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Nicolette shea
  • Fettes Brot Nicolette Krebitz Wartet
    "Nicolette Krebitz wartet Wir kamen gerad aus ihrem neusten Film Jetzt galt es ein groes Gefhl zu stillen Ihr wisst ja, dass Liebe durch den Magen geht Auf zum Italiener bei der Videothek Irgendwas schien"
  • Brot Fettes Nicolette krebitz wartet
    "Wir kamen gerad' aus ihrem neustenFilmJetzt galt es ein grosses gefhl zuStillenIhr wisst ja das liebe durch denMagen gehtAuf zum italiener bei der videothekIrgendwas schien heute nicht wieNormalSie stand"
  • Wet Wet Wet Shea All On My Mind
    "And I was sitting lonely in my car Watching her come and go And I could feel the strings pulling my heart From the old house that I used to know Like a river that was flowing, She was coming without knowing, And"
  • Ari Lennox, J. Cole Shea Butter Baby (From “Creed II: The Album”)
    "Hold it, need it, need it, yeah Shea butter baby, fuckin' up your pillow Touch me, take me, Kiss me Love me, Impress me Pull up, black truck, ganja Wrist so blinding, Heart so timeless Wishing,"
  • Shea Seger Walk On Rainbows
    "At night I only walk on rainbows Wishin' they never had an end But I have thrown away my raincoat I wanna feel the rain again Tonight I fell off of my rainbow And it all turned black and white I"
  • Nicolette No Government
    "No government is a way of life. No government means to trust your friends. I know who I am and you know who you are. If everybody knew what they wanted, there'd be nothing, nothing left. People would"
  • Nicolette Sly
    "I try to believe what i feel these days It makes life much easier for me It's hard to decide what is real these days When things look so dizzy to me I already know my children's children's faces Voices"
  • Nicolette Larson A Lotta Love
    "its gonna take a lotta love to change the way things are its gonna take alotta love or we wont get too far so if you look in my direction and we dont see eye to eye, my heart needs protection and so"
  • Nicolette Larson Sleep Baby Sleep
    "Over in Cararne Many years ago My mother sang a song to me In a tone so sweet and low. Just a simple little ditty In her good old Irish ways And I'd give the world If she could sing that song to me this"
  • Shea Seger Always
    "I saw a flag wave in the heavens over me I saw the virgin and for a moment I believed You said you'd save me But I don't want to be saved I just want to be loved and to love always I felt my lips"
  • Shea Seger Wasting The Rain
    "c'mon baby we're wasting the rain let me stay inside and let the world go on it's way give me one kiss for every moment that remains well, c'mon baby we're wasting the rain c'mon baby and let me see you"
  • Shea Seger Blind Situation
    "In a blind situation So many things are running through my mind In a blind situation Should I, Should I, Should I, Should I Should I, Should I? Should I, Should I, Should I, Should I Should I, Should"
  • Shea Seger I Can't Lie
    "Looked inside it I can't find it Living in a perfect world I touched the rocks I touched the sones It's the little things that break these bones Living in this perfect world When I can't hide Even"
  • Shea Seger I Love You Too Much
    "There's a letter I wrote to you On the bathroom sink It's burning a hole And it's the truth can stand it It's full of words It's full of love It's full of me It's full of choices Now can you stand"
  • Shea Seger Isn't It Good
    "Well I just got home Finally I'm alone It's been a crazy day All this non-stop rushin around And even in this little bitty town Everybody's got something to say I throw my stuff on the floor And"
  • Shea Seger Shatterwall
    "It's raining now I've no energy to cry It was only one hour ago when you said goodbye Come on and tell me why your answers always stop When the questions fly The empty bottles fly The empty bottles"
  • Shea Seger Twisted (Never Again)
    "I know where you live Yeah I know where I can find you And I know where you've been And I know that I've been lied to Cause I was in the middle of my shower When I heard your house was falling down"
  • Shea Seger Clutch
    "So there, you got me in your clutch again So there, so there I love your touch and that voodoo that you do so well It's got me spinning around and round So let me in your world Let me in your world for"
  • Shea Seger Last Time
    "Take some sense And I'll stumble home It's been awhile since I've been alone I'll break some bread And I'll pour some wine The conversation will be all mine Chorus But if I wake up with you It will be"
  • Shea Seger Twisted
    "I know where you live Yeah I know where I can find you And I know where you've been And I know that I've been lied to Cause I was in the middle of my shower When I heard your house was falling down Decided"

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