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Night Ranger

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Night Ranger

  • Night Ranger - Night Ranger
    "In the cool city In the heat of the night Looking for adventure On the face of the light A Colorado school boy Put his days on the line Nights out of paperback "Catcher In The Rye" Night ranger Where you"
  • Ranger Jack - Rednex
    "Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack let me have my girlfriend back Ranger Jack, Ranger Jack let me have her back Her skin was soft, her eyes were deep Always gentle, kind and sweet In the night, with her bodyheat we"
  • Lone Ranger - George Jones
    "I'm tired of sittin' home sick of bein' all alone thought I'd just go for a drive I's headed downtown when I did me a turnaround when I saw the neon sign Happy hour two for one sounded like a lot of fun"
  • Dead Walker Texas Ranger - Sleeping With Sirens
    "A taste for blood won't hold them back With nails that cut like razors Hungry for flesh see the undead Hot on our trails they chase us We need a place somewhere to hide Where they won't think to go inside Watch"
  • The Friendly Ranger At Clontarf Castle - Thin Lizzy
    "The friendly ranger paused And scooping a bowl of beans Spreading them like stars Falling like justice on different scenes "I'm damned" "Indeed, comrade" "I'm being bombed" And all the people's faces"
  • Balloon Ranger - Ane Brun
    "Your voice Morphine in my ear I see you down there Holding on to me Balloon Ranger Balloon Ranger Balloon Ranger Balloon Ranger You're holding on to this thread Connecting you to me I'm filled with laughing"
  • Texas Ranger - Lace
    "(Gary O'Connor) (Track 7 - Time 3:17) Well he caught her doin' 90 at the top of a hill He called out, "get over, now who you tryin' to kill" Oh she caught her reflection in a mirror on his face In her"
  • Night Machine - Night Ranger
    "I can see the message It's written in your eyes And it's telling me What I'm telling you We'll walk you through the danger And we'll take you for a ride Still you see it through We'll knock em dead for"
  • Lone Ranger - Nate Sallie
    "I don't ever want to be alone again now that I have found a love that never ends everything you are is all I hope to be yaayyaa I used to walk around and be a lone ranger never needed love from a stranger always"
  • Space Ranger - Scandal
    "Hajimari no CHAIMU ga ima kikoete kita desho ? Hajikeru ryuusei no mure tobidasu MELODY Hora Hm ROKETTO kara mioroshita Kinsei no DISCO Ano ko to Saa odorou ka Konya wa party Sousa Ima shikanai tobidasou"
  • At Night She Sleeps - Night Ranger
    "Living Alone In her own little room In her own little world Oh yeah Walking alone Down her own little street While the city's asleep Oh yeah Nobody knows her She's a lonely girl in a lonely world Oh yeah At"
  • The Lone Ranger - Quantum Jump
    "Taumatawhakatangihangakoayauo- tamateaturipukakapikimaungahoro- nukypokaiwhenuakitanatahu Me Tonto Kimosabi Me go and catchee baddy Find him by the shady water Deep within Apache forest Find him scalp"
  • Eddie's Comin' Out Tonight - Night Ranger
    "He wears his trousers real tight And his skin is so white He lives beyond his means He wear Italian shoes That are used to good news They walk behind the scenes He live a tenderloin life The street's his"
  • Touch Of Madness - Night Ranger
    "She wakes in the morning Got a smile on her face She's not sentimental About her night's embrace Another lucky day Lucky night on the town Man she got the touch I say she wears the crown She say "I get"
  • Rumours In The Air - Night Ranger
    "Used to call me By my first name Now you never even call me at all Used to say I was your only flame It was so simple I believed it all Now I hear You've got a new friend and lover Who keeps you warm On"
  • Kiss Me Where It Hurts - Night Ranger
    "I met a steel town workin' girl She had the look of all them Lean, young, built to last, one night girls I was feeling right at home I said, baby, take me on...I....I'll show ya How to rock my world Chorus: I"
  • Penny - Night Ranger
    "Penny it's so silly to me I guess you're only holding out on me I telephone you're never ever home And everytime I call it drives me up the wall It's crazy to me I took you to see all the stars in the"
  • (You Can Still) Rock In America - Night Ranger
    "Little Sister by the record machine A tiny dancer such a sweet sixteen She's goin' out she's gonna party tonight She's gonna shake and make it last all night Little brother's got a drivin' machine A fast"
  • When You Close Your Eyes - Night Ranger
    "What do you do when it's falling apart And you knew it was gone from the very start Do you close your eyes and dream about me A girl in love with a gleam in her eye I was a younger boy all dressed in"
  • Chipping Away - Night Ranger
    "(Jack Blades/Brad Gillis) Come over late Got your hands on my face Candy, don't you see what you're doing Oh, I lie awake Another night put to waste It's a shame You got me comin' and goin' It's a price"

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