    "Why do we do what we do now & what should we do? Why do we do what we do now & what will we do? Would you like a new start that would be world's apart? Now you're sellin' everything you can & you don't"
  • Chapter - Killing Joke
    "Attack behind attackA war behind a warWise thoughts to broad horizonsA nation, the very leastSuch simplicity, advance to find myselfHe didn't see such simplicityHope is for the loserCertainty to bePleasure"
  • The End Of This Chapter - Sonata Arctica
    "Chapter One "Hello? Well, well, how are you? Uh.. who is this? Who do you think this is? Stop it.. who is this? You know very well who i am.. You almost got away from me didn't you? Oh my god.. you"
  • We'll Meet Again (Chapter 15) - Saga
    "Have you been listening? We must have more supplies We will be on our way tonight Don't want to miss a thing We've got to build it right You know we're running out of time What I do, I do for you Chorus: I"

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