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New days - tawk

  • Brand New Days - Suara
    "SHIGUNARU no ao ni awaseru you ni okurezu ni fumidashiteta itsumo no kousaten hisoka ni mitsuketeta no yo sono ushirosugata wo kinou yori sukoshi takai HI-RU narashi aruku hitori de sugosu hibi no imi"
  • New Days Dawn - Hyde
    "Do you really know the truth? It only has one face Even if you die - you've no clue That man standing by your side Perhaps he knows the truth But it may not exist at all Why pray to the light When darkness"
  • Old Days New - Aaron Lines
    "It's Friday night, county road Seventeen, off we go It's summertime, not a care in the world Well I remember My two best friends and me Takin' a trip to feel the ocean breeze Nothing but dreams as far"
  • Days Of New - Lagwagon
    "The days are full of storybook romance, the myriad of thoughtful acts A million ways I'm into you, I'm never getting over you I'm sorry for exposing you, I know you hate it when I do But I had to"
  • Brand new days - Gwen Stefani
    "At the end of the day you are worn, and too tired to sleepBut then you do dream of wonderful thingsThat you might do, right on through to the next dayAnd then you wake upThe sun's on your faceYou're stretchin'"
  • New England Days - Clifford T. Ward
    "This feeling inside of me Won't let me be, well it just won't go You're so much a part of me And these New England days move incredibly slow So hold on, baby hold on Hold on, hold on. Well it's"
  • Brand New Days - Puffy AmiYumi
    "==Romaji== kantan na koto mo dekizu ni saikin wa nayande bakari hanbun wa koibito hanbun wa shigoto dakara, taihen na no yo taiyou ga kureta aoi kisetsu negai ga kumo no you ni aijou ga chiribamerareta"
  • Days Away - Days Away
  • Stranger in new days - Lareine
    "Itsu no ma ni kayanda ame o tobikoeteKimi o mukae ni ikouMada osana-sugiru taiyou ga terashidasuKimi wa kirei deSugisatta hibi to boku ga matasetetaNagasa no kami o hodoiteKaze ni noseta nara sono mama"
  • Bring On The New Days - Progress
    "Burning yesterday never felt so good. Just like the burning of a book we read just one too many times, filled with old pain and ancient pride. We've travelled far too long down the same old road. The grass"
  • Happy Days In New York City - Lobo
    "(Kent LaVoie) In the north there's a great big city Eight million people or so This was at one time a happy place But that was long ago Kids playing ball in the street Smiles a part of the game The bars"
  • Seven days - Chumbawamba
    "One One day, one day of paradise One day, one day of paradise All truth is opinion, believe me Discussion has become a privilege Creativity is a salesman's PR exercise Style is the new currency Two Two"
  • Good days - Gentleman
    "(Mamadee + Tamika) Just another day when i came in town I was walking and talking with one of my girls` And she told me that, her life aint right You see shes taking for granted all the treasures That"
  • Beautiful days - Venus
    "I wish I was mad Fucked up and done I wish I was bad And completely wrong I wish I was made Rebuilt-up and fake I wish I could lie And never could fail And live some beautiful days In a magical place Beautiful"
  • Endless Days - Artension
    "You never thought I'd ever get over you But one day, found my way and started new Now everything's complete I'm living life so free Like sunlight through the haze The Endless Days The Endless Days I"
  • Better Days - OneRepublic
    "i know that they’ll be better days that sunshine bout to come my way may we never ever shed another tear for today cause , I know that they’ll better days walking up in CALIFORNIA BUT THESE CLOIDS THEY"
  • Ten Days - Celine Dion
    "Celine Dion A New Day Has Come Ten Days At the doorway of my heart All the leaves have fallen down And though I try to pick them up, There's so many I think i'll drown CHORUS*** Ten days have come and"
  • Railroad Days - Bob Seger
    "Jan would climb up so high on the foul screen Down below I would yell to watch out When we'd play ? was always the winner He was brave never listened to me shout Afternoons playin' ball by the old wall Hidin'"
  • Pearl Days - Elisa
    "Nothing can shine and show completely when it's all covered in dust As much as time can burn the colours off my paper photographs Every moment I treasure, I can see and trust And everyone leaves a tear"
  • Better Days - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well my soul checked out missing as I sat listening To the hours and minutes tickin away Yeah just sittin around waitin for my life to begin While it was all just slippin away Im tired of waitin for tomorrow"

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