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Nirvana - Girls (Dj dima house)'

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Nirvana - Girls (Dj dima house)'

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Nirvana - Girls (Dj dima house)'
  • The Cult Nirvana
    "I float through day and night life, well most of the time Till I hung up my blues on a nail in your wall It rained flowers when the music began Love all around when the music is loud Every day, nirvana Always"
  • Zaho Dima
    "Toi qui me croyais vide et sans coeur Ton visage je le connais par coeur Je nai pas os car j'ai eu peur De le dire m'aurait port malheur T'es mon pire et t'es mon meilleur Notre histoire est pousse amre Je"
  • Limp Bizkit Breed (Nirvana Cover)
    "I don't care... Care if It's old I don't mind... Mind,don't have a mind Get away... Away from your home I'm afraid... Ghost Even if you have Even if you need I don't mean to stare We don't"
  • Inna Nirvana
    "I got lost in a city and no one about me missing you on my body baby I knoe we could be coild be more than amigios I’ll be good if you let me 911, I’m on fire don’t leave me lonely 911, I’m on Fire Smoking"
  • Elbosco Nirvana
    "Et erunt signa in sole Et luna et stellis Et presura gentium Prae confusione sonitus maris The word was in In the beginning In the beginning with god And all the things were made by him And without him"
  • Victims Family Nirvana
    "We're just sitting here for the new messiah. We're just sitting here waiting to achieve Nirvana. We wanna make a Buddha appear, an Allah apparition right here. We can't see God and we wanna know why. We're"
  • Unhinged Nirvana
    "kiss my bleeding lips and i'll cross my heart, promise i'll be yours kick the tv in, i'll be watching you, you're too nice to ignore ring the bells again, amnesia's setting in, shades of white on the wall,"
  • Robert Plant Nirvana
    "Love is in the stars - love's heaven sent Brush your lips and mine - taste my good intent Lay it on real close, inside my crazy arms Come on feel your Daddy's love, I won't do you no harm How you feel"
  • Blake Babies Nirvana
    "I shut the windows and close the store, I lay down on the bathroom floor, Everyone I know is a bore I'm starting to think that everything stinks That I could really use a drink Then I got up and hit"
  • Sam Smith Nirvana
    "Oh baby, oh baby, oh, we both know the truth If it were the real me and you This wouldn’t be the right thing to do Now the room is so hazy, we’re too lost in the fumes I feel like it’s just me and you Yeah,"
  • Doc Gyneco Nirvana
    "Je sors de chez moi, salut mon gars, Tu sors de prison, dis moi comment a va? Tu veux que je t'enregistre les nouveaux sons, Le dernier Ministre et la Premire Consultation. Tu veux tre la page avant de"
  • Icicle Works Nirvana
    "Armadillo skin and the leafy green,Our minds are where we keep her,The ideals born of the western world,Were always buried deeper,When at the end of the working day,We imitate the mountains,Riding high"
  • Elemeno P Nirvana
    "I like nirvana it doesn't mean I'll shoot myself, shoot myself live with your momma It doesn't mean you need her help need her Ch I got my seven favourite records and I play them on my stereo did"
  • Tom Waits Nirvana
    "Not much chance, completely cut loose from purpose, he was a young man riding a bus through North Carolina on the way to somewhere. And it began to snow. And the bus stopped at a little cafe in the hills"
  • Necro Nirvana
    "(Verse 1: Necro) Before ligaments and fridges The triple six digits religion Might sacrifice pigeon's fidget Was created by ancient midgets My kamikaze cronies Listening to Ozzy over Rick Rock's chords Doing"
  • Snoop Dogg Girls girls girls
    "Hey yo Fred Wreck Hey yo Fred Yo, I'm tryin to fuck with all them fly (Girls, girls, girls, girls) Oh yeah (All we really want is girls, girls, girls, girls) (All we really want is girls, girls, girls,"
  • Will Smith He's The Dj....
    "Artist: dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince (put your hands together, welcome fresh prince and jazzy jeff) Mic check, y'all ready to have a party out there? I can't hear you, is brooklyn ready to have"
  • Lefty Girls
    "Girls Hit Back When you least expect Where you most regret it Girls They don't understand Why i love my friends More than them ::Chorus:: I don't mean to say it but somebody needs to put an"
  • D12 Girls
    "Eminem Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss) Ayo dog I got some shit on my motherfuckin chest that I need to get off cuz If I don't I'ma fucking explode or somethin Now look This is the story about Some little fuckin"
  • D-12 Girls
    "Hey yo dawg I got some shit on my motherfuckin chest that I need to get off cause, if I don't I'ma fuckin explode, or somethin Now look - this is a story about some little fuckin girls that I know It goes"

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