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Niki Minaj-Pound the Alarm

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Niki Minaj-Pound the Alarm

  • Pound the alarm - Nicki Minaj
    "Oh, oh, oh, come fill my glass up a little more We 'bout to get up, and burn this floor You know we getting hotter, and hotter Sexy and hotter, let's shut it down Doe, what I gotta do to show these girls"
  • Charms Alarm - Common
    "A-hem What we have here is a very, serious delicate situation Lots of people out here always ridin the dick, hmmph But check this out I like your style, I like your stride and I like your motivation"
  • Charms Alarm - Common Sense
    "A hem What we have here is a very serious delicate situation Lots of people out here always ridin the dick hmmph But check this out I like your style I like your stride and I like your motivation"
  • Niki Nana - Yanni
    "Kalemera Neneya Tununu Se Ka Musica Kalemera Neneya Tununu Se Ka Sawbona Kunjani Se Ka Meneya Niki Nana Se Se Sa Nikie Na Se Sa Musica Niki Nana Se Se Sa Niki Nana Say We're One Niki Nana Se Se Sa Niki"
  • Niki Hoeky - Aretha Franklin
    "Down in Louisiana Down in Cajun land Folks got something goin' Goes something like Folks come an git'cha tootsie I wants to t'tie ya puppe'tame me Gonna dig ya on a scoobydoo Gonna gitcha on'a scubadie Ooh"
  • Niki Hokey - Burton Cummings
    "Well, way down in Louisiana, down in Cajun land, Folks got somethin' goin' for 'em, somethin' like you never seen Pa wants to retire from the chain gang Take me on the scooby-doo Gonna take you on"
  • Alarm - Across The Border
    "We chain them well, increase the law, they sleep well (there is no harm) and didn't set the alarm. We give them drugs, keep them quiet, they sleep well (there is no harm) and didn't set the alarm. They"
  • Niki FM - Hawthorne Heights
    "Let's go down nowinto the darknessof your thoughtshurry up nowwe're waiting forus to fallfall to pieces nowa broken mirrorin your lifeSilence in black and whitefalling forward as shewalks towards the lightRIGHT"
  • Alarm - Ginuwine
    "Shes like my little fire engine Cause I know shes heating up When you hear that siren go by It means we making love He be going ooh like somebodys braking it But you ain't gotta call the police Because"
  • Alarm - Anne-Marie
    "There goes the alarm! You’re lay here with me, you’re shutting down I smell around you, I’m focused now I know what’s going on in your head, I know it’s happened there in our bed, Your phone is buzzing,"
  • Alarm - Nasum
    "A distant alarm, a sound from far away We raised our heads towards the sky but there was nothing there to see The restless crowd is now breaking the silence Anxiety is rising, the sky is turning dark A"
  • Alarm - Vreid
    "An open wound since World War I, Feeding the hatred of a tyranny to come. Empowered and selected in 1933, The Wolf hunger rises in Germany. Across Europe the sirens are screaming, The eagle attacks with"
  • Alarm - Wise Blood
    "I can't think Someone's sitting right in front of me I need some personal space Alright, alright, alright, alright. Souls, keeping my fingers crossed They'll get me out of this place Alright, alright,"
  • Ring The Alarm - Freeway
    "za-za za-za-za za-za I gotta snap on this one daddy!! Oh! Now clap for me mami... Just clap for me mami... I know a little bit I only know the dirty words... Holla at yo f**kin dog! No"
  • Alarm - Azad
    "Schlag Alarm, denn der Bozz ist back Ich komm und feuer auf den Monstertrack Geh in Deckung, Junge! Schlag Alarm, denn der Bozz ist back Ich komm und feuer auf den Monstertrack Dies ist kein Spa Schlag"
  • False Alarm - The Weeknd
    "Bathroom stalls for the powder nose High heel shoes with the open toes She's got a good time wrapped in gold for you, for you All red dress with the devil eyes So obsessed with the camera lights You"
  • False Alarm - The Bronx
    "i don't think i'm alive dead footsteps another outcast screaming alone god help me give me what you want give me what you need i'll take it all stand fall lost out baby yes i know it's not a secret a false"
  • Alarm Clock - The W's
    "Woke up this morning to the sound Of an alarm clock ringing in my ear I rubbed my eyes, glanced at my clock Hit my roomate James in the head with a sock Rolled out of bed, got to my feet And started a"
  • Alarm Clock - The Rumble Strips
    "My alarm clock he ain't working, But that don't really mind, 'cos he ain't no friend of mine, He kept waking me up, all the time, saying BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Get on your feet, You've got to get a job, 'cos"
  • Niki - Lech Janerka
    "Pełno wielkich drogich autPepsi z lodu o takZłote ramy bram bez szansŻyjmy w zgodzie o takW mieście jest nieźleI każdy ma tu swój dzieńDzień Górnika o takI Hutnika o takA ja nie mam dniaMiastem rządzi"

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