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Nikisha Reyes-Pile

  • Reyes - Destiny
    "A knife cuts my life. The symbol of the end. Tears of blood escape from your eyes. Thought your wish so perfect and yet so weak. Every breath contains exhaution. So fast and so quick you threw away goodbye."
  • Pile Driver - Piledriver
    "I'm on the road, I'm on the run pile drivin' every day When I'm in town you'll scream and shout cause I'm gonna blow you away, yeah! Who Am I? you ask yourself I'm a dirty rotten son of a bitch! I just"
  • Eureka Pile - Ministry
    "I seem to find myself each time I run away Don't give me vivid in some yester body (selling) days ? Sometimes they reappear just like the sands of time Or d'ya like some quick sand baby running off my"
  • Rock Pile - King's X
    "all us rockers keep pushing on we rise then we fall no one stays on top forever what goes up must go down some folk say it's all in vain this madness, rock n roll sometimes i wonder why i'm here a song"
  • Burning Pile - Mother Mother
    "All my style, all my grace, all I try to save my face, all my guts try to spill, all my holes try to fill. All my money been a long time spent, On my drugs, on my rent. On my saving philosophy, it goes: one"
  • Floor Pile - Shannon Wright
    "I stood inside your pool in some palm setting reel A picture on a screen there sat you and me And i comb the wire for a lock of papier-mache I build a tower for you to portray You let go of my hand"
  • Pile Driver - Stan Ridgway
    "There is a big click clack machine Whose engines don't pump gasoline It's a poundin' crazy arm that works all day It's run by all the people who Have got some blueprint plan to do So don't shake your headno,"
  • Pile Raps - DJ Clue
    "(feat. Prodigy (of Mobb Deep)) Pile raps inside my skull cap Like a brick stack tha kid is back I told y'all niggas '98 list that Yo '99 piss on rap 2000 where ya pistols at dun We be tha men in black"
  • Pile Driver - Clutch
    "You put me in the clutches of sin Making me a burning specimen Of worn animosity, just to aspire Leaving absolutely nothing behind But now it seems that the tables have turned Another dead end, another"
  • Dog Pile - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "say you're at a party and everyone's having fun. all your friends are skanking all except for one. there's no need to ask him why he's in denial. just wait for the jumping beat then.... dogpile!! there's"
  • Pile-Up - Swervedriver
    "Rain falls, pours down Four years no sound There's all these broken bottles over the floor Let's got outta here Behind us close the doors Paua shell shimmer on Shattered glass crushed among Why keep this"
  • Beliefs Pile - Avail
    "to be the one to swallow my pride i'll try but make no promises and before i go off to collect myself please don't give up while there's time to be the one to swallow my pride i'll try and make no promises"
  • Sangre De Reyes - Tierra Santa
    "Se fue buscando otro lugar Dejo su tierra y se marcho de all Subió a su barco y navegó Surcando mares donde nunca al fin Y en la noche recuerda a su amor Implorando volver donde un da la dejo Surcando"
  • Los Reyes Catolicos (Reprise) - Tears For Fears
    "A home is like a castle A place where a king can reign Los reyes catolicos Raoul and the kings of Spain Ghosts all gone (ghosts all gone) Ghosts all gone To another place Los reyes catolicos Los reyes"
  • Deep Pile Dreams - Ian Brown
    "Ive seen you Youve never been yourself Thats what you pay your shrink for Youre mean, you thinking of no one but yourself What do you think all the loves for? I only ever wanted the one with the flag But"
  • Pile Of Stones - Bill Miller
    "Garbage fires, worn out tires Dull jackknives, broken lives Starts and stops, at old pawn shops Boys first fish, drunkards wish Thoughts of war, behind a motel door Strangers touch, on a broken crutch"
  • Pile Of Doubt - Green Carnation
    "I've been badly beaten But somehow I've stumbled on And this wonderland you planed for me Never felt like home And the more I tried the more I realized I don't believe in things I cannot see I've had"
  • Pile Of Skulls - Running Wild
    "Hey, Mr. Pope, Mr. Military Man Kings and Queens, more evil than it seems You lie, you cheat, you betray, you kill all the way You wade through blood in your boots of steel You hide the truth from its"
  • El Ocaso De Los Reyes - Azeroth
    "En el juego de nuestros das al igual que en un ajedrez sacrifican las piezas nimias para obtener poder. Torres (escuelas), (villas) alfiles demolidos para saciar a los dos reyes a las dos reinas y a las"
  • El Tejano (feat. Sofía Reyes) - Lauv
    "I met a gir lat el Tejano We danced to spanish covers of Nirvana We danced and got another margaritha She’s from Reseda I said: i’m from where ever you’re going tonight Drinking after dark, that’s when"

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