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Nightwish Creek Marys Blood

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Nightwish Creek Marys Blood

  • Creek Mary's Blood - Nightwish
    "Soon I will be here no more You'll hear my tale Through my blood Through my people And the eagle's cry The bear within will never lay to rest Wandering on Horizon Road Following the trail of tears White"
  • Nightwish - Nightwish
    "Oh, setting Sun, Thy red rays maketh me cry. They remind me of the one Whose love awaits me in the sky. A bridal bed awaits us both After the landscape of death I cross. Before my sorrows I must die, Nightwish"
  • The Creek Of The Dead - Deceased
    "It flows the obscene, a living death machine Repent the day, this world first met your wondering mind Stay at one with tears, the dark is near It calls to you, now reach out Amazed, as the wind is full"
  • Marys Prayer - Danny Wilson
    "Everything is wonderful Being here is heavenly Every single day, she says Everything is free I used to be so careless As if I couldn't care less Did I have to make mistakes? When I was Mary's prayer"
  • Sleeping Sun (Nightwish cover) - MoonSun
    "The sun is sleeping quietly Once upon a century Wistful oceans calm and red Ardent caresses laid to rest For my dreams I hold my life For wishes I behold my nights The truth at the end of time Losing"
  • Marys Boy Child - Vanessa Williams
    "Long time ago in Bethlehem So the Holy Bible say Mary's Boy Child, Jesus Christ Was born on Christmas Day Hark, now hear the angels sing "New King's born today And man will live forevermore Because of"
  • Upshit Creek - The Darkness
    "Cheated all my life, it's only gonna be my pride, like a little vulture by my side, up shit creek, you're worrying as downstream we go. Yeah, up shit creek without a paddle, ow! Up shit creek without"
  • Cripple Creek - Bill Monroe
    "I got a gal at the head of the creek Goin up t' see her 'bout the middle of the week Kiss her on the mouth, just as sweet as any wine Wraps herself around me like a sweet potatoe vine Goin' up t' Cripple"
  • Cripple Creek - Buffy Sainte-Marie
    "Hey, I got a girl at the head of the creek Goin up to see her about 2 times a week Kiss her on the mouth, sweet as any wine Wrap herself around me like a sweet potato vine Goin up Cripple Creek, goin"
  • Cripple Creek - The Monkees
    "1: Well I married a wife in the month of June, Married her up by the light of the moon. We live down on Cripple Creek. We've been there about a week. CHORUS: I'm a-goin' down to Cripple Creek, I'm"
  • Cruiser's creek - Fall
    "What really went on there?we only have this excerpt:There's a party going on down around hereCruiser's Creek yeahWatch the shirt-tails flapping in the windSidewalk runningSee the people holding from the"
  • Bear Creek - John Prine
    "Way up on bear creek watching the sun go down. Way up on bear creek watching the sun go down. It makes me feel like, I'm on my last go 'round. The water on bear creek tastes like cherry wine. The water"
  • Cripple Creek - Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys
    "I got a girl and she loves me She's as sweet as sweet can be She's got eyes of baby blue Makes my gun shoot straight and true Refrain: Going up Cripple Creek going in a run Going up Cripple Creek to have"
  • Jefftown Creek - Head East
    "I remember the first time Yeah, down at Jefftown Creek You and me and a bottle of wine And the night that smelled so sweet Came up Sunday morning First day of the week And I found that I had changed Down"
  • Sittin' On A Rock (Cryin' In A Creek) - Warner Mack
    "Sittin' on a rock cryin' in a creek watchin' all my tears flow away Well I can drown my tears in that ragin' ol' water but I can't run you in every way There hadn't been a day since I don't know when"
  • Bitter Creek - Eagles
    "Once I was young and so unsure I'd try any ill to find the cure An old man told me Tryin' to scold me "Oh, son, don't wade to deep in Bitter Creek," (Bitter Creek) Out where the desert meets the"
  • Bitter Creek - The Eagles
    "Once I was young and so unsure I'd try any ill to find the cure An old man told me Tryin' to scold me "Oh, son, don't wade to deep in Bitter Creek," (Bitter Creek) Out where the desert meets the sky Is"
  • Killer's Creek - Mason Jennings
    "I followed you to killer's creek on motorcycle The streets were fast and filled with flames Kids were screaming Talk to me, please i beg you I'm a wounded man All is lost if trust is broken Help me understand Promise"
  • Shits Creek - Kill Your Idols
    "Life's going fine till its time to pay Then nobody cares about what you say Borrowing all the time, now you're in debt. Moneys fun to spend you bet. My arms are short and my pockets deep and all the money"
  • Dry creek - Owen Temple
    "Just a little way down Mount Bonnel Road Theres a little place where the beer is cold Dry Creek caf and dock No place better come five oclock Just off the lake a two story bar You know youre there when"

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