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Night Lovers-wiem

  • Lovers - Aqua
    "Written by babyface, l.a. reid, dee bristol, kevin roberson (1986) Performed by babyface Let's take our time and concentrate The mood is right for living, ooh I can't wait I've waited so long to be with"
  • Lovers - Babyface
    "Let's take our time and concentrate The mood is right for living, ooh I can't wait I've waited so long to be with you this special way Don't be afraid, afraid to stay And share your love with me this way I"
  • Lovers - Abba
    "(B-side to 'Chiquitita', January 1979) I've always hated my room, it's so gloomy and dreary Always the dark, for the windows just face the back yard So I can't understand how it's happened, how everything's"
  • Lovers - Nu Flavor
    "I love her so much From the taste of her kiss to her gentle touch The way she whispers in my ear Like there is no one else here I'm so crazy for you baby You know I wouldn't want anyone else cause you"
  • Lovers In The Night - Toto
    "It's just the soul that matters, and I don't know why You know she's gonna make you cry, you know she's gonna make you cry She'll have you walk beneath the ladder you were meant to climb You know she's"
  • Lovers In The Night - Seori
    "I need to get something off my chest 'Cause lately I have been upset You make me wanna dress in red And sing with my head out the window I know it’s better to be cold Better to wonder than to know And"
  • One Night (For Lovers) - Bee Gees
    "Bee Gees Miscellaneous One Night (For Lovers) I send you down my love tonight On a dream that I can hold you near Will the message in your eyes Take shape and crystalize Or will you disappear That"
  • Starcrossed (Lovers Of The Night) - Diamond Head
    "Flyin' high, starcrossed lovers of the night Flyin' high, starcrossed lovers of the night You're flying high into a sky of screaming stars Across a universe erected in your heart Where tomorrow always"
  • Late Night Rendezvous - Empires
    "We're indiscreet You look, I turn the other way to meet your ghost 'Til you come pushing me away My favorite role, the late night meeting at your door Nobody knows And my good nature's indisposed All"
  • Late Last Night - Status Quo
    "I heard you come home late last night You moved so quietly Key in the door, light up the stairs But were you thinking of me? Don't wanna lose you, don't wanna harm you I just wanna feel all right So how"
  • Sometimes lovers - America
    "Sometimes there are teardrops across your faceSometimes there are rainbows in the same placeAnd I dont know which way to turnSometimes lovers dont act like they shouldAnd sometimes lovers dont do all they"
  • Moon Lovers - Slapp Happy
    "Moon lovers, night. Snow covers the earth. Silent is this place, night shines from inside. Moon lover cries: "wake up, angel, the snow." Silent is this place, stars are fading far dawn is breaking. Rescue,"
  • Chelsea Lovers - Eurythmics
    "When he found her He stayed down there With his velvet pills And her purple hair In a room so dark They could barely crawl With orange posters On Victorian walls It was Saturday night And he felt like"
  • Perfect Lovers - Phantom/Ghost
    "we are perfect lovers besides the fact that we're not there we are two alien bodies stretched into the stratosphere we are, and I'm not kidding a drawing in the air we are perfect lovers accidentally we're"
  • Lovers & Friends - Cliff Richard
    "You better look out You're not living in a bad dream now Open your eyes You'll survive another day somehow After the night There's a morning and a clear blue sky You can be sure You can make it and I'll"
  • Unexpected Lovers - La Bouche
    "Chorus: We were unexpected lovers Not just ordinary lovers Sharing unexpected love Nights' true love, true love Verse1: How can there be no love No feelings of passion to The way we were dancing"
  • True Lovers - Babyface
    "Written by babyface, l.a. reid, daryl simmons (1991) Performed by jermaine jackson Spoken: You know girl, all my life I've been looking for someone like you And you know true love Is so hard to find Since"
  • Snakes & Lovers - Spandau Ballet
    "I just don't understand it, Well there's something at our door Now we're fighting together, As dogs of war When the moon is shining, And you're wrapped around our sins Then our souls starts a-howling And"
  • Lovers Anonymous - 10CC
    "Doctor, I'm getting in deeper Show me, the way I can slow myself down You can talk me round I'm a fool for falling in love again You've gotta save me Take away the temptation Wake me up when its over Oh"
  • Midnight Lovers - Sergio Mendes
    "Hiding love till darkness falls To play that night time game Knowing it's the only way Fill up empty days The flower needs the sun The rivers are made to run And midnight lovers they gotta hide"

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