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Nickelback - She Keeps Me Up

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Nickelback - She Keeps Me Up

  • She Keeps Me Up - Nickelback
    "She's got me nervous Talkin' a hundred miles an hour She's more than worth it I swear she smells just like a flower I'd fall to pieces if I went anywhere without her I love when she says, what's wrong"
  • She For Keeps - Quality Control, Quavo, Nicki Minaj
    "is she for keeps? somebody tell /2x is she for keeps? somebody tell me is she for keeps? is she for keeps? somebody tell me is she somebody tell me is she somebody tell me is she for keeps? cause I bought"
  • She keeps me dreaming - Colin Hay
    "I cried, when she left town, I knew why she was leavingMy fault, I cut the ground, from under her feetNow I look at myself in the mirror, it's hard to find me in thereSeems she took back what she came"
  • If She Keeps Loving Me - Moe Bandy
    "She'd like to give me things that you've stopped giving She sees in me the things you used to see And she'd like to feel these arms that you've left defeat So how long can I keep loving you if she keeps"
  • Keeps Me Comin' (Addiction) - Dakota Moon
    "(R. Artis, J. Dean, A. Logan) A casual obsession She captivates my mind Like a morning cup of coffee She's my bitter high Caramel completion Insatiable green eyes Stirs up bad intentions And serves 'em"
  • Sleep Keeps Me Awake - Michelle Shocked
    "Sleep comes creeping in At four in the morning Sneaking up the stairs Shoes in her hands Don't you know what time it is? Oh, I've been worried about you, lollie I think the least that you could do was Phone"
  • She Keeps On Coming - Bee Gees
    "Front and centre I don't know how it happened then I can't explain it What was she thinking of when Mother Nature She put us both together, and The way she touched me And I ran that red light and so I Said"
  • Secrets That She Keeps - Roxette
    "I move all right, I got the wheels going round, making ways in the night. yea we're movin' all right, wipin' the rain from the ground and the pale from the sky but something happens in his heart when"
  • Keeps Gettin - Christina Aguilera
    "step back, gonna come at you fast Im driving out of control and getting ready to crash wont stop shaking up what i can i serve it up in a shot so suck it down like a man so baby yes i know what i am and"
  • For Keeps - Lumidee
    "Somethings changing in my mind I'm looking for a key You came through but just passed by Gave me enough to see I'm looking for no other guy I'll search until I find Thinkin' of just you and I You and I "
  • Keeps Spinnin - Baby
    "Mannie: Girl there he go again and when he stop they spin Jazze: Ain't that them stop and goes? Mannie: Yeah that's them spinnin' rims Jazze: And what them thangs they cost? Mannie: I think they 'bout"
  • Girl Keeps Coming Apart - Aerosmith
    "She was a 42nd street walker hangin' out down by a cheap hotel, same old floosey floppin' in the wind, titties and all, that's right. She's right peculiar She'll try and fool ya But the girl keeps coming"
  • My Mind Keeps Movin' - Shel Silverstein
    "Walk into a restaurant with chicken on my mind Look at the menu I want roastbeaf and wine A waitress comes up I order baked beans and bread Oh when she brings it I want ham'n eggs instead Because my mind"
  • World Keeps Going Around - Bill Withers
    "Looking at the pictures of the places that he's been Old man told me what he found Said it don't make no difference whether you're out or whether you're in You know the world keeps going around and around Going"
  • Candyman (Keeps Gettin' Better) - Christina Aguilera
    "Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vine Candyman, Candyman Sippin from a bottle of vodka double wine Sweet sugar candy man Hey, Yeah I met him out for dinner on a Friday night He really had me working"
  • And The World Keeps Spinning - Glen Campbell
    "And the World Keeps Spinning Well, I never thought that I could make it alone Thought I would die but I seem to carry on And I thought my life would surely leave And, though almost, I have not ceased"
  • As the world keeps turning - Dr.Dre
    "Intro/Chorus:As the world keeps turning, chronic keeps burning(This ain't no) street sermon, these niggas are determined*Repeat*Verse 1:WhereI flow like CD's in the deckMoosh fools in the face htat lack"
  • As The World Keeps Turning - Dr. Dre
    "(feat. Where) As the world keeps turning, chronic keeps burning (This ain't no) street sermon, these niggas are determined I flow like CD's in the deck Moosh fools in the face that lack respect Protect"
  • Lady Marmalade (Keeps Gettin' Better) - Christina Aguilera
    "Thanks to Trudy (Lil' Kim:) Where's all my soul sisters Let me hear ya flow sisters Hey sister, go sister, Soul sister, flow sister Hey sister, go sister, Soul sister, flow sister (Mya:) He met Marmalade"
  • Darkness Keeps Chasing Me - Grace VanderWaal
    "Opening my eyes Seems like it gets harder sometimes Look at the skylight Would you mad at me if I tried running away to it in the night? I tried to fight But I'm not strong enough I just want you here But"

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