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Nickelback Hangnail

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Nickelback Hangnail

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Nickelback Hangnail
  • Nickelback Hangnail
    "My hopes just fell, and I can't see The reason why, why there is blood on my sleeve And all this time, I thought it mine But it's not, it's yours and It's not worth it for me, gets harder every time"
  • James Taylor Hangnail
    "Oh money, oh money, oh where have you gone? I need me some money to have me some fun. Gonna pick up my guitar and write me some hits, build me some houses and blow 'em to bits. Gonna furnish them boldly"
  • Nickelback Hero
    "NICKELBACK: HERO LYRICS I am so high. I can hear heaven. I am so high. I can hear heaven. Oh but heaven, no heaven dont hear me. And they say that a hero can save us Im not gonna stand here and wait I'll"
  • Hangnail With Hands Tied
    "It’s not getting later, there’s no common place, and everything’s taken. With these expectations, of"
  • Hangnail I Aspire
    "I wish I could be the one to say this life's easy I've heard it said before We're faced with unending new theories of how to survive, but what is survival for It's hard to hold on to standing your ground Sometimes"
  • Hangnail Hiding Place
    "I'm getting older so I've been told It's time to grow up, time to care, time to let your passions go Disregard your fascination years Once you've grown up life's unfair Afraid of taking the final step Will"
  • Hangnail At Arm's Length
    "It has been quite some time since I last felt you near me And getting out of touch has become all too familiar lately You know my heart is longing but the flesh is just not willing And I'm afraid my heart"
  • Hangnail Transparent
    "When you strip away the outside layer don't act so surprised There might be a face that you don't even recognize Don't act so surprised We're living shallow lives and the consequence is never knowing who"
  • Hangnail The Sleeping Giant
    "Picture perfect ending should come as no surprise We've watched the same bland story for all our lives Flipping through the channels is such a waste of time We hurry to the movies to get in line And When"
  • Hangnail So Sorry
    "I can't defend every shameful mention of me It takes a long time searching before you conceive that every moment and each selection, seperate your reputation from what you think others perceive Who am"
  • Hangnail Surrender
    "Surrender As I watch the week played from my memory I can't believe I let this go The innocence is losing cover Waiting for surrender of this tyranny I guess you reap what you sow And there's no shame"
  • Hangnail Don't Look Back
    "Self absorption sets in With a wavering step we make headway on covering lies We often pretend that the burden is light yet we struggle to move ahead Don't ever look back on where you've been It's where"
  • Hangnail Taken For Granted
    "Slowing down, my actions become known to me No way no how, could I have been so blind To see, what I've become Take away, I never was meaning to do And pleasing you, was all I ever wanted to So break"
  • Hangnail Facing Changes
    "It happened with out warning, it came so fast. Unanswered questions hanging, over my head. Facing changes, on my own, never helping, Im falling back in the hole. Facing changes, not my own, unexpecting,"
  • Hangnail Second Guess
    "It's amazing, when I think that everything we had Is disappearing, I never thought freedom could be so bad Were you thinking, of the future still ahead And are you thinking, of everything you said (Chorus) And"
  • Hangnail Home Sick
    "It's been way too long Since I've seen a familiar face around Countless the days before me I take them on, one at a time, until I'm there (Chorus) Home is on its way Don't worry about tomorrow, it's just"
  • Hangnail Survey Of Self
    "My eyes are open wide and I can't stand the view of what's been held inside It runs much deeper than skin, it's more than casual, and I'm defecting again My senses are getting slow When I fall flat on"
  • Hangnail Temporary
    "You've changed so much in so little time What happened to your passion and drive for living life and living it out Has this all change from subtle doubt Skeptical, you play the skeptics role excusing"
  • Hangnail In Conclusion
    "We beat the odds, we weren't alone Could have things gone better had we never made the choice to try at all Forget all our mistakes When you're starting from the bottom there's no way to know if you might"
  • Hangnail Where Did The Time Go
    "I remember when we used to think we'd hang out all our lives. Yeah things would never be the same. Even now when I look back on that I think about my friends and wonder what they're doing now. It's not"

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