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Night of the jester

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Night of the jester

  • The Jester - Sum Less Than
    "A jester of sorts You stand holding your court Over minions of capital hill Sum In a bath full of blood All alone, standing still Under God, you can fire at will 41 And when (when!) The devil's angels"
  • The Jester - Sum 41
    "A jester of sorts You stand holding your court Over minions of capital hill In a bath full of blood All alone, standing still Under God, you can fire at will And when (when!) The devil's angels come Take"
  • The Jester - Mekong Delta
    "I'm a member of the motley crew Pleasing the rich and kings When I make 'em laugh Nobody even cares What's inside my mind Don't seem to get what I'm looking for And I can't stand it anymore Can't you see Can't"
  • Jester Realm - Twilightning
    "Lose your mind and lose your personality Step inside and see how foolish things can be To trade a crown for a hat with tiny bells Is far too much to ask for living in a cell Put on your motley suit and"
  • The jester race - In Flames
    "Rush faster on the one-way lane the answers so silent Rysty gods in their machine-mind armours grind our souls in the millstone of time the "deathbed harvest" is a dead mans banquet of mould ridden bread"
  • Jester script transfigured - In Flames
    "Cre-age-aeon new beginning held in infinite vacuum Biotronic test-world free of inscription devoid of the echoes of man noble savage cyborg In the cold ceremonial perfection more radiant than the sum of"
  • The great sun jester - Blue
    "They have killed the great sun jesterWho danced between the starsThey have stripped him of his manhoodSigns of venus and of marsThe cynics left him weepingAnd the jackals left him tornAnd the jester reaches"
  • Just The Jester Fool - Ellis Paul
    "(spoken intro) I get this message on the message machine That she's cooking dinner tonight So I go out and pick up a bottle of wine And when I get there I'm a little nervous and I run out of things to"
  • Val Jester - The National
    "Build a fire for Val JesterBuild a room for your loveTake your time when you tell herHow she lives in your bloodYou should've looked after her betterYou should've looked after her moreYou should've locked"
  • My House - Jester
    "Charlies in the bathroom eating the tooth paste Mummas in the kitchen getting off her face Dad's in the basement playing with knives While Lily's in the dog house eating my house Carrie's in"
  • King Of The World - Jester
    "Entertain you and emplore you While you laugh at my misfortune I've a hat it's big and old You're happiness is worth your gold The princess smiles down from her thrown at Ringing bells and checkered clothing I'll"
  • A jester in our town - Morten Harket
    "Athenians sleep like a sluggish old horse but I am the fly that bites them I know the spots where it stings them the worst it makes them so cross to be roused from their rest that they throw me out like"
  • Eyes 4 Xmas (Stop Looking) - Jester
    "Hey man stop looking at me Do I have something stuck in my teeth Do you mind just looking the other way Hey man what do you hope to see Weren't you living in my tv I had you pinned but now you've gone"
  • Already Owned - Jester
    "How many times I am so I never send my soul for you And all the things you do I am already owned For the rest of my days You never take it away from me My jealous fantasy I am here to say I am here"
  • Night Ranger - Night Ranger
    "In the cool city In the heat of the night Looking for adventure On the face of the light A Colorado school boy Put his days on the line Nights out of paperback "Catcher In The Rye" Night ranger Where you"
  • The Music of the Night - Phantom Of The Opera
    "Night-time sharpens, heightens each sensation Darkness stirs and wakes imagination Silently the senses abandon their defences Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour Grasp it, sense it - tremulous"
  • Music Of The Night - Phantom Of The Opera
    "Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation Darkness wakes and stirs imagination Silently the senses abandon their defences Helpless to resist the notes I write, For I compose the music of the night. Slowly,"
  • The Night - Lights Of Euphoria
    "The strong belief That keep on dragging him down The voice of her religion The pain and the greed Is bringing him to his knees He need no eyes To see that she's bleeding on the inside The maker of her"
  • Of The Night - Bastille
    "Rhythm is a dancer, It's a souls companion, People feel it everywhere, Lift your hands and voices, Free your mind and join us, You can feel it in the air, Oh woah, it's a passion, Oh oh, you can feel it"
  • The Night - School Of Seven Bells
    "The light of day gives me no relief because I see you in everything You've frozen my thoughts You've frozen me out I'm in the same place you left me, baby Oh, our ending lit a fuse in my heart Devouring,"

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