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Nickelback - little friend

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Nickelback - little friend

  • Little Friend - Nickelback
    "Manhunt to find your daughter Buried underneath the water Now they consult a psychic Find how much I like it And now I've found a little friend It's too fast This won't last And to touch Hurts too much And"
  • Little Friend - Minor Threat
    "There are no words For what I want to say No description For what I feel It's a non-emotion It's something gray Way down Inside of me You could call it anger You could call it fear You could call it frustration That's"
  • Friend - Reset
    "We started off, a little wide ago We built this little boat And sailed it off to sea Then we brought a friend along the way We decided he would stay Stay with you and me Bought some sticks And put then"
  • Friend - Kaitlyn
    "I like to be around you when you're not trying to be somebody and i like to hang with you and talk about whatever we talk about don't care where we go, what we do, who you know, what you wear or if"
  • Little Cuban Friend - The Arrogant Worms
    "I traveled south for a holiday Drak some wine and mojitos Played upon the white sand And made myself an amigo I ate some shrimp and papya Thought the barbeque was grand But unbeknowest to me I at"
  • My Little Friend - Monster Magnet
    "This little creatue is a monster She likes to drink and get so mean A vampire sucking on your vision They like to get you dressed and clean Hey baby what's your sign That's something you gotta know Won't"
  • My Little Friend - Elvis Presley
    "My warped and worried mind resorts, To wandering off to ponder things I never talked about, A pretty girl I used to know, but wouldn't know if we met face to face, And defying every logic known, I wish"
  • Dear friend - Nickelback
    "You're lonelyAnd need a friendAnd troubles seem likeThey never endJust remember to keep the faithAnd love will be there to light the wayAnytime you need a friendI will be hereYou'll never be alone againSo"
  • Your Little Hoodrat Friend - The Hold Steady
    "yr little hoodrat friend makes me sick but after I get sick I just get sad. because it burns being broke and it hurts to be heartbroken but always being both must be a drag. she's been calling me again."
  • My Friend - Lynn Anderson
    "If I my friend can tell you when you my friend are wrong Not to do what you want to just because it's wrong Well then my friend impassing we've been friends too long And I my friend must tell you leave"
  • Old Friend - Chris De Burgh
    "Old friend, so you're in trouble again, you ask me today, To try and find a little time, and maybe buy a glass of wine, Old friend, I'm coming through... Old friend, Yes I remember you, always a smile"
  • My Friend - Roy Orbison
    "Written by Orbison/Dees. If I my friend can't tell you. When you my friend are wrong. Not to do what you want to Just because it's wrong. Well then my friend in passing. We've been friends too"
  • My Friend - Hayley Williams
    "little Wrinkle by your eye I never noticed till right now little vicious tiger stripes if you get close-up to my thighs and when you’re walkin’ whit a limp I can remember the wolves at your heels when"
  • Saturday night's alright - Nickelback
    "It's getting late have you seen my mates Ma tell me when the boys get here It's seven o'clock and I want to rock Want to get a belly full of beer My old man's drunker than a barrel full of monkeys And"
  • New Friend - No Doubt
    "Mind my own business, I'm on my journey And I have enough old friends to keep me company But you say "hey what's up, you want to hook up? You wanna hang out with me? Kick back, relax, feel happy and lazy" You're"
  • Newborn Friend - Seal
    "I wash my faith in dirty water, Cause it gives my mind a little order. And I play that game, just like I should do. But my whole world, slips away. I live my life, I live it slowly. And I take my time,"
  • Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) - Nickelback
    "It's getting late I haven't seen my date so tell me when the boys get here It's seven o'clock and I wanna rock Want to get a belly full of beer My old man's drunker than a bar full of wino's And my old"
  • Your friend - Save Ferris
    "I don't wanna have to be your friend I'm so tired of tryin' to be your friend I don't wanna have to be your friend, no anymore What is happening my friend? You see I use the term so loosely these days"
  • Redneck Friend - Jackson Browne
    "Pretty little one How has it all begun? They're teaching you how to walk But you're already on the run Little one-- What you gonna do? Little one-- Honey, it's all up to you Now your daddy's in the den"
  • African Friend - Jimmy Buffett
    "Disembarking at Duvalier Airport Seeking transportation to town As the purple ink dried on his passport He could still feel the eyes look around "Messieur ou est le casino?" He spoke to the cabbie and"

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