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Niki And The Dove Hot Summer

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Niki And The Dove Hot Summer

  • Hot Summer - Monrose
    "Hot, hot, hot, hot Hot, hot, hot, hot They're placin' me here in the bad girls section I got a new dress And the look's perfection I'm introduced to a hot producer But i can tell he's just a stuck up"
  • Hot Summer - Rhys Bobridge
    "Let me introduce you to what youv'e been missing This dancing break is on a brand new mission All the kids in the club remember what I'm dishing The streets got heat Until tonight Im wishing To get to"
  • Niki Nana - Yanni
    "Kalemera Neneya Tununu Se Ka Musica Kalemera Neneya Tununu Se Ka Sawbona Kunjani Se Ka Meneya Niki Nana Se Se Sa Nikie Na Se Sa Musica Niki Nana Se Se Sa Niki Nana Say We're One Niki Nana Se Se Sa Niki"
  • Hot Summer - Lemar
    "In life I've seen there's only a 'couple' of people that are real In life I've seen when trouble comes there's only 'couple' On the scene So I decided to write this Song me and my homies We gotta let you"
  • Niki Hokey - Burton Cummings
    "Well, way down in Louisiana, down in Cajun land, Folks got somethin' goin' for 'em, somethin' like you never seen Pa wants to retire from the chain gang Take me on the scooby-doo Gonna take you on"
  • Niki FM - Hawthorne Heights
    "Let's go down nowinto the darknessof your thoughtshurry up nowwe're waiting forus to fallfall to pieces nowa broken mirrorin your lifeSilence in black and whitefalling forward as shewalks towards the lightRIGHT"
  • Dove - Moony
    "Why can't he give her his love, no more again? Tears on her face and the dove, she cries, she knows... She won't be able to fly away from him, She looks at red roses in spring Now she won't be able to"
  • Dove - Akashic
    "Dove The wings of peace and love You give me all I need Gentle touches shall stay inside 'Till the end of time Sweet My crowned queen for you my soul, My arms open wide All my dreams shall become a life"
  • Long Hot Summer - The Style Council
    "I play out my role Why I've even been out walking They tell me that it helps But I know when I'm beaten All those lonely films And all those lonely parties But now the feeling is off-screen An' the tears"
  • Hot Summer Nights - Walter Egan
    "There was a time, not too far gone When I was changed by just a song On the radio, in my car The pounding electric guitar Then the time came to make our stand And the heat felt like spotlights We started"
  • Hot Summer Night - David Tavaré
    "This ain't nothing but a summer jam Brown skin and cinnamon tans, whoa! This ain't nothing but a summer jam We're gonna party as much as we can Hey-yeah, ooh, hey-yeah Summer jam alright Hey-yeah, ooh,"
  • Long Hot Summer - Buck Owens
    "It's gonna be a long hot summer There's not a cloud in the sky Weatherman says fair and warmer Is that a tear in my eye. It's gonna be a long cold winter Just hope to God I don't freeze It's gonna be"
  • Hot summer nights - Gloria Estefan
    "By Michael Jay, Alan Roy Scott, Roy Freeland In the time before the twilight Settles on the world Woah, you can feel the magic Dreamin' of someone to hold tight One more lonely girl Woah, goes on automatic"
  • Hot Summer Day - Kirwan Danny
    "(Oohs) In the night when the moon is clear You my dear are very near and so warm Like a hot summer day late in June Remember when we were so young We thought that everything was fun But really life had"
  • Long Hot Summer - Dakota
    "These days and nights go by We lead our secret lives If they found out they'd tell us no Come on and take me hand This is our only chance Just close your eyes and let it go Baby we can fly in the middle"
  • Long Hot Summer - Girls Aloud
    "I know you like to wear my dressing-gown, When i'm not there. I guess you like it in my shoes. Just coz you drive a Mazarati And the ladies stare Don't mean you'll go as fast as i do. I know it's"
  • Hot Summer - DJ Durel, Migos
    "time to feed the streets yes, sir we shuttin’ down all the cities we bringing out all the bad butches one time for the rich niggas two time for all my black excellence the takeover is now hold it, hold"
  • Summer - The Dingees
    "And you know that its summertime When the days grow long and it smells sweet outside Sit on the steps with some things to spare Chat with Chomes about the things in our future And you know that we go"
  • Long Hot Summer Night - Jimi Hendrix
    "Show us a long Long, long hot summer night As far as my eyes could see Yeah, yeah, yeah Well my heart was way down Cold cold winter stone Well my darlin' where can you be Where can you be baby Where can"
  • Long Hot Summer Night - Jimi Hendrix Experience
    "Show us a long Long, long hot summer night As far as my eyes could see Yeah, yeah, yeah Well my heart was way down Cold cold winter stone Well my darlin' where can you be Where can you be baby Where can"

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