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New that were dead

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New that were dead

  • Wish You Were Dead - Lincoln
    "You say You're so sorry I know you are but what am I? Liar, Liar, Dress on fire Go stick a needle in your eye You think you're so funny But looks aren't everything I gave you my telecaster You gave me"
  • We Were Dead - Complete Control
    "Do you want to know? How we all feel? We are the criminals, that stole revolution made it real. Do you really want to know? Do you really want to care? I am a criminal that lied to you cause we were dead. We"
  • I Sometimes Wish I Were Dead - Depeche Mode
    "New sound all around You can hear it too Getting hot, never stop Just for me and you Playing on my radio and saying that you had to go New day turn away Wipe away the tear New night, feel right Knowing"
  • Wish You Were Dead - Scheer
    "I don't want to, go on like this And I don't need to, keep thinking like this Turned things over in my head Things I've done and things I've said Better off this way you said But it's not easy to pretend When"
  • Heard You Were Dead - The Bluetones
    "I heard that you were dead, dead before you hit the ground. I heard that you were taken, and your body was never found. I heard that you were blistered by the suns burning rays. I know that somethings"
  • New Dead Nation - Deathstars
    "Did you feel how the bullet took you Did you feel how easily your life got shed Did you feel how the system shot you 9mm trought your fucking head I love it and I hate it and I take it and I feed it I"
  • Dead - Therapy?
    "We, we used to be friends We used to give a shit about each other That was then This is today You, you took my love You took all of my trust You took my drugs It wasn't enough Back in the day"
  • Dead - My Chemical Romance
    "And if your heart stops beating, Ill be here wondering, Did you get what you deserve? The ending of your life And if you get to heaven Ill be here waiting, baby, To get what you deserve, The ending of"
  • Dead - Enemy You
    "I don't want to go through life in a mundane existence every day and night It's always work and the TV screen One more day of this I'm going to scream I need to escape I drink till my head aches And"
  • Dead - Velvet Acid Christ
    "twisted up inside, knotted to the core learned to abhor, the twisted faces staring back at me, latching on to me holding on to me, you never let go. rich was the earth, that filled rivers with blood, blood"
  • Dead - Mr. Lil One
    "(Mr. Lil One) Jack 'The Ripper', strippin mothaf**kas for their egos Peace to all the bald heads, mobbn in their regals Need no mothaf**ka to be tellin me I'm sick! I feel it everyday with every f**kin"
  • Punk's Dead - SOFT PLAY
    "Soft play (what mate?) nah, I don't like this Spineless shit Not one bit I thought you were it Turns out you're just another couple of overly emotional pricks Get these liberal Lefties typical This shit"
  • Dead Mic - Ace Of Base
    "Verse. 1: Rappin on a dead mic, hot lyrics comin from me people thinks i'ma sic, nah i'm just tha shy A-Double-B remanissin yesterday i was holdin ma hennessey roled and got shot, what happend to hiphop tha"
  • New Girl - Suicide Machines
    "Well I can't wait to tell you all about her All about my new girl And I can't wait for you to hear me shout it All about my new girl When we were together you tried to break my heart Said you always"
  • When We Were The New Boys - Rod Stewart
    "With laughing eyes I do recall Every face that crammed this hall And in this room our hats were hung And words were written and songs were sung And we held our glasses high And we dared to reach for the"
  • New Shoes - Beyonce
    "New Shoes Hey honey! Cat got your tongue? Don't look so funny! Mr. Comedian- joke's on you! And, you're good at bets So where's my money? I know you bet I'd never make that move So why's the house empty? Lights"
  • New Medicines - Dead Poetic
    "These are the words that tear you apart. And these are the words that take you away. And these are just words they'll tear you apart. When no one here will say what needs to say. New medicines should"
  • If We Were Kings (New Version) - American Pearl
    "We, had a dream that we could fly, high above. And we, had a dream we just might be, strong enough. To make it seem in our world that, we were kings we could be anything, do anything. Just believe, and"
  • If We Were Kings (New Radio Version) - American Pearl
    "We, had a dream that we could fly, high above. And we, had a dream we just might be, strong enough. To make it seem in our world that, we were kings we could be anything, do anything. Just believe, and"
  • This Is That New Song - Badly Drawn Boy
    "And if I knew the answers I would tell you now Just what would be the chances That I could show you how If I knew where all the tears were coming from Add up all the years that you've been gone This is"

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