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Night Marks Electric Trio feat. Franek Stereofonia - Dwiki Stereo

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Night Marks Electric Trio feat. Franek Stereofonia - Dwiki Stereo

  • Stereo - Paulina Rubio
    "(feat. Pretty Willie) It's very clear to me, just like it's in 3d When total empathy sounds like it's ringing on my stereo I'm bouncing off the wall, the way you turn me on I think I like this song, sounds"
  • Leki (feat. Archeo) - Night Marks Electric Trio
    "Jak działają leki i zioła A jak się mają … i prozac Czy sypiają razem czy osobno I czy wołają ich po imionach Tak jak, jak, jak… Od pełni … jest księżycem moja głowa Coraz bliżej i prościej Jestem lepsza"
  • Supernova (feat. Franek) - RH Plus
    "wystarczy jedno dwa słowa niepewny impuls i rozmowa tak drżą moje dłonie chłonę postać jasną jak ocyz twoje niewiele wiemy o sobie chociaż skąd jesteś dziś mi powiesz czy z galaktyki odległej możesz masz"
  • Stereo - Kid Alex
    "I feel the Colors in my head They're running yellow blue and red I hear the Colors in my head Those changing faces everyday Erasing Colors in my Brain Would like to have you near me know To kiss you Chorus:"
  • Stereo - John Legend
    "She's a, fast love professional, crafty bold and beautiful, Stage right, locked eyes, I swear it's magical, Her name is Melanie, says she digs my melody Likes how I move, thinks I'm cool that's what she"
  • Stereo - Machine Gun Kelly
    "So turn me on You set me free Just look inside your speakers And there you'll see me Uh, there I go Two clicks north of the Bronx Whoever thought she would of found love in a stereo 2 headphones and a"
  • Run! Feat. Marko Hietala - Exit Eden
    "Sun dims low the night crawls in Something's in the air carried by the wind Never fear but take my word Listen to the screak of the mocking birds Turmoil's in the air Hold your breath be deadly calm Make"
  • (feat. feat. Franka) - Eric Destler
    "Napisy na ekranie"
  • Come Closer (feat. FRANEK) - RH Plus
    "My hands are shaking together With all the stuff inside my body It thrilled my brain like never In my head there beats the biggest party Right now I feel so much better When you continue what I started Can"
  • Marks ark - Guttermouth
    "Why? don't vegans have cows for pets?Why? don't they keep them in their apartments?Rights take a chimp to vote in '96My god cows are smart as a stickIf you really want to make a differenceBuy a herd and"
  • Electric Trains - Squeeze
    "I was called a mummy's boy by friends I didn't like I made a meal of trips to school upon my father's bike I used to sit between his legs perched on a piece of wood and if it ever rained on us I'd slip"
  • Electric - Robyn
    "Electric... It's electric It's a natural high Electric We don't always know why Electric Keep your ego aside Well it's electric It's a thing you can't deny Blood boils without fire Day come, day go Without"
  • Electric - Metallica
    "I'm gonna be a rock and roll star Gotta groove from night to day Gotta blow my crummy job Gonna blow my blues away I'm gonna make a stand Gonna make a million Gonna make it with you I'm gonna be wild my"
  • Electric - Holy Mother
    "You live at night There's seven ways to make a dollar When the sun goes down You try to face another day You shade the light And hit the basement wall You lie aloud And you're a liar Lick the ashes from"
  • Electric Electric - Primus
    "Part I - Blinded by the Sun Bring me back again, I'd really rather not be out here on my own. Someone reel me in, I'm drifting ever farther from my home. I remember when I was a baby gazing in amazement"
  • Chalk Marks - Human Remain
    "(Ahhh... tales of urban despair and unemployment on the fringe) The gun lies on the street But it's too late There's no one near 'Cause they're hiding behind their fears In the crouched position, I"
  • Franek - Arka Noego
    "Z Tobą Jezu wszystko jest jak nowe Wczoraj szare dzisiaj kolorowe Z Tobą Jezu wszystko jest możliwe Wczoraj ponure a dzisiaj szczęśliwe Franek pamiętasz, jak byłeś mały Nieźle podobno, narozrabiałeś Daj"
  • Night Electric Night - Deathstars
    "Night Electric Night When the night just strikes through you And the night just spreads its legs and open up for you When the day is dead to you And the silvery starlight seductively glimmers through Its"
  • Trio - Elton John
    "Music by elton john Lyrics by tim rice Elton's solo version is unreleased It's so strange he doesn't show me more affection than he needs Almost formal, too respectful, never takes romantic leads There"
  • Alkaline Trio - Queen Of Pain - Hot Water Music
    "There's a fire forming not too far from here. Out on the east coast maybe it resides in you my dear. We're worn out on all courtesy We've made our curtain calls. Like vampire bats deprived of blood into"

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