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Nick Lachey - On Your Own

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Nick Lachey - On Your Own

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Nick Lachey - On Your Own
  • Nick Lachey On your own
    "You live with a halo round your head, This time your leaving. This place where the walls are painted red, Freedom is what you need. But if the world should ever fall apart around you, And if your lost"
  • Marcin Rozynek Nick of Time
    "Wasting time all these years Abusing dreams to live in sleep In a nick of time you can throw away this way The useless land can yield the bliss You must drop the rain on the thirsty fields In the nick"
  • Diana Ah Naid Slick Nick
    "Slick Nick stole the reindeer from the zoo He fell down my chimney with a keg of brew He put my dog out in the cold Ripped off the candy from my sock He's smoking cones and drinking scotch Slick Nick you"
  • Snuff Nick Motown
    "I'll dream your arms around me, your heartbeat next to mine. A dream of love to guide me, I'll dream your hand in mine once again. A dream to hear you calling. A dream to touch your heart. A dream of love"
  • Unwritten Law Nick & Phil
    ""What's going on. Get the fuck up and give us a call on my mobile phone. I'm gonna have to phone you down the road. It's Jamo, how are you bro. we are just listening to your CD, give us a ring. You are a"
  • Prince On Your Own
    "Yeah Oh, yeah, yeah U probably wonderin' why I called U here Somebody told me, mm, U were cryin' tears Now I wanna know if this is true Then tell me, baby, tell me, tell me Why U wanna do the things U"
  • The Buzzcocks On Your Own
    "Tomorrow's just another day If you can make it through the night Cos you're on your own It's getting darker every minute Just keep looking for the light Cos you're on your own Sometimes I think it's kinda"
  • Buzzcocks On your own
    "Tomorrow's just another day If you can make it through the night Cos you're on your own It's getting darker every minute Just keep looking for the light Cos you're on your own Sometimes I think it's kinda"
  • The Corrs On Your Own
    "Oh, oh, goodnight hush now baby, go to sleep I've read your bedtime story, kissed your cheek And just like Humpty Dumpty, yeah, the damage is deep I've taken a tumble but now I roll to my feet Oh, baby"
  • Corey Hart On your own
    "Don't you know that your life you've been waitingYou've been holding inside, the voice of a childSuddenly existence was a world of shadowsAll the traces you knew, they disappearedSomething inside you told"
  • The Verve On Your Own
    "Tell me what you've seen Was it a dream? Was I in it? Life seems so obscene until it's over Who knows All I want is someone who can fill the hole In the life I know In between life and death when there's"
  • Sense Field On Your Own
    "There's a reflection that's so hard to see A reflection in water of what you could be A wave crashes over Tides pull you under If you've ever wondered why you barely breathe All of the ways I wish that"
  • Wishbone Ash On Your Own
    "The eagle soars and echoes my name, Cliff face, granite grain, Black stone, shining gem - Don't want to fall in no Devil's Den. You're thrown a line, so you hold on tight. So many wonders to be seen. It"
  • Soul Embraced On Your Own
    "The Way They look at you is wrong They was they don't understand It's not right to judge you now but You'll get used to this somehow Disconnect the leash It wont be long until you play the game And"
  • Kelly Osbourne On Your Own
    "Some people Think they know what I should do Well they don't really know What I've been through And I don't care Don't care what you have to say 'Cause it's my life And I'll do as I may When I find you I"
  • Cross Canadian Ragweed On Your Own
    "if i knew where i was going i might already be there but i dont know where i been. every town seems to look the same another year has came and went running from the yesterday looking for tomorrow let"
  • Blur On Your Own
    "Holy man tiptoed his way across the Ganges The sound of magic music in his ears Videoded by a bus load of touristis Shinny shellsuits and drinking lemonade Now I got a funny feeling Which I bought mailorder From"
  • Nick Lachey On and on
    "When the darkness finds the night My heart still beat for you In your eyes I see the lie What can I do, I'll try my best to walk away So I don't have to feel the pain It goes on and on, on and on And this"
  • Nick Lachey Carry on
    "Hopeless, wondering if anybody noticed, Feeling like you're drifting out of focus Cause you're hopeless You're just a hollow soul. Crying, feeling like a part of you is dyin, Reachin for the strenth to"
  • Nick Lachey You're not alone
    "Are you there? Are you gone? Do you care? Is anybody home? Cause something's lost in your eyes, are you blind? You're caught up in the light, yhea! Who you gonna call when they're coming up to you, yhea!"

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