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Niall Horan, Maren Morris - Seeing Blind

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Niall Horan, Maren Morris - Seeing Blind

  • Seeing Blind - Niall Horan, Maren Morris
    "I have seen, seen it all in paper dreams watched it unfold on the screen but I never understood I have heard, have heard you speak a million words now you’re talking to me first never though you would oh"
  • What A Time (ft. Niall Horan) - Julia Michaels
    "i feel a little nauseous and my hands are shaking I guess I need you close by my throat is getting dry and my heart is racing I haven’t been by your side in a minute, but I think about it sometimes even"
  • Moral of the Story (feat. Niall Horan) - Ashe
    "So i never really knew you God i really tried to Blindsided, addicted Felt we could really do this But really i was foolish Hindsight it’s Bvious Talking with my lawyer she said „where’’d you find this"
  • The Middle (feat. Maren Morris & Grey) - Zedd
    "DJ ZEDD czyli Anton Igoriewicz Zasławski za pośrednictwem kanałów społecznościowych zapowiedział premierę nowej piosenki. Utwór "The Middle" ujrzy światło dzienne 23 stycznia 2018 roku, gościnnie pojawią"
  • Seeing Things - Nocturne
    "Break me against the wall That you built around yourself Pushed up against the glass Cutting pieces of you (Oh, at last) Light between your eyes Dark between the days What have you done to deserve"
  • Blind - Placebo
    "If I could tear you from the ceiling, And guarantee a source divine, Rid you off possessions fleeting, Remain your funny valentine. Don't go and leave me, And please don't drive me blind, Don't go and"
  • Blind - Hurts
    "Since the day I left you I hear your voice in every sound Since the day I left you I see your face in every crowd It won't go away! But every time I feel you're near I close my eyes and touch you slow Cause"
  • Seeing Eye Dog - Ani DiFranco
    "You're my seeing eye dog and I am blind You take me there every time With that winning combination of loyal and kind Your eyes like wells to the water of your mind I want to take a long, cool drink from"
  • Maren - re - Moonlight
    "W swoich dłoniach trzymasz pękmoich marzeńtylko jedno słowożebym rozpadł się na częścii stał się nieporadnyniczym przytulane dzieckoza chwilę wstanie dzieńprzywita nowym blaskiemi znowu obudzi się gwara"
  • Maren re - Moonlight
    "W swoich dłoniach trzymasz pęk moich marzeń tylko jedno słowo żebym rozpadł się na części i stał się nieporadny niczym przytulane dziecko za chwilę wstanie dzień przywita nowym blaskiem i znowu"
  • Child Morris - Spiers And Boden
    "Child Morris stood in the good green wood, With red gold shined his weed. By him stood a little page boy, Dressing a milk-white steed. "I fear for you my master, For your fame it waxes wide. It is not"
  • Morris nightmare - Jimmy Buffett
    "Down in the islands where the happy folks stay Everybody do what Bwana Jim say He say its ok, it's ok You can do what you wanna Do what you like Twist a big ol' number Ride a motorbike It's alright, It's"
  • Morris Day - Murs & Slug
    "Stepped inside this depth of a dive With nothing but my breath and this rep that I'm riding Check around the room to get a fresh look Most these names already in the guest book So I'm gonna sit on my stool"
  • Morris Brown - Outkast
    "Whether you like it or not, he's back D-A-double D-Y Fat Sacks Ridin' in the Cadillac Beatin' like some beat it up The game dun' changed Out- Kast came to heat it up Sharp as a tack like I just left church"
  • Without Eyes Still Seeing - Rocky Votolato
    "Everyday has a song Some get sung while others go unheard Take a good look around It'll never be this way again so try to remember Dylan, Drake, even Schwarzenbach How you became heroes I'll never forget It's"
  • Seeing - Moby Grape
    "If you'd seen the naked dream I had of you Would you care And come through Take me far away My wiles and mind can't beat a dream of death today Hard to get by When what greets my eye takes my breath away In"
  • Blind Vision - Blancmange
    "Blind hope, blind visions Blind centre, one centre Blind living and seeing Blind hell, blind hell Blind visions and no reasons For action, blind words Blind visions and no reasons For action, blind words Blind"
  • Blind Situation - Shea Seger
    "In a blind situation So many things are running through my mind In a blind situation Should I, Should I, Should I, Should I Should I, Should I? Should I, Should I, Should I, Should I Should I, Should"
  • Flying Blind - Daily Planet
    "I'm just fine, but in time, this sunshine will surely fade into the moonlight I'll adapt without a map, feeling trapped, only seeing what my headlights But if I share this skin I'm living in and know I"
  • Blind Mice - Digital Underground
    "All that's cool but, yo, what's up with me and you? See the blind mice? We the blind mice Trying to get in where we fit in Doing anything to be down Two hundred million blind mice Running through this"

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