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Nina Simone Memphis In June

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Nina Simone Memphis In June

  • Memphis In June - Nina Simone
    "(1945) Paul Francis Webster, Hoagy Carmichael Memphis in June A shade veranda under Sunday blue sky Memphis in June And my cousin Miranda she's making a blueberry pie I can see the clock outside"
  • Tears Simone - Antiskeptic
    "Antiskeptic Miscellaneous Tears Simone Beneath these restless waves A vessel's in its place it lies We forget and live our lives A moment in a dream Forever Child she speaks to me Shes on her favourite"
  • Latin Simone - Gorillaz
    "Get up If you wanna survive Get oh so alive In your life Everything falling out the sky on top of you Now what you do Fill yourself up now It's the love of your life [?] on me All I know Before it's gone I"
  • June - Over The Rhine
    "June the clouds in your eyes remind me of the way I feel June the river will rise on all the secrets I conceal June I'm following you somehow I've fallen far behind June lately I feel I'd rather not believe love's"
  • June - Up Dharma Down
    "The enemies of June Walking across the surface Coming close to you Driving itself in your space Fighting for June Fighting for you Enemies, enemies of June is in you in you, you, you, you, you When you"
  • June - Madita
    "No wonder you feel so alone In this house in this home Beyond all the differences go Outside in the sun It's june I swear it feels so good It's june I care if sun's too hot for you It's june come on and"
  • June - UpDharmaDown
    "The light is on In the dark The rain is in waiting in line When you're hiding and driving Everything in between the clouded sky My eyes are seeing visions of June The tears are falling flowing too soon When"
  • June - Ataraxia
    "june was tender you can still see her swinging in the moon-scythe like spirits or ghosts that nobody sees that nobody believes in june was tender you can still see her if the red-skin had been of flesh he"
  • June - Spock's Beard
    "June Came upon us much too soon Then was gone Gone Like the mountains of the moon At dawn Then the sun came up on a sleepy day And never went down at night And the crowd kept on singin' Waste Away but"
  • June - The Church
    "June arrives, rumored days Days of willing it to be In the nest futures hatch It's such a lovely thing to see Oh my God Like an angel wound What fortune Like a child in a field So it goes, so it yields June"
  • June - Jeff Finlin
    "Knock knock knocking on my back door Its June with the daylight coming for more She lives in an alley well just call desire She floats like an angel but blows like a tire Shes just what you need When"
  • June - Diary Of Dreams
    "Now I'm living life without you And I'm waiting to hear you grasp for air June lies hidden in those ruins of your eyes Have you seen me stumble in this demented world ? June you've lost your colour Could"
  • June - Pete Yorn
    "Pots and pans are indestructible.How do you respect your room?If you hadnt gone tomorrow,You could have stayed on til June.Its alright if I was older,Its ok to lose your age,And I, want to follow you,I"
  • June - Camper Van Beethoven
    "Are you weary of the lengthening days? Do you secretly wish for November's rain, and the harvest moon to wane in the sky? There is nothing in this world more bitter than spring. And I wrote you this letter 'cause"
  • June - Hagen
    "The sun shines on my pillow as the dawn is breaking through The birds are singing merrily but I'm forever blue Blue for you It's June outside my window November in my heart If only we could try again"
  • June - Pinback
    "Light flickers in my room planes flying by dropping down perfume blanket out the sky Wander through the smoke Grabbing for food Choking on the air Might pass out soon Why do I assume these things are"
  • Memphis - Joe Jackson
    "Memphis - Where the hell is Memphis? Memphis - Where the hell is Memphis? I got to get away, study my geography I'm just a shadow of the boy I used to be I used to see the light, now it's all a mystery"
  • Memphis - James Taylor
    "Memphis (Chuck Berry) Long distance information, give me Memphis Tennessee Help me find the party trying to get in touch with me She could not leave her number, but I know who placed the call 'Cause my"
  • Memphis - Izzy Stradlin
    "Well, Long Distance InformationGive me Memphis, TennesseeHelp me find a partyThat tried to get in touch with meDid not leave a numberBut I know who placed the call'Cause my uncle took the messageAnd he"
  • Memphis - Anne Haigis
    "Way back Friday wasn't my day I hung my boots on the factory door I found a diesel, hit it my way I made my bed here on the floor Where the station never closes Only people here shut down I thought I'd"

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