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Nico Saeta

  • Saeta - Nico
    "At a crossing of the line Everything you need is mine Everything is a big vision A decision must be signed A given voice A given choice A losing limit centerpoint A given voice A given choice A losing"
  • Saeta (Piccadilly Radio Session) - Nico
    "...A losing limit centerpoint A given voice A given choice A losing limit centerpoint I will give them all they need Everything they know and read But they must cross the line The line A given voice A"
  • Nico P - Angelika Express
    "Ich sitze im Auto mit meiner Freundin wir hren das Studentenradio ein altes Lied mit der dunkelsten Stimme sie fragt nur: "Mein Gott, wer singt denn so?" Das ist die Stimme von Nico Pffgen das ist die"
  • W nico - Stare Dobre Małżeństwo
    "Poistniały czerwienie na niebiosów uboczu Poistniały dla nikogo, samym sobie raczej - wbrew...I nie umiemy powiedzieć, skąd uległość mych oczuTym zarysom drzew na chmurze... Trzebaż oczom takich drzew?...Wiem,"
  • Song For Nico - Marianne Faithfull
    "Born in 1938 A good year for the Reich. She could not participate She didn't have the right. For she was fatherless in the Fatherland. Now it's 1966 Andrew's up to all his tricks. And when Brian Jones"
  • Nico And The Niners - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "east is up i’m fearless when i hear this on the low east is up i’m fearless when I wear my rebel cloths east is up when Bishops come together they will know that dema don’t control us dema don’t control"
  • HOME (ft. Nico Santos) - TOPIC
    "I’m halfway gone We fought long enough We’re holding ropes But united to love Untied to love If we had a moment we would ignite Instead it seems we’re tryig hard to start a fight Along thease streets"
  • Nico On The Night Train - Bedouin Soundclash
    "Thought I saw you Nico From the train's back window Late on last Thursday night Underneath the streetlight From the train it looked like You'd been there the whole night A whisper in the midnight"
  • Nowe flow (prod. Dr Nico) - Skorup
    "Frajerzy myślą, że jestem prostym żulem Swojskim wiórem z bardzo małym rozumem Poczciwym kumem, którego można wyruchać Jestem swój, ale nie twój rucha się kucharz Czego szukasz? To nie żarty z głupców Mam"
  • Holding On (ft. Nico Santos) - Mr.Da-Nos
    "Holding On to you Yes, I’m Holding On to you /3x My feel in my vein Even thou it’s rushing I don’t feel nothing I know it’s sounds insane But I talk to much I’m addicted to you touch I know what you’re"
  • Brothers In Arms (feat. Nico Santos) - MICAR
    "Let's .. to stop invaders We stand beneath the same blue sky In my dreams we'll be united We can be one if we try For some time we’ll chase dreams For some time we'll break free For some time we'll be"
  • I Wanna Know (ft. Nico & Vinz) - Alesso
    "I've been hit by stars, a beauty you are, a beauty you are Day turns into night, you light up my dark, you light up my dark You’re the one that I see waking up next me And I hope it’s the same for you But"
  • Nice - Satanic Surfers
    "So I woke up in the morning Open my eyes to a brand new day Take my skateboard, go to school And a six-pack on the way Nice, Nice, It's such a nice day My friends they wait for me We're going to have some"
  • Nice - Sick Of It All
    "Personality, suffer and enjoy it civility, most annoying habit isn't what I want, can't be what I want eating at me, it's eating at me Patience is a thorn in my side another thorn in my side feelings"
  • Nice - Duran Duran
    "Take the beautiful sting of a Scorpio A careless smile and it begins to snow And it hurts me to think That you might never know That I've got this thing about you In case you don't understand There's"
  • Nice - Chris Brown
    "Chris Brown: The meanest the meaner the second the seen her got open got me lookin loosing all my control the pasion of finnin baby you're the meanin but i found myself trippin when you "
  • ?nica - M3
    "J faz algum tempo que aconteceu Esse mistrio que meu supreendeu Voc me trouxe um pouco de alegria Enquanto esteve comigo Sabe,quero te confessar Que sem voc,eu no seria quem sou Mudastes os defeitos que"
  • Nice - The Game
    "(feat. Newz)Ayo, Irv, 'the fuck is wrong with these niggas, man?Talking 'bout I aint no fuckin MCI been at this shit for 7 years, nigga8 times platinum, nigga2 Bentleys, 1 Lambo and 3 houses laterMuthafucka,"
  • Nice - Second Class
    "the watch on my wrist says it time to go but if that's true then where are we going i'm dressed to kill but don't know why the hell i even try when there is nothing at all to do it didn't used to be this"
  • Nice - Chris Brown Feat. Game
    "Scott Storch, Game, Chris Brown The meanest, the meaner, for a second I seen her Had me open, got me lookin', losin' all my control The passion I'm feignin', baby, you're the new meanin' But I found myself"

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