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Nle choppa matrix

  • Part of the Game (feat. NLE Choppa & Rileyy Lanez) - 50 Cent
    "I am a hustler I am a hustler, baby I know heartbreaks Setbacks Bitch, if i crap out I am sure i’ma get back"
  • Choppa - Tanya Stephens
    "Man A Man Just As Long As Dem Fit Ina Wi Hand, Have Wheels Under Dem Ass And Cash Ina Dem Hand Is All About Whe Dem A Tek Wi, Nuh Whe Dem A Come From, As Long As Dem Fit Ina Wi Progressive Plan, Cause"
  • Choppa Style - Choppa
    "Choppa Miscellaneous Choppa Style you want to shake it like a dog and do it all night a-all night now move in my position and get it right put yo hands in the air once you make nigga fine I'm choppa chop"
  • Matrix - Edguy
    "Into The matrix... I see your face in a masquerade I see your made up smile When the show is over, then what is left behind? It's in your eyes, it's in your head How come they say opposites attract When"
  • Choppa Zone - Plies
    "Better ride with your fire Stay ya ass home Why? Becasue you in a muthafuckin chopper zone! And any FLAGGIN nigga live will cut them choppers on. Why? Cuz you in a mutha fuckin chooper zone! Where tha"
  • The Matrix - Drakkar
    "So many times in the past I have been hearing This word I don't understand: What is |The Matrix|? The quest is over today 'Cause the answer Came right to me in the shape Of Morpheus Tell me what should"
  • Die Matrix - Die Bandbreite
    "Du hast nen Blick hineingeworfen in das verbotene Buch und hast dann stundenlang, nchtelang im Internet gesucht. Du hast geflucht, das kann nicht sein, das haut nicht hin, das ist nicht wahr, Wenn das"
  • Matrix Odyssey - Vintersorg
    ""With whom shall I have this dialogue? The mad, the noble, the wit? The past lurks under layers of fog, Evolution's hall is unlit Thoughts and visions confuse, Mental wounds start to grow But the questions"
  • Dot Matrix - Today Is The Day
    "I'm in you, So hard, My teeth are numb, Till I turn, Blue! Virgin lover, Do what I want, Please bend over, Daddy's girl, Say you mean it, Your words, no good, I could kill you, Play with my cock. The"
  • Wish Matrix - Iceman
    "1000 1000 1000 ==Romanized Japanese== nameraka ni uneru yoru wo namae no iranai basho ni mukau tayorinai machi wa nijimu kimagure na yume ni kizamare nagara shiritakute kikenai"
  • Mind Matrix Schizophrenia - Nightmare
    "I'm paralyzed with staring eyesI see spiders on the wallsConveyor of suicideNo one expects my callsHypnotized, scrutinizedThey are crawling over meI need time to decideWhat is my destiny Mind matrix schizophreniaDiagnosis:"
  • Get To The Choppa - Austrian Death Machine
    "Get to the choppa Now our escape begins Get to the chopper It's the only way out of here Don't let that stop you Don't let them hold you back This is our chance We all must go Dead or alive Oh yeah Bring"
  • Beyond the Matrix: The Battle - Epica
    "Live in this moment like there is no past All that matters is to be who you are Be in this moment judgments will not last Urge yourself again to claim back your life Take a leap into the dark Dare to dive"
  • Mmm Hmm - NLE Choppa
    "Yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah Ayy, she think i am fucking She leavin’ her panties I told het to come back To get ‘em She playing I want a nut like a nigga named sandy I wake up this morning O"
  • Too Hot (feat. Moneybagg Yo) - NLE Choppa
    "Thinking that I'm getting too hot (Hot, hot, hot, hot) Got two Glocks on each side of my crotch First nigga play get popped (Get popped) Say your main shooter on go, I'll make a nigga stop (Make a nigga"
  • Con Una 500 (feat. Dj Matrix & Vise) - Paps'n'skar
    "Stai gia ballando con una 500 viaggiamo nel tempo andiamo in riva al mare o sfrecciamo nel centro in una 500 noi due soli al mondo ma stai gia ballando voglio passare 500 500 giorni con te voglio passare"
  • Hatin' - Choppa
    "Hype/Money: Man watchu watchu think about that Choppa cat brotha? Man shit what the fuck is a aul anyway? Aint nobody talked about the west bank in like ten years, you da first one What tha fuck is a wild"
  • Dirty Dirty - Choppa
    "Chorus(repeat 2) if you ride on 20 inch dubs(you dirty dirty) if your baby momma taken a cup(you dirty dirty) if you showin' gold teeth when you talk(you dirty dirty) say what?(you dirty dirty)say what?(you"
  • Dipset Xmas - Jim Jones feat. Stack Bundles & Mel Matrix
    "(Livin' fast and ballin' at Christmas time) Jim Jones: It's finna be a good Christmas this year Santa know when you're good or bad And we ballin' Chorus: The music's tight The block is stuffed We here"
  • Magnetic Eyes (Ft. Baby Blue) - Matrix & Futurebound
    "Walking out to lose myself, eyes down low take my mind to somewhere else, where i'm all alone but then you step outta the stone faced crowd like a wave's come crashing in, made the whirlpool spin, n' you"

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