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  • Nightcore - Just A Dream - Nelly
    "I was thinking about you, thinking about me Thinking about us, what we gonna be? Opened my eyes yeah, it was only Just A Dream So I travelled back, down that road Will come back, no one knows I realize"
  • Empty - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Heads And Tails Empty Empty closet, empty heart. Empty morning, day won't start. Well, I got no place to go now, I really do not know how to like my life, now that you're gone. Empty"
  • Empty - Harry Chapin
    "Empty closet, empty heart. Empty morning, day won't start. Well, I got no place to go now, I really do not know how to like my life, now that you're gone. Empty mailbox, empty head. Empty promise, empty"
  • Empty - The Click Five
    "Tried to take a picture Of love Didn't think I'd miss her That much I want to fill this new frame But it's empty Tried to write a letter In ink It's been getting better I think I got a piece of paper But"
  • Empty - Emperor
    "he is an empty shell - shell-shocked luciferian soul he is an empty shell - drained and sealed he is an empty shell - penetrating cold he is an empty shell - empty luciferian soul how furiously and bombastic he"
  • Empty - Marcos Hernandez
    "Sayin I Love You Never Came Easy I Was To Afraid Of Just Letting Go I Tryed To Get Close With Others Before You But It Never Happened I Felt So Alone Till You Walked Into My Life You Took My Breathe"
  • Empty - Disturbed
    "I look outside and see that everything is perfectExcept for me I'll always be the one who sits and staresAnd now and then your just my friend someone I could talk toAnd it's killing me, it's just killing"
  • Empty - Catch 22
    "[ t.j. berry ] Whispering sweet nothingsInto the virgin earWading through the shallow waterCant see myself so clear [ pre-chorus ]A thousand promises and liesA thousand broken last goodbyes [ chorus ]Im"
  • Empty - unloco
    "I looks outside and see that everything is perfect Except for me I'll always be the one who sits and stares And now it's killing me, it's just killing me I feel so empty inside 'Cause I'm a freak in your"
  • Empty - Terri Clark
    "Maybe it's been a little too long Holding it in, trying to be strong Funny the things we bottle up Come streaming out when you feel enough There is a trust the cautious will lack Now that we've touched,"
  • Empty - Garbage
    "I've been feeling so frustrated i'll never be as great as i want to be everyone that i run into the ones you always seem so into what's wrong with me? they all seem to know exactly what it is they want. they"
  • Empty - God Lives Underwater
    "-Why won't you face me It's been such a long time I'm walking a fine line Now we're walking out -Why can't I see things like I'm supposed to see things I'm not supposed to be this way Not this time around -Sometimes...."
  • Empty - Metric
    "There was no way out The only way out was to give in When there's no way out The only way out is to give in How I love to How I love to How I love to Give in Here, no one sleeps One lays up while the"
  • Empty - Eyes Of Fire
    "So sick and tired of getting my dreams stolen right from under me. So many times, is this all there is? There's got to be more to this. Rid me of this burned free me from this endless pain This world is"
  • Empty - Anathema
    "Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dust From my face another morning black sunday Coming down again,coming down again empty vessel empty veins, Empty bottle wish for rain that pain again Wash the blood"
  • Empty - Jessica Mauboy
    "You're just walking through the door and you're home late again, There you're acting strange and you won't tell me where you've been, You can look me in the eye, imagine every alibi, Think you gotta"
  • Empty - Aidonia
    "Yo nuh nonsense nuh chat nuh pree Think when mi bust my gun dem 16, fuck do dem, bust my gun dem 16 Steve ah di boss, left dem inna ah pit a stink Dem vex through me and steven weh build some hit a link How"
  • Empty - Seether
    "I see you I want you I Need you Confront you I love you to rape me I need you to break me Tell me how to sit around Making my life so empty Tell me how to sit around I don't think you wanna know me I"
  • Empty - Amanda Ghost
    "This shallow need to feel wanted. Worshipped and adored and ever be ignored. I give you love but you don't see it. You never understand my world is in your hands. I have this thought in my head and"
  • Empty - Vreid
    "There are times when time stand still Times where there are no tomorrow Remembering the days of life The days we used to live Innocent ages of most valuable time The sense of not knowing Only increases"

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