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Nightcore - I Hate U By me :3 Original by: Simon Curtis

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Nightcore - I Hate U By me :3 Original by: Simon Curtis

  • I Hate U - Tank
    "I Hate You I Hate You Cause You Were Mine I Loved You Now I Hate You Whew!!! But You Gotta Know That She's,[?] That Special Kinda Girl, From The First Moment"
  • Curtis Loew - Lynyrd Skynyrd
    "I went down to the crosroads Fell down on my knees Down to the crossroads Fell down on my knees I said I'm beggin' for mercy won't you take me If you please I went down to the crossroads Tried to"
  • Curtis 187 - 50 Cent
    "(Chorus - 50 Cent) They say Im grimey, Im greasy I make a 187 look easy F**k that, I lay my murder game down Push me nigga, see what Im about (Verse 1 - 50 Cent) I was a snotty nose, nappy head, dirtbomb"
  • Hate U 2 - Canibus
    "Yo why you got so much hatred? Why you don't want me to make it? What are you afraid of? You treat me like I'm not a member of the rap game club Yo I sold a million records too, I don't get the same love It's"
  • Original - Silage
    "Let's get lost in an original sound I heard a band that was better Than the last one around So take my time, my line, my beat down I serve a God that doesn't judge me By a new sound Okay, honestly, it's"
  • Original - Boogie Down Productions
    "Extra extra, read all about it! KRS-One's rhymes, have been doubted Suckers stepped up, and got MURDERED!! Pump pump pom pom POING! Yo, this goes out, to George Bush Get off my... diggi-diggi-diggi-dick,"
  • Phuk U (Original) - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo, yo Ayo, nobody can flow with Bis, rock a show with Bis Or go toe to toe with Bis, none of y'all can coexist We living in an Ice Age, and it's cold as shit A hundred-thousand dollar price"
  • I hate u - Prince
    "U have just accessed the Hate Experience Do U wish 2 change your entry? Very well, please enjoy your experience I never thought that U would be the one After all the things that we've been through"
  • U Love 2 Hate - Yukmouth
    "Yes! It's that nigga U Love 2 Hate! Yes! U Love 2 Hate! This the song I dedicate to niggas who love to hate! Look me in my face, I'm that nigga U Love 2 Hate! Yes! (Fire! Fire! Fire!) It's that nigga U"
  • Hate - The Project Hate MCMXCIX
    "Kill, You all shall die You all shall suffer before I turn... ...insane, and turn Satan that You create upon those who deserve My... ...demons, in legions to clear the way A hellish crusade to... ...burn,"
  • Watch Who U Beef Wit (Original) - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yo You better watch who you beef with You might be walking down the street then, suddenly you hear tire screeching Niggas'll be hoping with heat and Throw you in the car-seat and leave your"
  • I'll Buss Em', U Punish Em' (Original) - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yeah I'll buss 'em and you punish 'em Uh, yeah Chorus: (Canibus) Lemme buss 'em (Rakim) Nah, I'mma punish 'em (Canibus) Ra', lemme buss 'em (Rakim) Nah, I'mma punish 'em (Canibus) Nah, lemme"
  • Nightcore - Just A Dream - Nelly
    "I was thinking about you, thinking about me Thinking about us, what we gonna be? Opened my eyes yeah, it was only Just A Dream So I travelled back, down that road Will come back, no one knows I realize"
  • Ian Curtis - Thursday
    "We listened to the open sound your voice projected on the radio dial Lie with me I said and lying's what she always did and always will. All these thoughts keep leading back to him. And no signs from"
  • Curtis Creek - Bebo Norman
    "We planned to leave early And to pack unheavy Because the truck was getting full. But the same old fear At the end of the year Wouldn't let us leave so soon. The Blue Ridge Mountains were calling,"
  • Everything (Curtis - Nine Days
    "I wont let you down, if I'm not around and you will be free, and I will be myself I wont fill your eyes with tears, if I lose all my fears but who would I be? and would you recognize me? tell me who"
  • Everything (Curtis - Mary J. Blige
    "My everything, everything, everything You are my everything, you are my everything You, my everything It's all because of you I'm never sad and blue You brighten up my day In your own special way Whenever"
  • Intro (Curtis) - 50 Cent
    "[1:] Here you go man... [2:] Jesus Christ man you going to war. [1:] What I say? Didnt I say come to me? Do I ever disappoint? Fuckin no. Why? I deliver. Why? Im your man. How do I know? How? Know? Know"
  • I Hate U Bitch - Z-RO
    "(*talking*) Shit this your boy Z-Ro Fucking with Mike Dean, at www.thesenuts.net We ain't gon sweat I hate you bitch, I hate you bitch I hate you bitch, I never thought I'd say Too many years, I"
  • All Clap (Original) - Canibus
    "Song: Bar War Preview Featured Artists: Album: Armadillo skin folds, lockjaw like a pit bull On full moon, man switch to wolf Full proof verse from Hell to Tunbridge Wells You never seen an emcee do"

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