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New feather

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New feather

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New feather
  • Killing Joke Blue Feather
    "Behind the iron curtain concrete stands Beyond the open door we go I watched the quill pen for a thousand years And future days began to show Ohhhh blue feather in my hand Ohhhhh blue feather I passed"
  • Killing Joke Birds Of A Feather
    "We feel so good as we flock together So much in common We all gather gather gather Don't need no manifesto, just a little instinct Safety in numbers Go for the ??midway?? Birds of a feather...flock"
  • Puff Daddy Shake Ya Tail Feather
    "(nelly/p diddy) we do it for fun, we just do it for fun dirty EAT, we do it for fun Bad Boy (nelly, diddy, murphy lee) we do it for fun (this is history baby) bend then trucks, we do it for fun stack"
  • Nujabes Feather
    "Light as a feather when i'm floating through Reading through the daily news Measuring the hurt within the golden rule Centimeters of ether i'm heatin the speaker Motivational teacher with words that burn"
  • Page France Feather
    "I am blowing for a trumpet Hallelujah You stood too close to the sunset And it finally outgrew you So now I paint you on my doorpost Like I knew you I make all of the right noises But they never make"
  • Smog Feather By Feather
    "You spent half of the morning Just trying to wake up Half the evening Just trying to calm down And you live for The same things A cloudburst seems rarer every time And it's crow vs. crow A brawl in mid-air Beak"
  • Destiny Like A Feather In The Lullaby
    "Do you feel the sorrow of the sun Do you hear it crying It's burning in my sight I've got a wish that drowns me in melancholy To put it back into your empty arms In stormy nature Under a crying sky the"
  • Vienna Teng Feather Moon
    "Feather moon Scarlet sky Living clouds My blinded eye Waters black Wood in snow Dead of night How bright you glow ''Chorus (x4):'' Breathe in, breathe out Exhale and inhale Exhale and inhale Seven sins God"
  • Robbie Robertson Golden Feather
    "Golden Feather Robbie Robertson I think I'm going back to Shenandoah she said that she'd meet me by the fork in the road I jump start my old Ford I'm heading for the pow-wow follow red path that leads"
  • Band, The Golden Feather
    "Band, The Miscellaneous Golden Feather I think i'll go on back to shenandoah She said that she'd meet me by the fork in the road I jump start my one eyed ford I'm heading for the pow-wow I follow red path"
  • Fish White Feather
    "When I hit the streets back in '81, Found a heart in the gutter and a poet's crown I felt barbed-wire kisses and icicle tears, Where have I been for all these years? I saw political intrigue, political"
  • Marillion White Feather
    "(Dick/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) When I hit the streets back in '81 Found a heart in the gutter and a poet's crown I felt barbed wire kisses and icicle tears Where have I been for all these years? I"
  • The Presidents of the United States of America Feather Pluckn'
    "A billions of birdies squawkin' out loud Talkin' in code to clams in the clouds They send a secret message, they send it by worm, Some vibratin' spiders will receive the word But that's totally Feather-pluckin' Insane! Ten"
  • Ellegarden Mr. feather
    "Hey Mr. Feather do you think you're really fly Mr. Clever she is fool enough to trust you Mr. Stupid you are not like anyone Mr. Famous I don't know your real name Mr. Tiny your dream is so big Mr. Clumsy"
  • Scapegoat Lead Feather
    "You fell when you ate the pill, & when it comes to us, you pick her still An antidote is what I think you need, you're too weak to proceed Well you're wrong While I'm learning You crave I'm just deeper"
  • Suzanne Vega Feather & Bone
    "You said, come with me And so I did I thought I could take All your sorrow I thought I could hold it all I never imagined Your oceans So bitter The killing The falling The slaughter Of feather and bone. I"
  • Human Fortress Skin & Feather
    "Charms and bags and graveyard stones, witch bottles protects our homes Minerals of many, many kinds - Things we dig for in our mines Now the element of fire - From candle glow to wild desire They walk"
  • Acrimony Heavy Feather
    "I was born a million years ago On a blue star far away I've talked to God for ages now And he answered back today Step aboard my spaceship, friend This timeless - journey now Don't worry if you can't"
  • The Band Golden feather
    "I think i'll go on back to shenandoahShe said that she'd meet me by the fork in the roadI jump start my one eyed fordI'm heading for the pow-wowI follow red path that leads to you(chorus)I gave my love"
  • St. Thomas With The Feather
    "My girl has gone away For the summer The tunes are out now I don't know why The last thing I heard Was from my mother I'm fading out I don't know why I'm going down With the feather I'm going"

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